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Effective Eating Habits - Part 3

Posted By: Frank Rosalie on 10/13/2010

This is my 3rd and last installment on the subject of Effective Eating Habits.

  1. Drinking H2O (water) is extremely important for our bodies.  It flushes out toxins and makes you feel good.  Many people I come across drink hardly any water at all.

            Tip:  When you get out of bed, the first thing you should do is have a glass of water. During the night our body becomes dehydrated from no water consumption.

  1. Go Green – By that I mean start eating lots of green veggies.  Try to avoid the white breads, white rice and baked potatoes.

            Green vegetables will make you feel full and they clear out your digestive system.  You can have them steamed, raw or whatever suits your tastebuds.  I know….a lot of people don’t like or get enough of them, but remember what I mentioned in my last Frank’s Talk; do things in small increments.  Start by eating green vegetables in very small portions and gradually you’ll become accustomed to their taste and increase the amount over time.

Finally, f you see yourself eating clean most of the week, Great!  Go out and reward yourself with something you are craving – whatever that may be.

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed the subject of Effective Eating Habits.  I suggest you save this information and refer to it as you need to.

At Fitness Together we encourage our clients to eat healthier.  Please forward this information to friends and loved ones.  This will be a small token of love to them because healthy eating will help prevent many medical issues.

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