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Client of the Year - Molly Hughes

Client of the Year - Molly Hughes

Fitness Together - Auburn

Next time you run into Ms. Molly, please congratulate her for her commitment and all she has achieved in a short year.  For those of you who hadn't read her testimonial, here it is.


Molly Hugues

I really just do what they tell me to do, and it works!

I have been heavy most of my life, and after seeing a particularly unflattering picture of myself, I decided it was finally time to make a change.  I got an email saying that a popular weight loss program would be starting to hold sessions on campus, so I quickly registered and made a pledge to myself to give the program my best effort.  I was fairly successful at losing weight for the first few months, but I knew that to really become as healthy as I could be, I needed to add an exercise component to my routine.  A friend who is knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness invited me to a free PACK session at Fitness Together, and though it was difficult, I found that I could actually finish the workout and that I was not nearly as intimidated as I had thought I would be.   

I began one-on-one workouts, and found that Fitness Together is the perfect gym for me!  The trainers are awesome - they challenge my abilities, but they're there encouraging me every step of the way.  It truly is a personalized experience, and I'm much happier than I would have been had I joined a huge gym, had no guidance, and gotten lost in the crowd.        

I really like the fact that the trainers have a plan for what exercises I should do at different stages to improve my health at a safe rate.  They keep telling me that I'm doing good work, but I really just do what they tell me to do, and it works!  I've lost weight, I'm stronger, I feel much better all the time, and at my last health screening, all my vital signs and health indicators (resting heart rate, cholesterol levels, etc.), were in the normal, healthy range.  I couldn't ask for more from a gym and from the trainers! 

I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone.  They've got programs for every fitness level - for those who've hardly ever walked into a gym and have no idea what to do (like I was), for those who've been away from the gym but want to get back into condition, and for those who  are already fit but want to challenge themselves.  The one-on-one and small group sessions are the perfect size for fostering encouragement without intimidation, and the positive results speak for themselves.  Also, not only are the trainers good at what they do, but they're a terrific group of people too!  Thanks for everything, FT!