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Personal Training Success Stories

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1st Half Marathon, May 2011

1st half marathon, May 2011


My name is Patricia and I'm 60 years old. I live in Omaha. I work as a lawyer which means I sit all day and work on the computer and telephone. My biggest exercise is walking to the printer.

I signed up in September 2010 at Fitness Together. I joined because I was just tired – tired of not being able to lose those 15-20 pounds I had gained after having my children; tired of not looking so good; tired of buying larger and larger sizes. Five feet and 130 pounds – not a good statistic. And I’ve had a bad lower back and I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis. In addition, I was on daily Prilosec due to acid reflux.

My goal was to get to 110 pounds and to do whatever I could to help my osteoporosis.

I started to lose weight almost right away – just a few ounces a week but I couldn’t fight success. It was the first success I had in losing weight since my metabolism died when I was 50 or so. I followed the nutrition program and found it easy to do – and I’ve never been a calorie counter and even failed at Weight Watchers.

But I also started woking out at Fitness Together with a trainer (three times a week) and it was the discipline of working out with someone three times a week that did it. I really liked getting active again. I used to do a lot of running when I was in college but have run only sporadically since. I was kidding myself that I was still a runner and that the only reason I wasn’t running regularly was due to the lack of time. With the training, I loved starting to see my muscle definition again. And I loved every bone that made itself felt – where before I had just felt the padding. I did cardio for 25 minutes (as the trainers recommended) after each work out. I started running again –slowly – just 4.3 miles an hour on the treadmill but I slowly built up over time. By May 2011, my Fitness Together trainer challenged me to run a half marathon, and I did. I wasn’t very fast but I ran every step of the way and can’t have been prouder.

Oh – and I achieved my goal – I was under 110 by the time of my half marathon. And, I did another half marathon this year. A happy by-product of my weight loss was that I no longer need to take Prilosec daily. No more problems with acid reflux.

I’m determined not to go backwards. So, I’ve decided to start training at FT again. I have tried the big gyms and classes and they’re not for me. And now I know that I could never have done all this without the trainers at Fitness Together.

I love you FT! 




For about 3 years I was pouring my heart into a job working anywhere from 60 to 70 hours per week which turned into eating a lot of junk food, not spending anytime to care of myself, and gaining a lot of weight.  The problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do it was that I didn’t have the accountability, discipline, and motivation to follow-through with what I knew.  The other problem was that going to a regular gym was completely unattractive to me.  Then I discovered Fitness Together and it all came together.  FT had expert trainers who really cared about my health and pinpointed my fitness and nutritional needs.  They also gave me that accountability that was always missing as well as a close family atmosphere that made me feel I didn’t want to let the trainers as well as myself down




Three years ago I came face to face with how much weight I have gained and decided to do something about it.  At first I joined a national chain gym and got a personal trainer but after a short time I decided I wanted something more tailored to my needs and more personal.  So I began searching for a different kind of fitness center and that’s when I discovered Fitness Together.  Immediately I was impressed with the personal trainers.   It was like they knew exactly how hard to push me, something that was missing at the gym.  I also liked the smaller sized areas and the continuous tracking of my progress so I could see as well as feel the results.  Fitness Together has that intimate setting where it felt like it was just me and another personal trainer and I didn’t feel like I was on display like I did at the gym.  As for my results it was really all these things coming together as well as my internal motivation that helped me stay focused and motivated

Tom S

Thanks so much for all you guys did for me. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.  I had never worked out with a trainer before. The one on one concept was appealing to me from the beginning.  You were always paying very close attention to me, teaching the correct way to do all the exercises, which I learned is very critical. I am currently working out at a large gym on my own and have noticed that some of their trainers don’t seem to pay as close attention as you did. Once again thanks for everything you guys taught me.


Tom Shaver


Well, believe it or not.......I have kept up with my workouts.  Still lifting 3 days a week and doing 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week as well.  I never would have thought in a million years that I would like working out.  Or feel the desire to!!  It has become a regular part of my days.  I'm still eating right (with the occasional cheat) and trying to make the most of my efforts that way as well.  So......all in all I am doing wonderfully!!!  I'm not going to lie, some days it's harder than others to get started, but I persevered.  Training with you was one of the best things I ever did and has had long lasting results.  What started out as a spur of the moment whim when I signed up has turned into a lifestyle change.  I really think that the last 12 weeks of working with you helped get me set up to work out on my own. 

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the whole experience.  You have created a monster.  ha ha! 


Just wanted to let you know there is a check mark to one of the four goals I wrote down two weeks ago.  The small jeans fit & look good!!!  yippeee!!!  Thanks for such effective and fun workouts!! 


I did not realize when I signed up for Fitness Together it would be a life changing experience.  At first, I was overwhelmed, not only with the workouts, but also the serious approach to exercise and eating and making it a part of my life. My trainer, Nick, was very friendly and knowledgeable, but the idea that I needed to be accountable to him and ultimately to myself, was scary.  As Nick led me thru my workouts, I gained knowledge about exercising.  With his direction and guidance,  I began to develop a sense of confidence I have never had before.  He challenged me and I learned I could achieve that “next level”.  What a great feeling!!

When I work out on my own now, I bring with me not only Nick’s encouraging smile and words, but the knowledge, direction, confidence and motivation to continue my healthy lifestyle.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Corey R

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the last six months of training. I've wanted to do that for a long time and glad I finally got a chance to do it the right way. I feel not only fitter but tremendously more educated about how to maintain my fitness going forward. I hope to put my training to good use, but will miss the push I got to really maximize my time and get the most out of my training. Thanks again for a great training experience. Hope we keep in touch.

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