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Fitness Gadgets

Posted: 09/16/2014

The 411 on Today's Popular Fitness Gadgets

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Beat the Heat: Three Tips to Avoid a Meltdown

Posted: 08/05/2013

To keep from melting away this summer, overcome the intense hot sun with a consistent fitness routine that is active, cool and fun. 

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Stay Green this Spring with an Active Fitness Routine

Posted: 04/12/2013

Stay Green this Spring with an Active Fitness Routine

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Five Tips to Avoid Skipping Your Workout

Posted: 03/08/2013

To help keep you focused on your ultimate fitness goals and ensure your workout commitments stay intact this spring, read about the following five techniques for continued health and fitness throughout the year.

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The Buddy Advantage

Posted: 12/07/2012

The Buddy Advantage: Enlist the Help of a Workout Buddy to Stay Strong, Fit this Holiday Season

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Honor National Diabetes Month by Dedicating Yourself to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Posted: 11/16/2012

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Almost 26 million Americans, both adults and children, battle this chronic, serious disease, which is a leading cause of kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, non-traumatic lower limb amputations and blindness.1 According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), this leading disease nationwide is characterized...

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Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Incorporating Healthy Habits into Your Daily Routine

Posted: 10/05/2012

Experts throughout the fitness community have long encouraged everyone to exercise more in order to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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National Stroke Awareness Month: Be Healthy, Be Aware, Save a Life

Posted: 05/04/2012

As we prepare for summertime activities, we typically are focused on achieving a strong, fit and healthy body. In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month this month, elevate your body’s fitness to new levels by focusing on the importance of maintaining a brain healthy lifestyle, while understanding the risk levels and signs of a stroke.

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Experience Healthy Tax Relief by Deducting Your Personal Training Expenses this Tax Season

Posted: 04/06/2012

As the April 17 tax deadline nears, do you find yourself looking under couch cushions, going through office files and combing through bank statements in hopes of finding any last minute receipts or tax deductions that you may have overlooked? Well, you may not need to look any further, as good tax news may be found around the corner at your local personal training studio.

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

Posted: 01/06/2012

As New Year’s resolutions gain popularity this time of year, many jump on the bandwagon of losing weight, getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle. While we all can benefit from making these types of positive lifestyle changes, most resolutions fizzle out, unfortunately, before they even have a chance to settle in. So, why does this popular annual pastime of making New Year’s resolutions tend to result in failed attempts, false starts and lackluster efforts?

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