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Our Owners

Joe Cronin & Amy Salant

Joe Cronin & Amy Salant


Our Story (in a nutshell)

We first met in 2011 when we were both training at the Fitness Together in Belmont, MA. After about 6 months working together we went on a date, and as the saying goes “The rest is history!” We purchased the Andover and North Andover locations in June of 2014. By September of 2016 we were married and beginning our dream of having a family owned business. Amy and Joe are very passionate and take great joy in seeing others achieve things they otherwise thought to be impossible. For us, the reward is in the journey not the destination.

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Why we do what we do

When you come in for your first visit, one of the things we always ask is “What’s your why?” In other words, what motivates you? While you think about your why, here’s a story about “Our Why,” This is what gets us up every day to help transform the lives of our clients.

This story is about a girl who grew up as the fat kid in her family, in her circle of friends and eventually in her job. She spent her childhood going to “Fat Camps” where she would lose weight but then gain it all back and then some as soon as she left. This cycle continued until she got to high school, where she tried various diets which had the same results. Loose a bunch of weight and then gain it back. When she got to college she was the heaviest she’d ever been, away from her family and depressed. So she tried diet meds. Which worked great, except for the fact that she couldn’t focus on school and really didn’t feel any better about herself. She was thinner, but nothing had changed. She still felt like the fat kid. So she stopped taking the drugs and gained the weight back.

Finally the day came where she got married. She had made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t be a fat bride. Guess what? She was a fat bride. She was devastated. But this was the tipping point. This is where she decided to hire a personal trainer. And that trainer didn’t see her as fat, or as a failure or a bad person. The trainer saw for who she was deep down inside, a fun, happy, adventurous and caring person who just happened to be fat. That year she lost 85lbs, quit her job that had never really felt fulfilling, and became a personal trainer so she could help people the same way her trainer helped her. That girl is Amy and her story is what motivates and inspires us to help people realize who they really are.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain an edge athletically or just feel better in general, when you leave here, your story will be like Amy’s- a story of triumph. A story of overcoming obstacles and achieving the things you’ve always wanted.

Hope to see you soon!

Amy & Joe