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Core work will help decrease back pain

Derek Pitman Apr 7, 2015 Strength

A lot of people experience back pain because although they may workout all the time or stay pretty active, the core muscles remain weak which translates to potential back pain. 

What core exercises are best for summer abs?

Derek Pitman Mar 5, 2015 Strength

Besides crunches, there are a whole bunch of core exercises that can work towards a stronger core and a flatter stomach.

Advantages of weight training compared to simply cardio

Derek Pitman Feb 10, 2015 Strength

A lot of women and some men will pass on weights at the gym thinking that running, spinning and the olyptical is what you need to stay in top shape. In reality, skipping weights will only limit your workout and results at the gym.

What kind of exercise is best for bad knees?

Derek Pitman Sep 17, 2014 Strength

Goal of exercise with bad knees is to strengthen the area while avoiding stressful positions or exercises. 


Oct 5, 2013 Strength

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler and your body is itching to get started with the winter sports season. Before shredding down mountain slopes or scoring a hat trick at the ice rink, it’s important to first shed any extra lingering preseason weight as well as build a strong athletic base of strength, endurance and flexibility.

Top Ten Bone-Building Foods and Exercises - National Osteoporosis Prevention month

May 23, 2012 Strength

Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Prevention Month? Take a minute to learn the best lifestyle strategies you can take to keep your bones healthy and strong. It is possible to eat and exercise your way to stronger bones!


3 Ways to Kick the Habit of Skipping Workouts

Jan 12, 2012 Strength

Trying to get into an exercise habit, but finding you’re more in the habit of making excuses? You can break out of that pattern with these tips from fitness experts on staying motivated and sticking to your fitness routine. Our Fitness Together trainers and studio owners recommend these three strategies to help you stay inspired to work out regularly.


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