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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.

Kim Shattuck


"Thank you so much for taking your time to come to ING and speak to our employees about weight loss and fitness myths.  The interest and turnout for this session was much higher than other wellness and health management topics we have hosted.  Our employees said they really enjoyed it and they told us they learned new concepts about fitness and weight management that were very impactful.  Your presentation and team were very engaging and we look forward to having you back to share other topics of interest."
Kim Shattuck 
Head of Benefits 
ING Americas 




Steve Ashby

"The Fitness Together staff empowers you with knowledge and inspiration!"

This has been a life changing process for me.
I dropped 60 pounds of body fat. My body fat percentage has dropped from 30% to 13.5%. I have well reached my goal and even exceeded it.

Anyone considering losing weight should really see these guys. Along with the owner, Kelly Huggins, I have been trained by the entire staff. They push me, where I might have already stopped. For them, it's not just about the weight lifting, but they help you develop a cardiovascular plan and provide you with the information you need to make wise food choices.

The Fitness Together staff empowers you with knowledge and inspiration. Looking around I saw the other options. This option was the best for me, because it works. It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself too.

Kelly Huggins, A-CPT, Exercise Science, B.S.

This is a lengthy video (~25 minutes), however, if you watch it in its entirety you will learn something (and you may think it's even entertaining). 

It's an interview with one of our clients, Howard Maziar, M.D. Howard is a practicing psychiatrist of over 35 years. Though I plan to do more videos like this one, I thought Howard would be a great start as he is our Client of the Month for January. 

Conversely, Howard also provides sound advice as a practicing professional in mental health. Watch what he says about the importance of understanding the mind, body, and soul connection. Of course, he'll tell you all why he loves FT too!

Meredith Russell

In July of 2011, after two kids and way too many pounds, I decided it was time to get back on track with my health. I researched personal trainers in the Atlanta area. I knew I wanted a more personal approach to working out then going to a "big box" gym and I wanted something that focused on all aspects of fitness (nutrition, weight training, cardio, etc.). I came across Fitness Together North Buckhead's web site during my search and decided to call them up. After speaking with Kelly, the owner, I immediately felt a connection and scheduled a consultation and signed up immediately after that. 

The trainers are extraordinarily knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. They coach and train based on tried and true fitness principles--you will find no gimmicks here. Not to mention that the atmosphere and camaraderie in the studio is awesome...the trainers continually push and motivate you to go further, all in a positive manner. With a12% reduction in body fat  and 75+ pounds lost so far, I am so glad I made that initial call to Kelly.

I can't say enough good things about this fitness studio!



Susan Young

I know I am getting the BEST training available here in Atlanta!!!

 “At first, I didn’t expect to reach certain goals.  Surprisingly, you (Kelly) told me I could go further.  Now, I have exceeded many goals and know that any future goals are attainable.  Besides physical changes, my headaches are under control, I sleep better, and I feel much stronger. So far, I have lost more than 5 inches off my waist and hips.  Overall, I have lost more than 17 inches and have lost 35 pounds of fat.  It has taken me awhile, but much of what I have learned at Fitness Together has moved from being "something that I had to do," to something that has become part of my lifestyle.  I appreciate the positive one-on-one support and motivation I received.” 



Rachel T.

"I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. The personal trainers at Fitness Together helped brake that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes. I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done."

David with trainer Katie

David Votta


David has been a client of Fitness Together North Buckhead for two years now.  He has been exemplary in reaching his goals because of his great attitude, adherence to the program, and frequency in coming in.  He also participates in a lot of the events held by Fitness Together, thereby, he has become a part of the family.  We are proud of his accomplishments!
Here is a little of what he has to say (be sure to watch the video!)...

Why do you like Fitness Together?

 It’s Fitness with friends.  It’s one-on-one attention.  It’s personal.

Tell us some of the results you have achieved:

I’ve increased the size of my muscle mass without increasing my waist size.  I’m definitely stronger.  I’ve learn how to eat better and make smarter choices. 

Do you do PACK training?  Why do you like it?

I do.  It’s a supplement to my one-on-one training and I like the fact that there is never more than 3-4 other people working out with you.

Why do you like one on one training?

It’s focused!  Everyone understands my needs/goals, it’s a tailored program and they switch things up more than I would if I were trying to do this on my own.        

Tell us about any hobbies you may have:

 Fitness in general has become a hobby.  Though folks could easily tell you that I enjoy my wine collection.        

What city and state are you from?

 I grew up in Northern Virginia, but I have been living in Atlanta now for 22 years.

Tell us about your children and/or pets:

 I have a “permanent” foster dog.  His name is King and he’s a Golden Retriever around 12 years old.

What is your favorite exercise?

 Hanging raise: toe to bar!

What is your favorite healthy food?

 Fruit – Fresh pineapple is my favorite.


What is your favorite “bad” food?

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

What is your profession?  How Long?

I’m an HR Manager for Northside Hospital.  I’ve worked with them for 15 years.           

How did you discover Fitness Together? 

A couple years back it was either a Groupon or Living Social offer.  I’ve been hooked ever since and love it.

Josh Gill

Teen Fitness Program Endorsement
"My name is Joshua Gill and the summer before my freshman year of college, I decided that I wanted to start some good, lifelong, eating habits and a workout routine that would help me to lose weight and tone up.  A neighbor suggested that I try Fitness Together. 

I took their advice and I, along with my mother, signed up for the workout and nutrition program at Fitness Together.  When I began, I met with the trainers and we discussed my goals for the program and what sort of habits I wanted to cultivate to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
The trainers were extremely encouraging and helped create a nutrition program and workout routine catered specifically to my needs and goals.  

Throughout the program I made steady progress in losing weight and gaining muscle. While at first the results were not drastic, eventually, by maintaining the habits I learned at Fitness Together, I went from 210 lbs at the beginning of the summer, to 178lbs at the beginning of my second semester of college.  I feel healthier, stronger, more energetic, and I am a lot more satisfied with my physical appearance as well.

The trainers at Fitness Together are great. They work hard to help me maintain and pursue my goals and are always happy to have me come in and work out when I come home from college over the holidays. I would definitely recommend Fitness Together to anyone who is seeking to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and to not only lose weight, but to keep that weight from coming back.  The process is not quick, nor is it incredibly easy, but if you work at it and listen to the advice the trainers give, you will get results worth working for." 
~Josh Gill, Eagle Scout and student at Baylor University

Ted Reed

Brookhaven Bartender gets Fit!
Why do you like Fitness Together?
Iʼve had the opportunity to workout with a trainer or two before, but sessions became tedious. At Fitness Together though, I always have a blast! After every session I feel like Iʼve done something. Itʼs energetic and ALL the trainers are great!
Tell us some of the results you have achieved:
To start, Iʼm stronger than I have been in a long time. My stamina has gone up and I’m for flexible! As to aesthetics…? My wife comments on my muscle tone and others have definitely noticed too. I’ve lost a couple of inches in the waist, which is allowing me to put on some of my old jeans. Kelly tells me I’m down to 12% body fat and I can go further.

What city and state are you from?
Iʼm from Grand Rapids, Michigan!
Go Lions!
Go Tigers!

Tell us about any hobbies you may have:
Watching football! Doing fantasy league (Matt Stafford is on my team). Playing on motorcycles and throwing the ball around with Kelly at FT or Chastain Park!

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
We have 2 dogs. Both are rescues.
We love those dogs!

Who is your significant other?
My wife is Dr. Katrina Cryder from A Touch of Health
Chiropractic. Go see her some time. I
need help continuing my training at FT!  ;-)

What is your favorite healthy food?
Wild caught Salmon!

What is your favorite “bad” food?
Loaded Tacos!

What is your profession?
Iʼve been a bartender for nearly 20 years! Currently work at Verde in Brookhaven. Come by and see me some time! Though I am certified as motorcycle mechanic, I consider myself more of a “shade tree” mechanic.

What is your favorite movie?
I love a lot of movies! Hard to narrow down to one! Recently watched, “I love you to Death” and it was great!

How did you discover FT North Buckhead?
Through my wife, Dr. Katrina Cryder.  Once again, you really need to see her.  Sheʼs great

Ilana Wilensky

"Best Shape I've been since I got married!"

I actually discovered FT through a Groupon.  I had never bought a Groupon before but had always wanted to work with a personal trainer and it was such a great opportunity.  I’m glad I went for it!

I like working with a trainer one-on-one in a more private setting as opposed to in a crowded gym.  Also, I’ve enjoyed learning new exercises to keep my fitness routine interesting and challenging.

I’ve lost weight and increased muscle.  I came to Fitness Together shortly after having my second child and needed help losing the baby weight and regaining muscle tone.  I only had a few pounds I wanted to lose, but I met my goal.  As a matter of fact, I was just commenting on how I haven't been this shape since I got married 6 years ago!  FT gave me the push I needed!  Now, my husband is at FT!  He is already getting great results!

Ann Pequigney

FT All Star
Ann with her medal from Philadelphia half-marathon


Ann Pequigney has been a loyal client of Fitness Together North Buckhead for over three years.  There are many reasons why we consider Ann a fitness “All-Star”, but in a nutshell she has worked very hard to maintain a strong synergy between cardiovascular exercise, strength training, nutrition, and additional activity.  To become a Fitness Together All Star you have to be something special.  

Ann balances a successful career, active social and family life, and participation in the local community while still maintaining a daily fitness routine.  Besides consistently training two to three times a week at the studio, Ann is an avid runner who regularly participates in half marathons and thoroughly enjoys yoga (Sandy Springs Yoga).  
Ann also enhanced her overall wellness by participating in the Nutrition Together program to make sure her nutrition optimized her athletic training.  
For Ann, coming to Fitness Together is not just about looking good (she looks great), but it's about incorporating the right lifestyle, beating stress, and being healthy.  Recently she just finished racing in the Philedelphia 13.1 (half-marathon) and most recently the Atlanta 13.1 (where she did 6 minutes better).  Here is what she has to say about why she recommends Fitness Together:

W hat initially drew you in to try out Fitness Together?
I had worked with trainers in years past and had recently started a search to become involved in a strength training program again.  I researched some of the local gyms and studios, and happened to see the “Fitness Together”sign while passing by.  The location was ideal, and upon coming to the studio the welcoming, professional, clean, friendly atmosphere resonated with me much more than the big, impersonal gyms in the area.

You have been with FT for over three years, what are some of the reasons why you have remained loyal?
Over time I have developed a great close relationship with the trainers and the other clients, which is invaluable in staying motivated to achieving goals.  The trainers provide what I call “gentle accountability”—they push you to work hard, but keep progression at a comfortable pace.  The studio is clean and private and supportive, providing a welcoming environment to work out in. FT is a safe environment in all aspects of the word.  A place I can push my limits or adjust according to what is happening with my life and body.

What are some of the biggest benefits of coming to Fitness Together?
The training is solely on a one-on-one basis, where you have the uninterrupted focus of one trainer at all times.  The trainers pay full attention to detail both in the areas of form and technique and program design.  The environment is positive and fun, and while they use scientific principles to see progressive results, they still customize routines to fit the clients’ individual goals and training status.  The trainers are well-educated and actually make an effort to enhance my knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

How has training had a positive impact on your everyday life?
My initial goal was to be “fit and fabulous at 50”, and now I intend to carry that on for the rest of my life.  Developing the physical and mental strength that training enhances, I feel I am better able to deal with the stresses that come up in day to day life.  As a runner, I also value the importance of strength training to stay injury free and be able to compete in a few main races per year.

Why would you recommend Nutrition Together?
Though I had been physically active for quite some time, the more in-depth Nutrition Together program gave me the accountability that I needed to stop sleepwalking through my nutrition choices every day.  The power of journaling your foods gives you an invaluable awareness of how important proper dietary choices are to maintaining a healthy body composition and energy to stay active on a daily basis.  One of the most important pieces of knowledge from the program for me is a greater awareness of proper portion size.  Before I may have consumed a whole serving at a restaurant with no thought to how much my body truly needed, whereas now I realize that I can share a meal out and be just as satisfied and still feel good about my choices.


Harry Maziar

You can start an any age!

At 76 years of age, Harry Maziar is proof you can start a fitness program at any point of life.  I met Harry at a local barber shop (Cuts Inc.) a few months ago.  While I was there we had a great conversation.  What impressed me most about Harry is that he is young at heart.  He stays busy running car dealerships (South Towne Hyndai) and being an outstanding grandfather.  In addition to having Harry, his grandson Josh Phillipson, and his daughter Lisa Phillipson are now with us.  

Harry doing rows on a BOSU




Tiffany Hunt

"I look forward to my Personal Training sessions!"

"Hello, my name is Tiffany.  I reside in the Brookhaven community, therefore, Fitness Together North Buckhead in Atlanta, GA is very convenient to me.  

Besides the convenience, I love the personal attention.  I’ve trained with other personal trainers in the past only to realize that I wasn’t using proper form.  I also like that there are no distractions and no crowds to deal with – it makes for a more pleasurable experience.  I look forward to my weekly appointments!  I also like the rotation of the Personal Trainers – that way things are always changing and the clients stay motivated as well!

In addition to toning and strengthening my body, I have more energy through-out the day.  I am more alert at work and also less stressed. 

I also received nutrition coaching through their Nutrition Together program. Since I implemented the program, I have lost even more inches and unwanted fat pounds.  I highly recommend the personal fitness training services at Fitness Together North Buckhead."

Andy Cuppia

The trainers - top notch. Kelly and his team aren't some recent college graduates whose hobby is fitness and needed a job.

"So you wanna workout. But you pretty much hate the gym because there is always someone "looking" at you and judging your every move. Hey, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

The solution - talk to Kelly at Fitness Together. I've been going to this place for about 8 months now and absolutely love it. I've had one-on-one training in a gym setting before, but never in a private studio. It's really nice to have the space all to yourself. The workouts last about an hour, but you can shower and change at the studio, so it is really easy to fit in during a hectic day.

The trainers - top notch. Kelly and his team aren't some recent college graduates whose hobby is fitness and needed a job. These guys (and gal) have gone through extensive training and can talk you to death about the science behind the fitness... In short, they really know what they are talking about. In addition to being knowledgeable, they are very personable. Sorry, you aren't going to get a Gillian Michaels type yelling at you and jumping on your back while you jump into a tire. But you will get someone who actually cares about your progress and will give you as much as you can (and should) handle. Don't get me wrong. The workouts are challenging, but not in a dangerous-why-am-I-hauling-300lbs way..." 

 Read rest of Testimonial at Yelp

Recommendation from Andy of Kelly and Fitness Together on LinkedIn

Kim Shattuck, ING HR Director

"Knowledgeable trainers and the emphasis on total fitness..."

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with my total experience at Fitness Together.  I've tried getting in shape off and on through the years, but it keeps getting harder and harder as I get older and older.  Luckily I've gotten a little wiser and realized I needed some help to keep going.  At FT you have lived up to your commitments and have created a comfortable setting for one to one training and provided the accountability I needed, not to mention the awesome trainers.  Knowledgeable trainers and the emphasis on total fitness has really helped me achieve by goals."



Lora Fishman

Healthy Shopping Trip Endorsment


Thank you so much for all the very practical tips at our shopping night at Publix.  The small group setting allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions and I’m much less intimated by “looking at labels” and understanding what to look for.  With 3 young children, my husband and I are trying to be better role models around healthy eating habits.  Having children yourself, I have appreciated your suggestions around packing breakfast and lunch.   The mini Cliff bars were a big hit and no one has even noticed the OJ is watered down!  This class was a great add-on benefit of an already great FT experience!



A Grand man getting ready for a Grand climb!

Looks like he did it!

Jack Sibley

"Though I stayed active, after I left FT I started gaining weight and my strength training program became stale.  Because I am getting ready to climb Mount Teton in Wyoming, I knew that it was time to get started again.  What I like about FT is that they take account for my goals.  Since I have started in the latter part of May, I have lost 10 pounds of fat.  This actually exceeds how I did the first time.  In part this is because of the new Nutrition Together program that has held me accountable to my eating habits.  I have a great experience with each visit and the entire staff is great!"

Jack Sibley, Hawkins & Parnell, LLP

Lian Jiang

Chinese restauranteur loves Fitness Together

"I really enjoy going to Fitness Together North Buckhead (Atlanta,GA), because of the great staff and environment.  The personal training there is unmatched by anyone else.  They are personable and they push me just hard enough, not to the point of killing me.  When I started in April, I was at 23% body fat and now I am 16%.  I dropped 11 pounds of fat and the shape of my body has improved a lot.  I can now wear more form fitting clothes that show off my muscles."  

Brian Smiley

"I have lost 3 inches in my waist!"

"At Fitness Together North Buckhead, I am assured that I am neither overdoing it, or "underdoing" it.  Everything is done one-on-one and the focus is on me.  Since January, I have lost 3 inches off my waist and decreased 6% in body fat.  I know that Fitness Together is the right fit for me and I look forward to continued results!  These are the best Personal Trainers in Atlanta,  GA!"

Brian Smiley

Smiley Bishop & Parter, LLP

Robin Maske

"Fitness Together was the perfect place..."

"As a recent mom, my focus was to lose baby weight.  I was excited to get back in shape and have energy again!!!  Fitness Together was the perfect place to improve strength, flexibilty, and that energy I was dying for again.  Weight loss happened, but more importantly all around wellness and a strong sense of weight training and resistance training.  The trainers Katie and Dennis are top notch and cater to your goals.  Highly recommend to anyone looking to feel good, lose weight, gain strenth, and improve flexibilty!"

Embarking a new lifestyle!

70 pounds later!

Lynn B.

"I thought I knew how to eat healthy and exercise but my body weight certainly was not reflecting this. I knew I needed help but wasn’t sure where to turn until I saw the postcard from Fitness Together in the mail box. I called to see if they could help me and I had an appointment the next day. With a goal weight loss of 50 lbs I decided to do everything they told me to do because if I didn’t lose the weight then I could say “This program doesn’t work”. But much to my surprise, it did work and I lost 70 lbs in 7 months. My trainers motivated me to the point of actually being excited about working out. Not only did they teach me how to lift weights but they also taught me how to eat right. I wrote in my food journal every morsel I put into my mouth and without criticism they kept me on the right path of a healthy lifestyle. They took the guess work out of it.

That was 2 years ago and yes…I have kept the weight off. I continue to train at Fitness Together because I enjoy the workouts and the people that work there. They not only help to keep me motivated but the knowledge I’ve gained from the trainers at Fitness Together is invaluable and will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Michael Moore

FT Remains the Right Choice for Me!

"I knew I needed the help of a trainer.  But in a city like Atlanta where trainers are as abundant as places to eat, finding the right trainer was important.   The reason that Fitness Together was and remains the right choice for me is the familial environment, the quality of the trainers that Kelly employs and the commitment of the trainers to help me achieve my goals.

The trainers are concerned about the quality and not the quantity of the weight I lift.  They know exactly when to push me harder and when to jump in and assist, all the while keeping the emphasis on form - knees bent, back straight, breathing in and breathing out.  My commitment to see results and the discipline to stick with the program has produced phenomenal results.  I have lost 18 pounds, decreased 10% body fat, and 7 inches off my waist.

So if you're mid section is getting a bit flabby too or you'd like to build strength, don't let another day go by without considering getting a personal trainer and choosing Fitness Together to help you achieve the results you want."

Micheal Moore

Sandi Sibley

"I hate exercise, but look forward to coming to FT."


"It is friendly, close to my home and a place for me to go workout. I need a professional to help me because of some health issues. I also feel challenged and work at a pace that I can handle. The trainers are all very encouraging and very knowledgeable about what I should do to improve my strength, but not hurt myself. I really like the 1 on 1 idea and I feel more comfortable in that setting.

I am firmer, have more energy, better posture, and I know I am stronger. At my age I know the workout is good for my bones. I have hated to exercise, but look forward to coming in 3 times a week and after 9 months, I would really miss this activity in my life if I had to stop. It is becoming a routine (a habit)."


Becky Weinman with trainer Dennis Sluder

Becky Weinman, Dentist

Back and Neck Strength are Important

"I really enjoy the one-on-one concept and personal attention that you get at Fitness Together.  This format ensures me that I am not going to do something that can potentially hurt me.  As a dentist, the upper back and neck strength I developed has been crucial to my career.  Of course, I have received other benefits such as increase muscle tone and improved overall vitality.  If you're looking to fit, then I highly recommend Fitness Together."

Becky Weinman

Client of the Month - February 2010

Tom Sibley

Client of the Month - February 2010

"I have been going to Fitness Together since January 2009. To give you a little history about myself, I was going to a trainer 10 years ago and knew the benefits of being on a regular exercise program. After I quit, I gained 25 lbs and had no energy. I had developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, had become pre-diabetic, and was on my way to being a medical catastrophe waiting to happen.

Since I have been going to FT, the results have been great! I have dropped in pant size and my stamina is greater. My health issues haven been brought into the guidleines of a healthy 67 year old male.

My wife and I both have Fitness Together to thank. They are friendly, encouraging, and most of all care about us and the results we need to achieve. Thanks again to Kelly, Katie, dennis, and Jim."

Tom Sibley, Dentist

Charles Moore

"The Fitness Together program is an excellent approach to learning the CORRECT way to exercise.  These guys are true professional Atlanta personal trainers.  They are knowledgeable and always consistent in message, proving pointers to help you through the journey.  My past experiences with personal trainers was never this enjoyable!  I would encourage anyone who is considering a fitness program to join Fitness Together North Buckhead!"

Charles Moore, CEO, Diversified Energy Software Solutions, LLC


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