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Lighten up lasagna

Posted: 07/28/2014

Lighten Up Lasagna! Did you know that July 29th is National Lasagna Day?

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eat Low Fat vanilla Ice Cream

Posted: 07/21/2014

Eat Vanilla Ice Cream (low fat :) Did you know that July 23rd is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day?

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PACK a Picnic!

Posted: 07/15/2014

Pack a Picnic! Did you know that July is National Picnic Month?

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Try Vegetarian Baked Beans

Posted: 07/07/2014

Try Vegetarian Baked Beans at Your BBQ! Did you know that July 3rd is National Eat Beans Day? But not all baked beans are created equally.

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Eat Cherries

Posted: 06/30/2014


Life is a Bowl of Cherries! Cherries are in season right now—take advantage of these absolutely delicious bites of sweetness that are simply bursting with nutrition.

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Try Grilling Fruit!

Posted: 06/23/2014

Try throwing some fruit on the grill for a healthy, sweet dessert! The best options aare pineapple, mango, peach, and banana.

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eat MORE vegetables!

Posted: 06/16/2014

Eat More Vegetables!  Here are Dr. Janet’s top 10 vegetables, did you eat one today?

1.  Broccoli 2. Spinach and other dark leafy greens 3. Carrots 4. Sweet potatoes 5. Tomatoes 6. Pumpkin 7. Bok choy 8. Onions 9. Bell peppers 10. Garlic

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Choose sustainable fish

Posted: 06/09/2014

  1. Choose Sustainable Seafood! Did you know that June 8th is World Oceans Day? Here are the most ocean-friendly seafood choices:

  • Abalone

  • Arctic Char (farmed)

  • Bass: Striped (US hook & line, farmed)

  • Catfish (US)

  • Clams, Mussels, Oysters

  • Cod: Pacific (US)

  • Crab: Dungeness & Stone

  • Halibut: Pacific (US)

  • Lobster: Spiny (CA, FL & Mexico)

  • Sablefish/Black Cod (AK & Canada)

  • Salmon (AK)

  • Sardines: Pacific (Canada & US)

  • Scallops (farmed)

  • Shrimp: Pink (OR)

  • Tilapia (Ecuador & US)

  • Trout: Rainbow (US farmed)

  • Tuna: Albacore/White canned

  • (Canada & US troll, pole)

  • Tuna: Skipjack/Light canned

  • (US troll, pole)

  • Tuna: Yellowfin (US troll, pole)

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Use Anti-oxidant packed herbs to flavor your food

Posted: 06/02/2014

Season your Food with antioxidant-packed HERBS! Did you know that June 3rd through 9th is National Herb Week? Here are some of the top herb choices in terms of packing the highest antioxidant punch: oregano, dill, thyme, rosemary and peppermint.

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If I don't like milk, what are some other good calcium sources?

Posted: 05/28/2014

If you don't like milk, another great source of calcium are dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens. You can add them to recipes like smoothies made with almond milk or meals like lasagna to get an extra boost of calcium and numerous other vitamins and minerals. -Sara

Calcium can be found in many fruits and vegetables. If you don't like milk but do like other forms of dairy, yogurt and cheese can also provide calcium. If you are vegetarian or vegan, or if you just want to add something different to your diet, tofu is high in calcium as well. –Kristen

If you don't like milk, but do enjoy other dairy products yogurt and cheese are good sources of calcium, just be sure to watch the fat content.  Another option is to go with leafy greens.  Try using spinach or kale as your salad base instead of iceburg lettuce.-Keith

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