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Resolve to be Strong in 2013!

Andrew Henderson Dec 21, 2012 Strength

Looking to make 2013 your fittest year ever? Don't skip the weights!

The 12 Days of Fitness Workout

Andrew henderson & Alyssa DeVore Nov 30, 2012 Fit Fun

Here's a quick, effective, and fun workout to do just about anywhere!  All you need is a little room, some dumbbells, a step or plyometric box, about 30 minutes, and some holiday spirit.  Hope you enjoy!

Tackling my Fitness by Will West from the Sports Animal 99.1 FM

Will West Oct 8, 2011 News

If you listen to the Sports Animal, by now you know that I’ve been working out with Fitness Together for just over 2 weeks. The results have been awesome. The most accurate description that I can think of for Fitness Together is it’s a healthy lifestyle makeover without affecting your lifestyle.   I’m eating better. I have more energy. I’m losing...

It's never too late to start!

Andrew Henderson Jun 15, 2011 News

As we age, it becomes vital to maintain our fitness levels. The last thing
any of us want to do is lose our mobility and independence, and become
a burden to our families. At Fitness Together, we understand the
physiological changes that take place with aging, and we specifically
address the key components of strength, flexibility, balance, endurance,
balance, agility and coordination with these changes in mind.

Through our personalized, one on one approach to fitness, we will customize a
program that is appropriate for your needs and takes into mind any
medical considerations, while having fun doing things that you never
thought you’d be doing!

We also offer complementary sports medicine screenings with Dr. Bert Solomon of Performance Therapeutics to thge public, so if you have a medical concern that you are concerned may limit you, he can help determine whether or not you should start an exercise program and what you should and shouldn't do.   Feel free to contact us with any questions about our programor to set up a time to meet with us and learn more.
our programs or to schedule a complementary consultation and trial

Friday Fact or Fiction - Dead Lifts...Great exercise or back buster?

Andrew Henderson Jun 1, 2011 Strength

Are Dead lifts safe?  What is the right way to them and why should I do them?  There is a lot of misinformation out there about this exercise - watch this short video clip to learn the truth!

Cardio before or after strength training?

Andrew Henderson May 20, 2011 Cardio

As trainers, we are often asked, is it better to do cardio before or after I strength train?  The answer really depends on what your goals are.  We believe in prioritizing both your time and your energy resources during exercise.  So if your main goal is to increase your strength, then weight training should come before extended cardio training.  This will allow you to have a full store of muscle glycogen (the primary fuel source for strength training) to use for those presses, squats, and lunges. 

After an intense strength session, it's OK to do light to moderate intensity cardio, as you will be burning a higher percentage of your calories from fat at lower intensive (about 50-65% of your Max Heart rate).  Again, if weight loss is your goal, then the same principles apply - by doing light to moderate cardio after your strength session, you will be able to more quickly convert stored fat into energy, as your muscle glycogen levels have been depleted. 

However, if aerobic endurance is your primary goal (example - you are training for a 1/2 marathon or a long hike), then do your cardio first, while you are your strongest and most focused.  Just remember to refuel with a carbohydrate and electrolyte enhanced beverage if your cardio is lasting more than 1 hour.   

So first, decide what the primary goal of your workouts are (the body does one thing at a time much better than multi-tasking) and prioritize the related activities in your workout accordingly.   Of course, enlisting the help of an experienced personal trainer to help you sort this out is also a great idea that will allow to make the most of your exercise time!

Train Your Trainer Day for Alzheimers Association - Saturday May 7!

Andrew Henderson May 5, 2011 News

Join us from 2-6 this Saturday as the clients and friends of Fitness Together "turn the tables" and get to train their trainers for our Second Annual Train Your Trainer Day.  All proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Association of East Tennessee.  Food will be provided by Moe's and there will be great prizes raffled off as well.  It should be another great day in support...

Mid-day Specials at Fitness Together!

Andrew Henderson Apr 15, 2011 News

Fitness Together Northshore and Hardin Valley are making it easier than ever to train with the best in your private suite!  We are now offering mid-day discounts, so skip that greasy restaurant food and come get in shape instead!  Contact Melanie at Hardin Valley (865) 249-7630 or Andrew at Northshore (865) 357-8663 to get started today!

Top 4 Ways to Sneak Fitness in on Game Day

Feb 3, 2016 Fitness Tips

The countdown to the Big Game has begun. You’ve got everything ready to go for your family and friends. TV warmed up and showing the pregame coverage – check.  Impressive array of dips, chips, appetizers, and a multitude of beverages – check.  Comfy sofa primed for the four-hour marathon of football excellence – check.  As you run through your must-have checklist, you realize that there is actually very little about this big Sunday that supports the healthy habits you’re working so hard to develop and maintain. Hours of sitting, eating, and drinking? It doesn’t sound half bad, unless you are striving for a lifestyle of moving more and eating less and/or smarter. You can almost see your sweaty workout sessions and careful meal planning going down the drain as you face bowls of chips and cheese dip and platters of wings and brownies. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Find New Strength This Year — Benefits of Proper Strength Training

Jan 27, 2016 Fitness Tips

Reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and burning more calories are all goals we have when we workout, right? Proper strength training can help you with each of these goals. Strength training isn’t just for men and women and body builders who “pump iron,” there are many benefits to your overall health and fitness from proper strength training. 

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