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Our Staff

Get to know our friendly Fitness Together Personal Training Staff at West Seattle

west seattle personal trainer bonnie katz

Bonnie Katz

Owner of West Seattle Fitness Together

I am passionate about health and fitness, and have been helping clients in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I hold an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certification, and a degree in health and fitness technology. I am certified Basic Life Support instructor through the American Heart Association. I have a background in working with special populations, with people who are high risk, and have type 2 diabetes. I have worked with the University of Washington research team who has proven that diet and exercise help prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. As a recent breast cancer survivor, I am passionate about helping other cancer patients improve their quality of life through lifestyle changes. Exercise is key to maintaining energy levels and strength during treatment. As the owner of Fitness Together, my mission in my business is to have an educated and cohesive team to help each client reach their fitness goals. We love to see clients transform their bodies and their life while working out at our studio.

personal trainer duncan sailors

Duncan Sailors

Lead Trainer and Director of Trainer Development at West Seattle Fitness Together

I hold a personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise and a CPR certification from the American Red Cross.

I’m an endurance athlete with a passion for long duration events such as adventure racing and marathon mountain biking. I’ve competed in world class races like Primal Quest and the X-Adventure Raid, which were televised on ESPN2 and CBS sports. After many years as a competitive athlete, I decided to change my professional focus from contracting to personal training so that I could share my passion for fitness with people, and assist them with improving their quality of life. I want to help people get the most out their workouts by avoiding the biggest pitfalls of exercise: injury, lack of motivation, boredom, and (worst of all) enduring hours of hard work without seeing results. I believe a personal trainer should be patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and focused on the client’s needs. It’s my goal to help you look great, feel awesome, and unlock your amazing potential!

Carly Glenn

West Seattle Personal Trainer

All my life I have been an active person and concerned with staying healthy. While in college I worked out with a personal trainer, who introduced me to the correct ways to care for my body and mind through fitness. I carried these ideas with me while moving into the working world, but found myself sitting behind a computer for 9.5 hours a day. Needless to say, going from being an active college student to businesswoman took a toll on my body. After a short stint behind the computer, I decided to make my love for health and fitness not only a lifestyle but also a career. It was the best decision I ever made—I love helping others improve their lives through fitness!

I have personal experience weight training, running everything from leisurely jogs to competitive half and full marathons, yoga and various sports including soccer, track and field, and cross country.

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Society of Sports Medicine, have a business degree from the University of Washington, and am in training to be a Register Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Melissa Vandall

West Seattle Personal Trainer

I have had a huge passion for health and fitness as long as I can remember. As a child, I was very athletic and played various sports including, basketball, softball and volleyball. Playing these sports introduced me to the fitness world, and taught me many things about the human body and how exercise and proper nutrition can dramatically improve your overall health and well being. I kept a strong interest in exercise and was eager to learn more. That’s when I got my first gym membership at the age of twelve. I created my own workout routines daily, would shadow trainers, and continually asked questions about being a personal trainer. 

After several years, the owner of the gym suggested I get a Personal Trainer Certification. My personal training journey had begun! I moved to Washington DC, and trained at Fitness Together, and happily stayed in the FT family! I completed my personal training certification through World Instructor Training Schools (WITS). I’m also SPIN and Functional Flexibility certified.

As of now, I am currently working on my degree in Sports Medicine and Nutrition. It is my life goal to motivate others in achieving their health and fitness goals. I feel extremely lucky to help you in your fitness journey!

Carmen Hernandez

West Seattle Personal Trainer


The human body is a fascinating machine and for many years all I studied about this was how to feed it. In college I studied culinary arts and have an Associates Degree of Applied Science.  After being a former client at FT WS, I decided I wanted to make teaching people how to properly exercise without injury and how to wisely fuel that machine, a second career.  I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. I am also CPR/AED certified.   

I too have once had my battles with weight loss and nutrition.  Not to mention a non working thyroid and 3 children to make those struggles any easier. My passion as a trainer is to motivate others to find the strength inside of them to fight these on going  health battles we all as human beings have. And to provide some really awesome and healthy recipes! 

 Some of my favorite activities include, cooking, hiking, swimming, dancing, weight training, and spending quality time with my family.  

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