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Blog / Nutrition

Five Principles of Fat Loss

Sep 20, 2017 Nutrition

If you have the goal of losing body fat, it may be confusing what exactly you should be doing to achieve this! Many people understand the general principles of getting in shape, such as beginning or increasing the amount of exercise you do plus watching what you eat, but there are some specific strategies that can help you lose body fat! 1.Count Your Calories We all hope...

The great debate...whats for lunch?!

Alejandro- Certified Personal Trainer Aug 31, 2017 Nutrition

Is Fat still the Enemy? For many years, Americans have been told that reducing their fat intake will directly correlate with weight loss and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, yet in the past 35 years the number of adults worldwide with diabetes has increased from roughly 150 million to around 340 million.  Not only that, but is the United States alone from 2007...

Should you Drink Activated Charcoal for your Health?

Mar 29, 2017 Nutrition

Activated charcoal is the latest trend in health supplements, showing up in magazine articles and recommended by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow for its health benefits. It is added to juice cleanses and detox elixirs in combinations such as “charcoal lemonade”. It is touted as a weight loss aid, a hangover cure, and a method to rid the body of “toxins”...

Breakfast on the Go

Elexi Morales - Certified Personal Trainer Sep 30, 2015 Nutrition

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal for a few reasons. Not only does it give you energy but it also has many health benefits such as weight control and performing better throughout the day. People who skip breakfast often eat more food in their next meal, or snack on higher caloric food to hold off hunger. When in fact eating a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger...

Quality vs. Quantity

Fitness Together | Alexandria Aug 18, 2015 Nutrition

We constantly hear rumors about calories and their relevance in the weight loss process. We should really be focusing on and asking ourselves: “Which matters more: the numbers behind our food or the quality of what we are eating?”


Breakfast - Eat More to Lose More

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 10, 2015 Nutrition

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But why? Let’s investigate and actually break it down. By understanding what the body is doing when you skip a meal, you will be able to break through your nutrition plateau and maintain a healthy weight!

If I stop my physical activity, will my muscles turn to fat?

Steve Johnson Aug 19, 2014 Nutrition

What happens to your muscles if you don't work out for an extended period of time? 

Common Food Misconceptions: Sorting out fact from fiction

Dr. Janet Brill Jul 15, 2014 Nutrition

There are a lot of suggestions when it comes to nutrition. Here we have sorted out the fact from the fiction when it comes to what you're eating. 

Where can I get calcium in my diet other than dairy products?

FT owners May 28, 2014 Nutrition

Often times people thing dairy when the topic of calcium comes up. You might be surprised at all of the other places to find it and add it to your diet. 

Protein Bars: Pros and Cons

Dr. Janet Brill May 6, 2014 Nutrition

Knowing the pros and cons of protein bars will help you properly incorporate them into your nutrition plan.

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