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Fitness Together - Your Complete Fitness Solution

Ever wonder why killing yourself in the weight room, buying the latest greatest diet book, or waking up early to get your morning run in may help you feel like you're getting in better shape - but still falls short? That’s because you need the right strength, cardio and nutrition approaches all working together. Our proprietary systems work in harmony, utilizing the most current science for a complete fitness solution:

Aspire 8 resistance training program utilizes personal assessments, functional cross-muscular training approaches, and periodization techniques to change things up for continued results.*

Cardio Together offers a customized cardio prescription that combines fartlek, interval, and tempo workouts with a focus on exercise frequency, intensity, duration and progression to achieve maximum results.*

Nutrition Together offers an educational and accountability framework to improve your eating lifestyle. By eating the right foods, the right portions and the right frequency, along with our other programs the results are truly amazing.*

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Aug 28

Don’t Drink Your Calories!
The average American’s diet contains tons of sugary drinks. Sodas, sweetened waters and milks, coffee beverages, juices, and energy drinks are common to most people. We all know refined sugar is an enemy in the battle to lose weight, but even...

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Aug 22

Is Cortisol Making You Fat?
People believe cortisol is a fat storing hormone. In fact cortisol is actually a stress hormone. It is made in the adrenal glands from cholesterol contained in the fats you consume in your diet.  Cortisol is released...

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Aug 15

Alcohol and Fitness: Do They Mix?
Alcohol consumption is a part of society and is consumed and enjoyed by many people. It is thought by many that fitness and drinking do not mix and that is correct to an extent. Alcohol does change your body and knowing how can help you make...

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Aug 08

Progressive Overload
The human body has an incredible ability to adapt to the demands we place on it. Not all forms of physical training will yield long term results. For long term success your exercise routine needs to incorporate progressive overload. Progressive...

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