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You Don't Know Squat

Jake Priegel Aug 8, 2014 Strength

Watch Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jake Priegel break down the squat - if you're not doing this exercise you should be!

Mac's Fitness Challenge - July 21, 2014

Andrew Henderson Jul 21, 2014 Fit Fun

Train with the best - at FT or at home!

Work, REcover, Repeat - H.I.I.T. Explained

Andrew Henderson Jan 12, 2014 Cardio

H.I.I.T. explained!

Balance Your Training Program with Specialty Small Groups

Andrew Henderson Jul 25, 2013 Fit Fun

When deciding what specialty programs to add our already comprehensive PACK training, we asked ourselves "What do our Clients need more of in their program but don't always do on their own?" The answers were pretty obvious: Stretching, Cardio, and Core training.  So with that we have developed Specialty Small Group Training sessions to designed to complement what a 1 on...

Get ready for the Lake Without Getting Wet!

Andrew Henderson Jun 20, 2013 Fit Fun

Some helpful tips to help you get ready for summer fun on the water!

Resting Metabolic Rate

Randy Carr Apr 13, 2013 Nutrition

This is an overview of a power point done by one of our own trainers Randy Carr.  It contains some great information on how to get your metabolism to work for you rather than against you!

The truth about Hydration – Water you Drinking?

Andrew Henderson Apr 2, 2013 Nutrition

Not sure how much and what you should be drinking?  This short article explains it all!

Resolve to be Strong in 2013!

Andrew Henderson Dec 21, 2012 Strength

Looking to make 2013 your fittest year ever? Don't skip the weights!

The 12 Days of Fitness Workout

Andrew henderson & Alyssa DeVore Nov 30, 2012 Fit Fun

Here's a quick, effective, and fun workout to do just about anywhere!  All you need is a little room, some dumbbells, a step or plyometric box, about 30 minutes, and some holiday spirit.  Hope you enjoy!

Tackling my Fitness by Will West from the Sports Animal 99.1 FM

Will West Oct 8, 2011 News

If you listen to the Sports Animal, by now you know that I’ve been working out with Fitness Together for just over 2 weeks. The results have been awesome. The most accurate description that I can think of for Fitness Together is it’s a healthy lifestyle makeover without affecting your lifestyle.   I’m eating better. I have more energy. I’m losing...

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