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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Apr 2, 2018 by M. J.
"Consistency "

Mar 21, 2018 by M. K.
"knowledgeable trainers how are fun and easy to work with."

Mar 13, 2018 by S. H.
"Small classes with encouraging coaches! They're always willing to help me modify and adjust movements to suit my ability. I've been working out for less than a month, and already I feel stronger and more energetic."

Mar 12, 2018 by S. S.
"Personalized one-on-one training program and environment."

Mar 2, 2018 by B. D.
"I respect my supportive professional trainer who is knowledgeable and who targets my specific needs as an individual. I also like the privacy of one-on-one sessions. I am encouraged by my progress. "

Feb 23, 2018 by M. M.
"Small classes, personalized instruction, instruction holds me accountable, no stress!"

Feb 11, 2018 by E. D.
"Personalized Training!"

Feb 6, 2018 by P. M.
"The people"

Jan 20, 2018 by M. K.
"Pleasant atmosphere, but most important knowledgeable trainers."

Dec 16, 2017 by E. D.
"Joe and Amy's team provide a very comfortable place to work out, with great motivation and support. "

Dec 6, 2017 by E. C.
"The most important thing is to do the exercises correctly and I like that the trainer is always watching and correcting if you can make the exercise more productive. The people are great and trained really well. They answer all questions and make you feel comfortable, especially when this is your first exercise experience. They are aware of physical limitations you may have and will provide work arounds to develop your skills without any pain. They really do help you to reach your individual potential. I can't imagine not exercising again. It has become a way of life and helps to assist with so many modern health issues today..Best thing I ever did for myself!!!"

Dec 3, 2017 by P. M.
"Fabulous trainers that encourage you to succeed "

Nov 30, 2017 by S. M.
"FT really cares about my progress. The trainers are focused on writing great workouts customized for my health and goals. Every time I walk in the door at FT, my life improves."

Nov 3, 2017 by J. E.
"The personalized programming and one-on-one attention from the trainers is second to none. There is purpose behind everything we do."

Oct 24, 2017 by K. H.
"The evaluation was thorough, the workouts are great, the trainers are all very encouraging and attentive. Joe and company hold me accountable and I need that!"

Oct 19, 2017 by M. M.
"I enjoy the variety of workouts, guidance and motivation. Plus small class sizes and support to be at my own pace with just enough stretch."

Oct 12, 2017 by J. S.
"I always feel encouraged at the end of my workout, even if I don't come in feeling that way."

Oct 6, 2017 by E. C.
"It all starts with the people. They are educated and know how to make the exercises fit for you individually, even when in a small pack. People get to know you and ask every day how things are going, any aches or pains, tailor the program to your individual needs and enjoy what they are doing. I'm not a gym person, but enjoy going to every session. My body has changed and I feel stronger, and have more clarity and self assurance than when I first started. It's in the news everyday that exercise is fundamental for so many diseases and overall health. I don't know how I lived without this for so long. Best people ever!!!"

Oct 2, 2017 by L. Z.
"-Kind and knowledgable trainers that really care about your progress. "

Sep 23, 2017 by M. K.
"Trainers are pleasant and knowledgeable. Working out with Emma and Jeff is fun."

Reviews Provided by Listen360