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Are you sleeping enough?

Are you sleeping enough?

Vanessa Ocasio, CPT


Getting enough hours of quality sleep every night can make the difference between vibrant good health and a chronic case of the blahs. Sleep deprivation is a major contributing factor to chronic stress, insulin resistance, weight gain, depression, and overall misery.

To make improvements in this area, make sure to give yourself an explicit bedtime. “I will get enough sleep” is vague.  Pick the time when you need to be in bed to get AT LEAST a solid 7 hours, and then commit to turning off all your screens (computer, TV, and phone) 1 hour before then.  I personally recommend you go to bed about 30 minutes before you plan to shut eye, and read.  Lay down with a good book and this should help make your eyes sleepy without all the electromagnetic energy from your computer or TV (which messes up your sleep cycle). 

So if you have to be up by 6:00am, go to bed by 10:00 pm.  Read for about 30 minutes to wind down, and then go to sleep.   Try it!