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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.



Ann Russell

"Late last year I found my blood pressure and cholesterol were high, my weight was out of control and I just felt terrible - physically and emotionally.  I was headed on a self-destructive path.


I joined Fitness Together in early December and am in training 3 sessions per week.  During this short time I have gained stamina and am able to do a 45-minute workout that is personally geared for my fitness level.  Along with nutritional motivation, strength training and cardio I hope to become physically fit and toned in the months to come.


I would recommend Fitness Together for anyone of any age who wants to lose weight, tone up, get healthy and just feel better about themselves.


Fitness Together has given me the encouragement and tools to help reach my goals."


- Ann Russell

Carolyn Eaton

This is my first experience with any fitness program and, because this program is personal and supervised one-on-one, it made an immediate positive impression on me.

Over the past several weeks I have obtained significant results towards my fitness goals.  I realized very quickly that the choice to come and train with Frank at Fitness Together was an excellent one.

Michael and Beth Allen

Dear Laura,

I wanted to let you know how pleased Bill and I are with the progress and results we have seen in our son Michael since he started your program last June.

Our middle-schooler has never been inclined toward team sports, so we were searching for an alternative that would help him focus on fitness as a lifetime goal, personal responsibility, good form and technique, and improved strength and coordination.  The P.E. program at his school is excellent, but with summer fast approaching, I began looking for an option that would provide quality, one-on-one fitness training for my son over the summer break.

I had driven by Fitness Together many times and decided to check out your program.  I was pleased that you were able to offer our 12-year old an excellent program, meeting twice a week with your trainer Charles.  Very quickly, Charles established a great rapport with Michael.  I believe this has been a key to Michael’s success.  He has enjoyed every one of his training sessions.  And, the results have been great.  Michael’s strength, posture, flexibility and confidence have all grown tremendously.   My husband Bill has been quite impressed.

I am so glad that we decided to give your program a try.  It has worked very well for Michael and our family.  I am so proud of my son.  We think Charles is great!  Thank you Fitness Together.


Beth Allen

Margaret Krull

I can fit into my skinny jeans! Thanks to Fitness Together, I
have not only reached my goal weight but I feel stronger and
better than I have ever felt. By working out at Fitness Together,
I feel that I am investing in myself - - and it feels great!

Bob Widener - VA Beach

"I am so pleased with the team at Fitness Together. I have been a member for almost 7 years and I have always been pleased with the professional way that everything is run. I have never been an active sports or fitness person and have always found the whole process of organizing a regular fitness program very confusing as to what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.


Without the focused attention of a personal trainer to my particular needs, I would never have been able to accomplish near as much on my own, in fact, I probably would not even be still at it. Erin Jackson has been my trainer now for almost two years and she is INCREDIBLE. She is always prepared ahead of time for every one of my 3 times a week sessions and I never have the same workout duplicated as she changes the program constantly.  It is that part that I would never be able to do on my own. If I did resort to working out on my own I would end up with a very generic program that I would repeat every session and thus would never get the overall results that I am getting from the variety provided by a personal trainer. I could not ask for more dedication and attention than Erin has for her job.


Thank You Erin and Thank You Fitness Together !!!"


Kathy Harper

“I have been working out at Fitness Together, Virginia Beach since May 2010.  I had been out from work due to disability since February 2008 and had tried other venues of exercise without seeing the results I wanted and needed.  I asked my chiropractor, Michael Whalen, about working with a personal trainer.  Thinking this to be a good idea, he agreed that Fitness Together would be a good place to start.

The owner, Frank Rosalie, and his staff were very welcoming!  Although I am limited by the equipment I can use, Liz Watkins (my trainer) continues to use her creativity to develop programs which have decreased my weight and measurements, while also improving my overall fitness in the areas of flexibility and cardio.  We work hard, but also have a lot of fun!

I look forward to my continued relationships and workouts at Fitness Together.”


Pat Evans

Here's what her trainer, Charles, has to say:

"The definition of dedication, positive attitude and hard work. After starting at Fitness Together on a 3 session gift certificate from her husband, she saw the benefits of the program and decided to sign up as a client. Now only 2 retests in she has lost over 30 pounds. Ask her and she will tell you, losing the weight was a combination of the workouts and another part being her discipline with her eating plus doing the extra cardio.

She has always enjoyed vacations with family, only this time, on a recent vacation, she was able to keep up with the younger more active and agile members of her family. Success stories like these do come true once one decides he or she is ready to work hard at changing their outlook on life, their health and starting a true fitness journey. The positivity just pours out of her now as each and every session she sees herself able to do more than she could do before. Places that used to hurt, limiting her movements, have been improving allowing her to push more in her workouts. She has literally worked her butt/weight off!"



Jim Burkhardt

My first 6 months at Fitness Together have been terrific.  I have exceeded my weight loss goal of 15 pounds, improved my cardio fitness and feel fabulous.  In fact, I have lost 30 lbx. and 25 inches in just 6 months!

The total approach including in-studio training, daily cardio and diet management has worked like a char, and far exceeded my expectations.  My trainer is gret to work with.  He challenges m,e wihtout taking the fum out of the sessions.

My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner!



Greg Shaw

“I have now been a Fitness Together client for eight months.  Goals are meant to be achieved and some even exceeded.  That is where I am right now.  I have lost thirty pounds and am in the best shape that I have been in since college.

That first step is always the hardest.  I drove by Fitness Together for years before I finally made that leap of faith and stopped in.  Fitness Together has made me a better husband, father, friend and all around better person.  When you feel good about yourself it creates a natural energy that is felt by others.

I have no time for exercise with my crazy schedule.  I have a wife, two children, a dog, a house and I own a local business here in Williamsburg.  Who has time for working out?  Not me – or so I thought.  I am a workaholic!  But, guess what?  At 5:00 p.m. my doors are closed and I am heading to Fitness Together for either my workout session or a Cardio workout.  I go back to work most of the time but my employees and clients have learned that this is my hour.  It has become a way of life for me.  I actually enjoy sweating!

Motivation is the key!  Dieting is not.  My trainers helped me develop eating habits which have been crucial in achieving my goals.  These habits have developed into everyday routines that have become a part of my life.  My trainers have become my friends and are without a doubt truly gifted at the art of self awareness and motivation.

Thank You to all my friends at Fitness Together.



Sophia Harler

"I feel much better.  my energy level is terrific.  I now look forward to doing even more exercise and feel more confident.  I've lost over 35 pounds and 33 inches and I have more upper body strength, which is what I wanted.  I love Fitness Together.  It's a great program.  My advice: stop the excuses, stop the second guessing.  Do it for yourself -- do it for your family.  Fitness Together changed my life.  I look and feel great!"

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