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Personal Training Success Stories

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Joining the Fitness Together Team has been the best decision I have made ( oops, don't tell my wife I said that).

I joined back in 2007, to get healthy and lose weight. One of the big reasons for the weight reduction, was so that I would qualify for total knee replacement.....both knees.

With a lot of hard work, and the Fitness Together team behind me, we accomplished the weight loss and I had my knees replaced. However, the recovery took much longer than expected, so it had been 17 months before I was able to start up training again. The staff has been a great support group helping me get started and have adjusted some of the workouts to accommodate my new knees.

I can't say enough about the training, the nutritional advise and support that Fitness Together has given.............all in all, it is a winning combination.

Thanks much Fitness Together!




I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes. I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.




I began training at Fitness Together June 2011.  In three months I have lost 30lbs and over 22 inches.  I still have a ways to go, however, I can already tell a big difference.  I feel better, my clothes are looser and I am able to do so much more.  Over the years I had tried many different diets/programs and was always unsuccessful.   

I selected Fitness Together based on their focus of personal training and nutrition.  I found the nutrition together sessions to be very informative and customized to my personal needs.  Through these appointments I made major changes to my daily nutrition.  Even though I have completed my scheduled nutrition sessions, I regularly discuss this topic during my personal training sessions to ensure accountability and to help me makes changes as needed.  

I visit 3x a week for personal training and do cardio on my own an additional 3x per week.  I absolutely love all the trainers at FT.  They each have their own personal bent to personal training and yet maintain a cohesive feel.  They keep excellent records of each workout and share updates on clients with each other.  It doesn't matter whom I train with, they are always in the loop on my progress, challenges and achievements.  They push me beyond my limits and I feel a sense of accomplishment after each session. I look at how much my workouts have improved and it is really astonishing.

I look forward to continuing to achieve my health/fitness goals with the help of Fitness Together.  

Thank you Fitness Together! 

Kathy and Emma

I feel great!  I started at Fitness together in October 2010 and have become a stronger, healthier person every day.  With the challenging workouts and nutrition counseling, I lost 30 lbs and am still counting.  I work mostly with Melissa who is fantastic personal trainer.  But all the trainers are great - motivating, encouraging and inspiring without being intimidating.  I actually look forward to my workouts.  Despite a hectic job, busy travel schedule and family, this is one appointment I do not want to cancel. 


The personal one-to-one training is just what I need to keep me motivated. Each workout is unique and different and tailored to fit my specific fitness goals.  The facility is clean and bright with good air flow.  I would highly recommend West Seattle Fitness Together to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  

11 inches LOST!!


The Fitness and Nutrition Together program is quite a challenge. The trainers and staff are very supportive, positive and encouraging teachers. I'm amazed at the results, I feel good and can do things I haven't done in years. Like running on stairs, wow!

My swimsuit fits! The best thing of all is my weight is heading in the right direction.


I needed to make some life-style changes, but I had been struggling for several years on my own.  I didn't know what changes to make or how to make them.  I was lost at what to do at the gym.  Diets weren't working. 


When I talked to a trainer at Fitness Together, I found that they had the tools and skills to help me develop my own personal nutrition plan and strength training regime.  I started two months ago and am on my way to feeling more confident and in control.  I have lost a over 13 inches total body measurements and have decreased my body fat by 17%.  Working with a trainer 1-on-1 is the Key!  My trainers, Duncan and Melissa, are knowledgeable and encouraging--pushing me with "Come On, You

Can Do It!"  And they are right.  Yes, I can!

Mary Ann

I have been training at Fitness Together since March 2010. I would love to say I have lost all the pounds and inches that I need to, but I am a realist and I like to tell the truth.  The reality is that for me this isn’t a 3, 6 or 9 month plan it’s a lifetime commitment.  That being said, I truly enjoy walking into FT 3 times a week and knowing that the trainers will push me as hard as I need to, and somehow they manage that I still like them when I leave.  My trainer gives me the tough love that I need and knows how to push me in such a positive and not over-powering way.   She knows when I am truly struggling and when I just act like I am.  My trainer always gives me a lot of advice and tips on everyday healthy living and that really means a lot to me.  A big part of my being able to stay committed is due to my trainers and the encouragement they give me every time I am in the studio.  They remind me that numbers don’t mean everything and not to be stuck on those.  That the commitment to myself means just as much and to make this a part of my lifestyle.  So thanks to everyone at FT.


My experience at FT has been very challenging, but also very rewarding.  The FT trainers and I have worked together to improve my life.  Thanks to the knowledge and dedication of the FT trainers, I have not only lost weight, but, more importantly, become stronger and healthier.   Prior to my time at FT, I was limited in the activities I could participate in because I was out-of-shape.  I had to turn down invitations to go hiking or skiing with people because I just couldn’t keep up.  But now, I have the ability and strength to get outside and do all those things I love to do –bike, snowshoe, hike, kayak, backpack, and more.  My health has improved and I feel better than I have for a long time.   The trainers at FT are the best at what they do!  They have taught me how to live a healthy and active life – from nutrition to exercise to pushing myself harder than I thought I could - and how to do it in a way that I can maintain permanently.  Thank you FT!!


 Since I've started working out at Fitness Together, my bad cholesterol has declined considerably.  The trainers push me past the point where I'd quit if I were on my own.  I am now getting more exercise than ever before.  And everyone at Fitness Together has a sense of humor, so the atmosphere here is always enjoyable, even during the strenuous workouts!


When I first started at Fitness Together my goals were to build strength, gain some weight by building muscles and become faster at racewalking half-marathons.  Looking back on these past two years I am starting to see some beneficial changes in my body.  With guidance, motivation, and accountability from my trainers I feel inspired to keep going.  During the work-outs trainers have me doing things I have never dreamed of achieving.  My trainers help me push past my own expectations and when I think I've had enough they push even harder.  The trainers at Fitness Together not only train me well, they get to know me as a person.  All in all, Fitness Together trainers have taught me that fitness is a way of life!


This is the first time I have worked out with a personal trainer and Fitness together has been a great experience.  All the trainers are knowledgeable and make sure that you get the best work out possible.  I have gotten much stronger and lost inches.  Bonnie and her team make you feel comfortable and are always working with your goals in mind.


My story is like so many others.  I got busy, overwhelmed, lost in the whirlwind that swept days into weeks, weeks into months, and months in years.  I put the needs of friends, family, and work ahead of my own.  Before I realized it, years had gone by and I had just turned 39 and was in the worst physical shape of my life.  And that was the pivotal point for me -- I was not going to go into my 40's in the same shape, and so I got back in the driver seat of my life and made my health a priority.  I had been curious about Fitness Together in West Seattle for a while, and after a very positive recommendation from my neighbor Lenora, I made my first appointment to learn about the program.  The one-on-one training approach was exactly what I knew I needed, so I signed up for the six month program, since I knew it would take at least that amount of time to really make a change in my life.

I'm now just over four months into my program, and am definitely on my way to my goals.  The team at Fitness Together brings the perfect combination of knowledge, motivation, and fun to the workouts, which isn't easy for someone like me who doesn't have a natural love for working out.  I bring what I have to give to every session, and the trainers ensure to push me to my limit every time, never letting me plateau, but always continually raising the bar to the next level.  I know without a doubt that I could not do the workouts that I'm doing now when I first started the program (I barely made it through the first workout), and with the trainers' guidance, I'm making great strides in my overall fitness.  I try not to get too fixated on the numbers (weight, measurements, etc.), but rather use those as a guide to the bigger picture: optimal health, fitness, and well-being.  And that goal is definitely in sight, which feels great.


My initial impetus to join Fitness Together came from my partner Chris, a former and current client.   My call to action came in early 2009 when I was diagnosed with a chronic breathing disorder after having just turned 50, kind of a double whammy.  After wallowing on the couch with a bag of potato chips for a year or so (not really, but it seems so), I decided to confront my health head on. Not being one to join a gym and then also having the discipline to make myself go on a regular basis, I realized I needed a little more than just my usual good intentions. 

Fitness Together provides me with the three things I need for my exercise routine:


  • dedicated time/space to do the work each week,
  • trainers that recognize limitations but do not coddle their clients and 
  • a supportive atmosphere that is a hallmark of Fitness Together.

As I’ve often remarked to my trainers, I will never like it while I’m doing it, but I love the way I feel after I’m done.  I’ve lost weight and inches and have pretty much dedicated myself to living a healthier lifestyle.  People who knew me five years ago would not recognize me and that’s not such a bad thing!  What’s next?  I may try out a 5k or something.  I now have options I didn’t have before….and I’m breathing much better.


I started at the studio in mid-March and have been really happy with my results, and how much I have learned.  I grew up as an athlete, but after three shoulder surgeries, I had gained some weight and was nervous to hit the weights again without some guidance.  I had been working out on my own consistently but wasn't making the progress I wanted.  I really appreciate the FT trainers teaching me how to lift safely and properly, and for helping me start the process of getting back into shape.  I have been shocked at what I can do, and am looking forward to pushing myself even further.  I absolutely love working out with my trainers, and can't wait to continue to see the results of my hard work!  And, a special thanks to those amazing ladies that get up at a ridiculous hour to work out with me at 6am.

Ce Ce

I'm a person who likes routine. In fact, I can get stuck in a routine very easily. For the past 30 years I have stayed active, from jazzercise to step areobics. I come to Fitness Together, because they keep me accountable for my work outs but they also mix up the routines, so I don't fall into a rut. The trainers push me to go further than I would push myself and correct my form so I can do the exercises safely. I'm in the best shape I've been in for a long time.


There is NO way I would work out as hard as when I'm with a trainer at Fitness Together. They always find ways to push me to a higher level than I would have ever gone myself. I have also worked with all the trainers, and each one knows us, and is able to keep track of our needs and goals.


I am a Fitness Together fan! I appreciate the high energy coaching I get from the Fitness Together Team. Each trainer brings a different style and perspective to the challenge of making me a stronger, more flexible person. When I started the program, I was accustomed to the lower back pain that shadowed my every move. No more! Through the consistent strength training and flexibility exercises, I have finally said good-bye to that unwelcome companion.


When I first signed up, I only committed to six months not knowing if this was going to be the place for me. After my first fitness test I knew this was the place and signed up for a year. I appreciate that the routines are always changing and I can have some input on what body part/s I would like to work on. I like that the trainers are always challenging you to do that extra rep or hold a move for more time. You can tell all of the trainers really love their job.


Motivation and temptation have always been two of my biggest enemies. I joined FT at the beginning of December with one goal in mind: Look good in my wedding dress! I am happy to say that my wedding is 3 weeks away and I am feeling like I am in better shape than I have been in a long time. My belt is notching 2 holes smaller, my tight pants are finally starting to fit properly and my seamstress told me that if I lost any more weight, I would have to have my wedding dress taken in!

The trainers at FT have been very motivating as well as supportive. Just when I feel like I am ready to throw in the towel, they switch up my routine and bring me back to focus. I appreciate the pep talks as well as their belief in me. It was a happy day when I went to my doctor for my annual check-up and she told me that I weighed less than I had in a long time! I feel like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks to everyone for pushing me! (But I still work out harder than you do, Jim!


I moved to West Seattle in September and resolved to make exercise a priority again in my new neighborhood.  After many internet searches and several location drive-by’s, Fitness Together emerged as the place to try. I made an appointment and knew I had made the right choice. I’ve been coming twice a week since then. All the trainers give me a cheery Hello when I walk through the door, and even though I usually thrive on routines, I can’t wait to hear what my workout will be for the day. It’s always fun to see which combination will be put together – will it be the dreaded bosu burpees? Or do I get to pretend I’m a weight lifting champion and try to hoist that giant bar over my head? One of these days I might even be able to jump up onto that darn box.

The first week of December a note appeared on the white board – work out 12 times and get a free session. Despite the fact that December is usually crazy busy for me, I decided to take them up on the offer. I run a wine program in a restaurant and my work load feels like it doubles in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I figured the extra workouts would be a good idea to keep me sane. Even though I was bleary-eyed and exhausted for many of my sessions, I always left the studio feeling great. Thank you, trainers, for being my cheerleader and making exercise a fun endeavor. I may not always look like I’m having fun, but for once in my life I look forward to my morning workout sessions.


When I first came to FT, I wasn’t sure what I was going to find. Now a year later, I’m very glad to have signed up for the training. I have exceeded my expectations from when I first came up the stairs. I have also found that I don’t look for excuses for not working out when I am traveling. All the trainers at FT are committed to help you reach your goals and exceed them; all you have to do is try!


I was introduced to FT by my husband who had been a client for six months . Having worked out at other clubs, I understood the benefits of having a personal trainer. The trainers push me to do more than I think I can. I enjoy the on on one versus a class as you have the trainer with just you pushing you to your limits. Thanks FT team!


I absolutely love going to FT! For the first time in my life, I look forward to working out. In 45 minutes, I get a challenging and high level work out. Like so many other women, I'm a busy Mom, and found it tough to make time for working out. When I did get to the gym, I found myself wasting a lot of time. I would wander around, didn't know what machine to do next, not sure if I was doing it right, waited for machines, and of course, lots of socializing. I would leave and feel like I really didn't even break a sweat! At FT, I love the trainers and and how they mix up the work outs. I feel stronger and I am on the way to being in the best shape of my life!


I never thought I’d be this guy. After all, I didn’t need a trainer’s help to gain weight over the past 12 years, why would I need one to lose it? But, after five months of training at FT, I wouldn’t do it any other way. The trainers at FT make working out as easy and rewarding as it can be. It’s an opportunity for me to not have to think about what I’m doing and get in a great workout, which is a fantastic stress reliever. Working out at FT has changed my life. My heart now beats 33,120 times per day less than it did. Thanks FT!


I started out simply wanting my pants to fit better, but when my father passed away from Diabetes last Spring, I became more concerned about making a serious lifestyle change. Both sides of my family suffer from Diabetes and I am making it my number one goal to ensure I remain as healthy as possible. Through hard work, great support from the Fitness Together trainers, and some friendly competition among client members, I'm now on my way to a stronger and healthier me.


In February 2007, having just turned 39 and in a period of inconsistent work outs, I passed a sign on the sidewalk advertising personal training. My previous experience working with trainers had been mixed, but the idea of a small studio with a focus on individual clients appealed to me. After my initial workout with Bonnie, I was sold. Bonnie and her team of trainers have been great in helping to keep me motivated during the past year and half. I've made significant improvement in my strength levels and more importantly I feel better during the day and have confidence in myself. With all the stresses of daily life, my time at Fitness Together is a true break that I look forward to.


Prone cobra, crunch, the bird, bench press, bosu, dead lifts, plank, push-ups. These are foreign words to me. Apply action/motion to them, trust me, they still are foreign words. I think one should only sweat when it’s a sunny 90. I am not an exercise junkie as I hated the gym. So, what the heck got me here? It was a dark, stormy garden day, I was huffing, puffing. A bolt of thought hit me, I am soooo out of shape. I do not want to be this way. I shall overcome slouchy body, huffing, puffing. I’ll get me a trainer, whip me into shape and life will be good. Along the way, I’ve learned good stance, peddle to the metal, concentration, breathe, breathe, breathe, flow motion. Faster Faster Faster. I’ve learned hard work, sweat, dedication and to obey the good direction of the FT staff, to grrrrr my way to lifting 75# weights, bench pressing, & the utter pleasure of 116 rpms! Had anyone told me I would be looking forward to workouts, I would have said they were crazy. After all, I hated gym. Add grrrr to your life, work with the best FT trainers!! Life lived well is the best revenge. Life is good!


It was January of 2008 when I first began to think seriously about my health. I was in need of a change, a full schedule, and well worn life patterns have gotten in the way of taking care of myself. I had noticed that I had more than a bit of weight gain over the years. I'm coaching youth sports and the kids were running me into the ground. What surprised me the most is when I needed to buy larger clothes. I'm a guy, how many pairs of jeans do I need? What do I do with the old smaller jeans? Throw them out? Not. I don't throw any thing out.

How could this happen? Oh yea, I am not as young, physically, as my mind would lead me to believe. I now have a desk job. Ooh, and that new fantastic bakery opened in the neighborhood.

By April, I decided it was time to make a move. I made an appointment and met with Duncan. I interviewed him and the whole operation. I was impressed. I found that this was a plan that I could get behind. I could put it on the calender and make a commitment to myself and a trainer to get fit. Oh, and I was done buying clothes that are bigger than what was already in my closet. The math said that it was cheaper and healthier than shopping therapy. Though some opinions may differ.

Over the years, I have worked out in a buddy's basement and had several gym memberships in West Seattle, all with various degrees of success. Since joining FT, I have not been so motivated and felt so positive about the things that I get to do in the gym ever. The difference with FT is the personal touch, the genuine honest assessment of my physical abilities and personality to help meet realistic goals. Competition and being challenged are big factors in keeping me interested in most things in life. I believe that working one on one with FT trainers meets exactly that criteria for me. The training changes so that I don't feel bogged down doing repetitious workouts that I have done before. The variety of personality's, training styles and weekly to monthly competition keeps me coming into the studio door. The guidance and tools to for me to succeed are at the FT studio. I am positively encouraged throughout the process and see results mentally and physically.


Last summer I decided it was time to get healthy and made my 1st appointment at FT – in spite of the usual excuses; no time, no energy, and no desire to work out. Taking that 1st step (which has evolved to jogging!) has really made a positive difference. In addition to the motivating trainers, I am a huge fan of the cardio challenges (speaks to my competitive nature) which have been a significant driver for me to push myself to go above and beyond what I thought I could do. I feel stronger, healthier and have lost over 10% of myself (which I don’t miss!). With help from FT trainer’s advice regarding exercise & diet I look forward to continuing to challenge myself to achieve a healthier way of life. Thanks!


Before joining Fitness Together, I’d had some vague ideas about healthy eating and getting regular exercise, but I wasn’t acting on them. Aside from practicing Ashtanga yoga a few days a week, I wasn’t moving much. Climbing Mount Si in September was a rude awakening. I barely made it up and down, and I just didn’t want to be like that—I wanted to be someone who could enjoy a challenging hike and still walk the next day. But I knew it wasn’t going to happen if I joined a big, impersonal gym and found myself alone in a room full of cold gray equipment.

FT is a world away from that. I love the friendly atmosphere, the windows, and the most of all the support of the trainers. Working out with the trainers at FT has overhauled my understanding of how to get fit and eat right, and they make it fun. I followed their suggestions and got real results in my first 8 weeks. It was truly a no-brainer, especially with the Cardio Blackout Bingo competition in November and December. All I had to do was fill in my Bingo card each week, and in the end I won prizes and dropped inches in the right places. After a few weeks of Christmas cookies and vacation eating, I’m glad there’s another Cardio Bingo in January! Plus, I have to fit into a wedding dress in May. But even without those motivators, being more fit just feels great and is the best reason to keep going."


After many unused gym memberships, failed diets, and lack of nutritional knowledge, I am now armed with the tools and determination to get into the best shape of my life. I have made huge steps towards achieving my goals (get in shape and lose 20 lbs). The FT trainers keep the workouts varied and push the intensity harder than I can push myself. I've changed everything... no drinking for over a month, no caffeine, eating super healthy and balanced food, while working out 4 - 5 days a week. I'm excited about my progress and think I will be ready to wear a bikini in March!"


In December of 2007, my son sent me an e-mail with the message said ‘check this out – Fitness Together West Seattle’. He has been encouraging me to ‘take care of myself’ and so I thought I owed it to him to at least ‘check it out’. It is now a little more than a year later and I am still excited about coming ‘to the gym’.

The staff has been friendly, encouraging, supportive and understanding. The trainers focus on me (they aren’t gabbing with other people like some trainers I have had at regular gyms) and show me how to do the exercises correctly and encourage me to give it my all. Just about the time I think I have it ‘nailed’ my trainer bumps it up a notch. All good things!

I like the one on one with the trainer. It keeps both of us focused on our ‘job’ of getting me in better shape. My workouts are tailored for my personal needs. My trainer listens when I tell her/him that a body part is being cranky – and he/she works around the cranky part. But they still gives me a good workout and push me to my limits. The fitness evaluations help me to see my progress and also what areas I need to work on harder.


The trainers at FT are great to work with. The benefits of working with a trainer one-on-one have brought my overall fitness to a higher level. The last 8 months working at FT have helped me to remain motivated to expand my workouts in and out of the gym.

FT has more than met my expectations for helping me to build overall strength and muscles, which help me in ALL my sport activities and life. Each day I workout, I know my trainer is ready to raise the bar with new workout challenges to help me achieve my goals, while keeping me smiling during those booty kicking workouts! I see this as an investment in myself and a commitment to my overall health. I'm glad I have a team on my side like FT.


I joined FT in September of 2008 to complement the progress I was making with my chiropractic care. I realized I needed balanced muscle tone and strength to keep the new alignment in place.

After 6 months of working out, I am astonished and pleased with the results. Each session has been tailored to my specific needs and has progressively challenged my "AWOL" muscle groups to show up, wake up, and step up to strength and health. My chiropractor can see the results

Each trainer at FT has been conscientious, concerned and knowledgeable. Willing to research alternative exercises to approach correction without harm to progressively strengthened muscles and protecting areas that are not ready for the head on approach. I really value everyone's willingness to work with me to get fit and have fun doing it. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in years and less risk for injury. Thank you Fitness Together.


I joined Fitness Together in January of 2009 to get rid of the lard I was walking around with and to get into shape. At 23, I already felt that my best years were behind me. I have shed many tears of frustration when it comes to my body and my capabilities. I am shocked at every session by how far I've come. The clothes from the back of my closet now fit. I am no longer intimidated by the Seattle hills. The nutrition and training sessions have transformed my relationship with food. I am more concerned about having enough energy for my workout, than the convenience of my meal.

FT is the best investment I've made in myself and I truly regret not starting earlier. I feel like a new woman with endless possibilities. I am a difficult client and want to thank the FT Team for dragging me, kicking and screaming, through the last four months. I think I ♥ working out.


I think the main advantage to the personal training environment is accountability. You can have all the desire in the world, but if you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder and holding you accountable for your everyday decisions it's easy to slip back into bad habits.

I started at Fitness Together in December of 2008 with the goal of improving my overall health and resetting my own patterns for diet and exercise. I came in determined to commit to the process and see it through, and I've been noticing improvements in my health ever since. I truly get the sense that the trainers I work with at FT all have my best interests at heart and are rooting for my success. Their encouragement and my own determination are driving me to achieve my goals one session at a time.


I entered into this collaborative agreement with Fitness Together West Seattle based on synergistic goals and opportunities that would help me address the health and fitness issues I was facing. From the beginning, I felt that we were aligned around the defined goals I had for myself. Throughout my affiliation with Fitness Together, I have used this partnership as a means to tackle these goals, and to make the most of the situation. By pooling knowledge and competencies with the Fitness Together team, I have been able to realize great progress toward my health and fitness goals.

I have increased my capacity to generate new (to me) and better ways of thinking about health and fitness. Working through a training and nutrition process that encourages exploration is what has allowed me to break new ground (rewire my brain) and challenge some of my accepted wisdom.

Embarking on this new undertaking has seemed costly in time and money. However, these additional costs have been demonstrably worthwhile. After my 2nd evaluation the report of findings was a thrill to read. Overall, I improved greatly in both fitness performance and indicators of health. The report helped to demonstrate the changes I was making to my health and fitness, and have motivated me to continue down this path. The cost in time and money has proven to be worth the investment.


After a very challenging first six months of 2009, I recommitted to my goal of getting in shape, and have been working out three times a week since mid-July. I have been an FT client in West Seattle since 2007, but my father's death in July spurred me to strive harder. The trainers are always so supportive and keep the workouts interesting. I'm starting to feel results, even if I can't SEE them yet.


The Fitness Together experience has been positive both from the gains I have made physically and the way I feel as a client. The trainers are genuinely interested in my success. Their positive attitude and commitment reinforces my desire to stay committed to the process. The individually tailored sessions make a real difference in getting great workout in a short period of time, which is important with a busy schedule. Thank you Fitness Together team for doing a great job.


Fitness Together! How can I begin to say what that title meant to me. Instead of a cold neon lit gym with lots of sweaty, muscle bound people showing off their bodies on numerous machines; I found a warm friendly atmosphere and trainers who really cared about their clients needs and abilities.

I belong to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and used to get a real workout, but as the summer began, the dancing stopped. So I had to look for exercise elsewhere.

I timidly phoned Fitness Together and was delighted with their response. All of the trainers are dedicated and have endless patience, and with all I have begun to feel real improvement in my strength. I couldn't even use a treadmill when I started and now I can work up to 30 minutes on it at a fairly good pace. My dancing ability has improved tremendously. I can now dance for 2 hours and not sit down to rest.
So 3 cheers for Fitness Together. I will not go anywhere else as I find my sessions really enjoyable.


"I've been training at Fitness Together now for six months and my experience has been life transforming.  I'm 53, and I had allowed myself to go from being very active in my youth to my mid 30's, to basically becoming sedentary over the last 15 years.  I got the dreaded desk job, got into management and was raising a family.  Eventually, I stopped exercising, I ate what I wanted and it had come to be that every few months I found myself having to buy a new pair of pants because my old ones were too tight.  I was in a very sad place.  When I received the postcard in the mail from Fitness Together, I almost tossed it into the recycle, but for some reason, the "this is not a joke" intrigued me.  I called and got voicemail, but Bonnie returned my call within the hour.  

Soon I was having a complimentary training session with Brenda.  I learned so much in that hour that I realized I needed to get off my butt make a change because it wasn't going to happen any other way.  I had tried watching my weight and various diets, but I had always been reluctant to add exercise.  Brenda pushed me to make a commitment, and that's what I needed.  But we worked together to create just the right program for me.  I needed some time to work my new regimen into my schedule and Fitness Together was very flexible.  

Since then, I haven't missed a single session.  Now I'm stronger, I've lost some weight, and at my last assessment, I had lost a total of 25 inches!!  I feel so strong and energetic now.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be that person who kind of enjoys going to gym and working out - I never had before.  But Brenda and the Fitness Together team members all know me and give me great support.  I'm at the gym at least three days a week while before I had been paying dues for years and never went.  

Now I use a combination of Fitness Together and 24 Hour Fitness.  Fitness Together pushes me to a whole new level and I work out on my own and in classes at 24 Hour.  I'm even participating in Boot Camps too.  No, I'm not where I wanted to be at this point, but I know that's up to me. FT gives me the tools, the trainer and the encouragement - all I need to do is work at the cardio, strength and nutrition.  I will be where I want to be soon and FT will see me there.  Thank you FT for pushing me to make the change I've wanted to make for years.  I wish I'd come to see you 10 years ago! " 


I've tried many different fitness programs over my life in an effort to increase fitness and manage my weight. My work at Fitness Together has really been different for one main reason. . . the trainers. What I appreciate most is how knowledgeable the trainers are. They work with me to ensure I'm getting the most out of my workouts even when faced with injuries, aches and pains, and those low-energy days. My time at Fitness Together is more than just a workout; it's an education.


As fall turned to winter I turned more and more to unhealthy indulgences as a way to cope, the sorts of things that seem to pick you up for a little while but leave you even more tired and sad the next day. By the end of the year, I was feeling like a train wreck. Crying frequently, sad and hopeless, feeling old and useless, not really sure I should bother going on and feeling barely alive anyway. It was bad. I just couldn't seem to find anything that felt good.

In January, I realized that no one would take care of me or could change my direction but me, so I talked to my doctor about medication for my mood and called Bonnie at Fitness Together to help me get off the couch and combat my belly fat. Though I'm on my feet all day and do some heavy lifting here and there, I'd never been to a gym or done any strength training or cardio. I've always been more bookish than athletic, and rather introverted, so I was intimidated by the idea of working out in a crowded health club but knew I needed to get some real exercise and have someone to show me what to do. Personal training sounded perfect.

I'm so happy I decided to work out with FT. I honestly don't think I have ever felt better! The studio environment is always positive and supportive, everyone makes me feel like they are happy to see me, like I can do it and I'm worth it. The FT staff seem genuinely excited to see me progress towards my goals. I've discovered so many things in the last few months that feel good in ways no happy hour ever could. Like when Carly tells me how many sit-ups, squats, burpees, etc she thinks I can do and I am convinced she is out of her mind, then I actually DO THEM! Or when Carmen keeps adding just a few more pounds to my bench press and I can still lift it! I never knew how good working up a sweat could feel, or how effective half an hour on the treadmill after work could be at washing away the worries and irritations of the day. It feels great to have more energy, to learn new things and be challenged. I love how the workouts are always different, and I am grateful to have such patient, encouraging trainers. I am reminded what it is like to be a beginner at something, which is helping me be a more compassionate trainer and manager at work. And of course, it feels GREAT to see my belly start to shrink and be able to squeeze into tiny size jeans again.

Thank you, Fitness Together! I feel alive again - frequently sore, but very much alive - and it feels good! 


I'm highly susceptible to the powers of inertia. When at rest I tend to stay right there until an outside power gets me in motion and I had been at rest for a pretty long time. Trisa and I had talked about trying to put some form of physical activity together, whether it be at a gym or structuring something at home to burn off those extra calories but the grip of the couch and the lure of the television prevented us from reaching our goal. The FT training team has done an excellent job at being that outside power for me and has appealed to my competitive nature with the latest exercise challenge. Along with their encouragement, I have learned the skills to a healthier, more active life.


Thanks to the training, nutrition program, and advice from the F.T. team my goals are now to not only loose weight but to be conscious about the food I am fueling my body with. Joining F.T. has been the greatest investment I've ever made for my health and well-being. A bit of enthusiastic shouting, "Go Carmen go" and "Go faster", does it for me, they push me to the max with each workout. Each trainer has their own style of working out, which mixes things up and everyday is unique and non-repetitious. I am so excited for my new and improved life-style, thank you all at F.T.!!! Thanks again!


When I joined Fitness Together, it was because I had never felt worse in my life. With very low energy and a low mood, I went to see the private facility. I wanted the benefits of what they promote-- “one client, one trainer, one goal--provided.

I was immediately drawn to the privacy of the studio’s professional set-up. I learned that there was more, i.e., a very highly educated staff of enthusiastic trainers who know how to motivate me through every tough session. They patiently listen to my concerns and give fitness and nutritional advice realistically meets my needs. And, it shows in our work together. I am getting results.

I feel lighter--in more ways than one. I have increased energy and strength, more physical and mental stamina, lower weight, reduced measurements, and the complete disappearance of per menopausal symptoms. However, the best part of my new body is my improved disposition.


What I appreciate the most about Fitness Together is that the goals of clients can be incredibly diverse and yet all are taken seriously by the trainers. My goal is simply to improve my functional fitness level: Get through each day easier, with more enjoyment, greater stamina and fewer injuries along the way. That is happening: I’ve made significant gains in strength and endurance and along the way I’ve seen benefits in overall health, as well.

The relationship between client and trainer in very much one of trust. I trust my trainers to understand my history (and fear) of injuries --and I’m happy to report not a single injury related to my Fitness Together training! The trainers trust me to believe that I can do what he asks of me at each training session –even when my first reaction is “I can’t do that!”

Thanks to their encouragement, patience and willingness to proceed slowly, I have stuck with a workout schedule far longer than ever before – long enough to make exercise part of my daily life and to see progress towards my goal. That is very satisfying and I know I would not have seen those changes without Fitness Together.


My goals of getting fitter are being met! It is really all about being healthier, and no one size fits all. The West Seattle team have and continue to deliver a personalized solution that challenges me and keeps me engaged.


I hadn't exercised since high school 35 years ago.  I still don't like exercising, and probably never will, but I feel so much better I know I will stick to the active lifestyle.  The FT team have helped me regain enough strength and flexibility I can do even everyday activities easier.  I'd already lost a lot of weight but the Nutrition sessions showed me how to keep losing weight in a much healthier way.



On a whim, I contacted FT six months ago to see what this personal training thing was all about. At 61, even though I had never used a gym or gym equipment, I was confident that with my regular walking schedule I was reasonably fit for my age. After receiving my initial fitness assessment, I was totally shocked to see that I was not fit at all. I did not have good VO2 Max, I could not do very many sit ups, arm strength was nonexistent and I was instantly winded during cardio.


Since signing up I have slowly but surely, with the awesome help of the trainers, gotten stronger and lost weight. I feel great, and it is wonderful to hear comments like "You look fabulous". But the biggest reward is to know that I am healthier now than when I was in my 40's. I love FT and the wonderful supportive staff.


I am very honored to be the client of the month.  I am pleased with the weight I have list and muscle tone I have gained.  I owe it all to the incredible trainers here!
I never thought I would be getting up getting up early and working up a sweat.  Thanks to the trainers for all of their help and encouragement!


I was first introduced to FT in January 2012 from a friend and long time FT client, Rick. Life happens, time slips by and my weight was at its highest ever. I had to do something to stop that upward trend. After starting the sessions and seeing results early on, we signed up for a program that included Nutrition Together. It has been seven months now and I am feeling better than I have in years and more fit and tone than ever before. One of the greatest compliments I've gotten so far is that I have "Michelle Obama arms". And, for the first time in years I wasn't embarrassed sitting poolside on a recent trip to Las Vegas. My mini transformation could not have been done without the constant support and encouragement from all of the trainers. They have me doing things I either haven't done in a long time, like jumping rope, or have never done before. All my life, I have always heard that diet and exercise is the only real way to get fit and lose weight. Throw in a lot of hard work and structure and encouragement from the FT team, and come to find out, it really does work! The trainers are all great and bring their own style and personalities to each session. They have come to know what I am capable of and then push me just a bit beyond that. This is truly a life style change and I can honestly say I never want to go back to the old one.




After years of neglecting my health, caught up in the rigors of school and work and then simply the stress of everyday living, and with amazing inspiration from my little sister - who has lost 50 pounds in the last year with the help of a trainer - I knew I had to do something.  I have always been an athletic person but was stuck in cycles of intense periods of athletic endeavors and healthier living, interlaced with longer periods of complete inactivity, weight gain, and resulting erosion of my self esteem and confidence.  I have a hard time asking for help, but it was clear that I needed it.  The FT program appealed to me because of its one-on-one trainer/client interaction and focus on holistic health through nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification.  Best of all, there is as spirit of inclusion at FT that I feel every time I walk in the door - every trainer knows my name, asks me how I am, and praises me on my accomplishments.  My trainers have been incredible.  They challenge me every workout to reach beyond anything I ever thought possible and constantly mixes up my routine.  They hold me accountable and always reminds me to stay focused on my goals.  The best advice that they have given me is to remember that this journey is a series of baby steps - I don't have to accomplish everything at once.  But, after almost four months, those baby steps are starting to add up - I am thrilled with my progress.  I have been able to completely change the way that I approach eating, especially in social situations, and my body is feeling so strong!  Most importantly, I am having fun.   I look forward to my workouts and to spending time with the FT team.  This experience has met and exceeded my expectations - thank you FT!


Maureen started with us last August looking to get back into a fitness routine.  She has enjoyed many successes in her workouts and her overall fitness has improved immensely!  It has been our pleasure to work with Maureen and look forward to many more awesome workouts!


I feel in life you won't change anything until you are disturbed. After traveling to Panama in 2008 I saw a picture of myself at 250lbs and it made me sick. After 3 years of shedding what weight I could with my limited knowledge of fitness I learned about Fitness Together through a referral network. In the presentation put on by Bonnie she showed pictures of a gentleman that was holding out an enormous pair of pants he used to wear. When I saw that I knew I had to become a client. Over the last 4 ½ months the trainers at Fitness Together have transformed this weak, out of shape, undisciplined man into someone who is now proud of himself both physically and mentally.  My appearance and self-confidence are the highest they've been in years. I look forward to continuing my life long journey of fitness and health with the team at Fitness Together. Thank you so much for your support and inspiration.


Since joining Fitness Together in October 2011, the trainers here have helped me challenge my body to do things I never thought I'd be capable of doing. I continue to be amazed by the many ways my body has changed as well as how much better I feel now that I've finally adopted a regular exercise routine. I really used to dislike exercise but now I look forward to becoming more fit with the support and guidance of the fantastic people who work here.


Prior to joining Fitness Together, I carried with me a level of intimidation and lack of "know how" about fitness and nutrition. This is no longer true, as the trainers at Fitness Together have shown me the way! In the months I have been attending the sessions, I have gained knowledge and self-confidence about my own capabilities. I now feel certain in my abilities to make appropriate nutritional decisions and am no longer frustrated or feeling lost in my choices.

The support and enthusiasm of the trainers at Fitness Together make attending the sessions fun and enjoyable. The one-on-one aspect provides attention to detail and makes me feel as though not a moment during a session is wasted. I look forward to my sessions and feel great about myself and my efforts after each.

The nutrition and training sessions have transformed the way I approach exercise and food. Joining Fitness Together is the best investment I have made in myself and has set me on the path to success. At times of weakness or moments when I have doubted myself, I simply remind myself to take it one day at a time. Fitness Together provides the structure and support to help me achieve my fitness goals; one day at a time.


My name is Ingrid, I am 37, and I started at Fitness Together in September of 2010.  September 6, 2010, to be exact.  This was the day I made the best decision and investment of my life.  I was so scared to try personal training, and when I walked in, I let them know this.  They were so excited to work with me, and the one-on-one training turned out to be just what I needed.

I always laugh when I tell my friends about the workouts I go through, mostly because no matter how grueling, I survive... Amazingly I survive, and get stronger and stronger each time.  All of the trainers that I have had the pleasure to work with are so supportive - they support me by knowing what I am capable of, and pushing me toward a better me.  I always say that I should be the poster child for the fact that it is doable.  Not only is it doable, but believe it or not, I have liked doing it (even on those days when I was a bit more whiny than I should have been).


Prior to joining Fitness Together, I was your typical couch potato client who loved to snack!!  I mean who doesn't love a good bag of chips.  For years I have been talking about getting back in shape but never really did anything about it. 

Scrolling through the West Seattle Blog, I saw the ad for Fitness Together and started to do some research.  I knew that I could join a gym but most likely wouldn't have a clue what to do and figured that my best investment would be with a personal trainer.

After my initial contact with FT, I suffered a foot injury that set me back a bit.  During this time, the staff continued to call me to see how I was doing.  I assured that that I was still interested but wanted to wait until I was finished with my physical therapy.  Truthfully I was scared out of my mind but vowed to at least try the complimentary session. 

I have been a client since May 2011 and couldn't be happier with the results so far.  I know that I would not have achieved the same results if I had joined a gym.

The FT team has empowered me to be happier, healthier and stronger.  I no longer crave snack foods and look forward to my workouts.  Thanks to the entire FT team for a new me!

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