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Fitness Tips

What kind of exercise is best if I have bad knees?

When creating a plan of action for a client with bad knees, its best to look for exercises that will strengthen the area around the knee to prevent injury and protect the area…. while decreasing... Read More >

The 411 on Today’s Popular Fitness Gadgets

As every aspect of our lives becomes more automated, it’s no surprise that the variety and options of fitness gadgets on the market are growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re interested... Read More >

Why is it easier for guys to lose weight than it is for women?

Why men lose weight faster than woman is partially because of physiological differences between the sexes. One main difference is body composition. As a rule, men have more muscle tissue than women.... Read More >

If I stop my physical activity, will my muscles turn to fat?

Muscles do not turn to fat when one stops exercising. But, why would you want to stop exercising? Not to self: STICK WITH IT. Read More >

What’s the big deal about gluten?

Are you curious about the gluten-free movement that has captured the nation? An amazing thirty percent of the American public has or is trying to cut back on gluten intake, so obviously this is a popular... Read More >

Aren’t personal trainers just for beginners?

Everyone needs a personal trainer. Personal trainers can be very beneficial for beginners when it comes to safety and proper technique, however trainers are beneficial for much more than that. Read More >

How can I get protein on a vegan diet?

If you decide to try a vegan diet, it is important to know and understand that proteins are the building blocks of life. In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth, tissue... Read More >

What are your bad habits costing you?

Guilty pleasures and bad habits can be found around every corner in life. To minimize their impact on your health and fitness, focus on eliminating each bad habit you currently indulge in one at a time.... Read More >

How can I make fitness part of my routine?

In order to make fitness a part of your routine, you have to first make it a priority. Like most other things in life, getting started is usually the hardest part, but once you begin it soon becomes... Read More >

What's the big deal about drinking water?

Besides the air we breathe, water is the single most important requirement for life. There are many more benefits of drinking water, from staying refreshed and alert, to fighting fatigue, to helping... Read More >

Common Food Misconceptions: Sorting out fact from fiction

Oh boy, nutrition advice can definitely be confusing! This situation is most likely due the endless contradictory nutrition messages that bombard the airwaves, all from purported nutrition “experts.”... Read More >

Will occasionally missing a workout session affect my endurance or strength?

Read More >

How can I avoid gaining weight while I train for an endurance event?

Read More >

Fitness Freedom: Breaking Out of Your Exercise Rut

Read More >

Why should I incorporate balance into my workout?

FT trainers from across the country explain the important role balance plays in overall fitness. Read More >

Is the 5:2 Diet for You?

Some thoughts on the controversial diet strategy known as the “5:2 Diet," which involves two days per week of semi-fasting. Read More >

Besides exercise and diet, what else impacts my fitness?

FT trainers from across the country share examples of things other than diet and exercise that affect your fitness. Read More >

What are the dangers of overtraining?

FT trainers from across the country detail the risks of pushing yourself too hard. Read More >

What’s the difference between doing more reps of an exercise and adding more weight?

FT trainers from across the country explain the roles of repetitions and load in resistance training. Read More >

Setting a Good Fitness Example for Your Kids

Making a healthy lifestyle more of a priority for your family starts with parents leading the way and setting good fitness examples for their kids. Read More >

Where can I get calcium in my diet other than dairy products?

FT trainers from across the country share some ways to get calcium in your diet that don't involve dairy products. Read More >

What are some important things to look for in a running shoe?

FT trainers from across the country give pointers on how to choose the right running shoe for you. Read More >

Four Tips for Setting, Managing Proper Fitness Goals

To help with setting and properly managing your summer health and fitness goals, it’s important to put the following four tips into practice. Read More >

How can having a workout partner help me?

FT trainers from across the country discuss why working out can often be better with a buddy. Read More >

What are some good ways to monitor my fitness progress?

FT trainers from across the country outline how they assess the effectiveness of a client's fitness program. Read More >

Protein Bars: Pros and Cons

Protein bars play an important role in the nutrition of athletes, particularly athletes that have a tough time getting in enough calories to fuel an intensive training regimen. Read More >

What’s my target heart rate, and why should I care?

FT trainers from across the country explain how knowing your target heart rate can improve the effectiveness of your workouts. Read More >

Nutrient Timing: The Ins & Outs of Fueling for Activity

By using a concept known as nutrient timing you can fine-tune your body’s performance, recovery and metabolism by being deliberate with when and what you eat as it relates to your daily activity.... Read More >

What foods aren't as healthy as I think they are?

FT trainers from across the country share some eye-opening information on foods that you may have thought were better for you than they actually are. Read More >

Four Foods You Never Thought to Eat for Breakfast

If you're sick and tired of the same old breakfast, why not spice up your morning with one of these four breakfast ideas of foods you never thought to eat? Read More >

What foods are healthier than I probably think they are?

FT trainers from across the country give some surprising examples of foods that many people don't realize are actually good for them. Read More >

Eating Organic: Does It Really Matter?

Organic labels are populating every aisle of the grocery store these days, making options to eat chemically free a lot more available than they used to be. But with so many organic options out there,... Read More >

What are some healthy options for packing a lunch to take to work?

FT trainers from across the country provide suggestions on healthy lunch options you can bring to work. Read More >

How to Eat Healthy When On the Road

A busy travel schedule in the spring and summer months doesn’t necessarily have to sabotage your healthy eating habits. Take what you know and practice about proper nutrition during your daily... Read More >

What's the most foolish diet you've ever seen?

FT trainers from across the country warn of diets that aren't all they claim to be. Read More >

More Than Just Clothes: Colors, Styles Motivate and Communicate

Whether you have your eye on fitting into a new cocktail dress, summer swimsuit or business suit this season, keep your goals and motivation front and center so you know what you need to do to succeed... Read More >

What are some good calorie-burning activities that aren't necessarily thought of as exercise?

FT trainers from across the country share examples of things you can do to stay in shape that aren't usually considered working out. Read More >

Spring Training: Start Preparing Today for Your Summer Sports League

If you’re ready for a real game-and-life-changer, check out a local summer sports league in your community. Load the bases with these four team sports preparation tips. Read More >

Should I be more concerned about fat or sugar in my diet?

FT trainers from across the country break down the impact of sugar and fat on your health. Read More >

Top Five Green Superfoods

For better health, try adding lots of GREEN (superfoods, that is) into your day. Here is a list of five of the most nutritious green superfoods Read More >

Can exercise help my mood?

FT trainers from across the country explain how working out can help lift your spirits. Read More >

Transitioning Your Workout Routine From Indoors to Outdoors

As the desire for sunshine, warm weather and the start of spring sports and activities starts to burn stronger, it’s the perfect time to start putting plans in action to transition from a monotonous... Read More >

What are some active spring break vacations I could take?

FT trainers from across the country provide suggestions for ways you can make your spring break trip an active one. Read More >

Secrets Revealed: What Men and Women Really Think About When Working Out

To help men and women become more comfortable with working out in the same area and get past some of the stereotypical scenarios associated with the battle of the sexes in a gym setting, two seasoned... Read More >

What should I look for when choosing a personal trainer?

FT trainers from across the country give advice on the key factors to consider when picking a personal trainer. Read More >

Upgrade Your Hotel Stay with Quick, Simple In-Room Workouts

Stay active and maintain your fitness level while traveling this year by packing quick and simple hotel room workouts like these that you can do anywhere. Read More >

Should I repeat the same workout routine or change things up?

FT trainers from across the country share their perspectives on when you should consider changing your workout program. Read More >

Sweating With Your Sweetie: Pros and Cons of Getting Your Burn On Together

It’s healthy for both husbands and wives to commit to living a fitness-focused lifestyle. But make sure you work through the pros and cons discussed above before you decide to get your burn on... Read More >

Why is it important to warm up before I work out?

FT trainers from across the country explain why warming up properly is critical to the success of your workout. Read More >

All Shakes Are Not Created Equal

Smoothies are an easy and tasty way to ensure that your body gets a healthy variety of lean protein, fruits and even vegetables if you go green. Your healthy smoothie recipe ingredients will vary depending... Read More >

What are some good strategies to use at the grocery store?

FT trainers from across the country provide tips for making sure your next trip to the grocery store is a healthy one. Read More >

Strength Training: Women’s Secret Sauce to Looking, Feeling Great

Become a strong woman you can be proud of by getting into a strength training program that will get you the results you deserve. Look good and feel strong while increasing your body’s overall... Read More >

What are some healthy snacks for my Super Bowl party?

FT trainers from across the country share some of their favorite recipes to enjoy while watching the big game! Read More >

The Ultimate Recipe for Curing the Holiday Hangover

The following four steps will help you cook up a healthy and fit lifestyle for 2014 that you’ll want to share with all of your friends, family and loved ones. Read More >

How can I stay motivated to work out in the winter?

FT trainers from across the country share some ways to make sure that Old Man Winter doesn't derail your fitness program. Read More >

Forecasting the Top 10 Nutrition Trends for 2014

To keep nutrition on your mind, here is a nutritionist’s prediction of the top 10 nutrition trends sure to be on the public’s radar in 2014. Read More >

Should I still work out when I'm sick?

FT trainers from across the country explain how to determine if you're too sick to work out. Read More >

Analyzing the Top Exercise Trends for 2014

To navigate through what’s hot in fitness for 2014, FT Avon owner Billy Pratt gives his take on some of the top 10 exercise trends in the fitness industry according to ACSM. Read More >

What’s the harm of only doing cardio when I work out?

FT trainers from across the country explain why you need to do more than just cardio to get the most out of your workouts. Read More >

Diet or Exercise: What's More Important For Losing Weight?

Diet versus exercise is like the chicken or the egg debate in the fitness world. While eating right and exercising are both important components of hatching a fit and active lifestyle, of the two a... Read More >

What's the most important New Year's resolution to make for my health?

FT trainers from across the country share the best resolutions to make for your health in 2014. Read More >

Reasonable Resolutions: Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2014

To switch up the odds that may be stacked against you in succeeding with your resolutions this year, make sure to include the following criteria into your planning so that you can successfully transform... Read More >

What's a good fitness-themed holiday gift?

FT trainers from across the country give advice on holiday gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle. Read More >

Maintaining Your Fit Lifestyle While Traveling Over the Holidays

Instead of striking out during your holiday travels, stay focused on your game plan for a healthy and fit lifestyle by sticking with some simple but effective home-field strategies while you’re... Read More >

How do I know if I'm working out enough?

FT trainers from across the country provide things you should look for to determine if your workout routine is doing the job. Read More >

Replacing Vitamin C Supplements With Whole Foods

Here are four examples of how to replace your Vitamin C supplement with foods that supply the same nutrient plus much, much more. Read More >

What are some good exercises to help get me ready for ski season?

FT trainers from across the country share their thoughts on how you get in the best shape to enjoy a great season on the slopes. Read More >

Putting a Stop to Middle-Age Spread

Take a stand against the belly bulge as you close out the year by making good food choices, exercising and sleep a priority in your life. Read More >

What's a good breakdown of calories in my daily diet?

FT trainers from across the country explain how much of your diet should be made of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Read More >

Working Through a Weight Loss Plateau

When you’re ready to work through a weight loss plateau, it’s important to re-evaluate your mental game, re-adjust your exercise routine and revamp your nutrition habits. Read More >

In what situations do you recommend supplements?

FT trainers from across the country give advice on the role supplements should play in your overall diet. Read More >

Five Myths About Pregnancy and Fitness

Pregnancy brings about natural changes to your body, emotions and hormones. But, when it comes to changing your workout routine, it’s important to stay in tune with your body and consult with... Read More >

How can I serve a healthy Thanksgiving dinner?

FT trainers from across the country provide suggestions for how to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without going overboard on calories. Read More >

Don’t Bust Your Gut: Avoiding the Holiday Waistline Bulge

Avoid gaining the typical pounds of the season by following these three holiday belly bulge busters. Read More >

Where should I start strength training if I'm intimidated by weights?

FT trainers from across the country share advice on how to build strength if weights make you uncomfortable. Read More >

Exercising With Osteoporosis: Build Bones, Stay Strong

The focus of your fitness plan when you have osteoporosis should be on working out your body and supporting healthy bone structure. Read More >

How would you sum up your fitness philosophy in three words?

FT trainers from across the country boil down their approach to exercise and nutrition. Read More >

Fitness Shouldn’t be Frightening: Getting Past What Scares You About Working Out

Take the fear out of fitness and the horror from working out by taking the first step this Halloween season toward living an active and fit lifestyle. It’s not as scary as you think if you just... Read More >

What's the scariest fitness trend or trick you've ever seen?

FT trainers from across the country share some of the fitness programs that have frightened and frustrated them over the years. Read More >

Add Color to Your Diet With Fall Fruits and Vegetables

The foods of fall reflect the warm colors of the season and connote comfort, warmth, and welcome. Use this fall food color palette as a guide to choosing five of the best fall fruits and veggies. Read More >

What are some healthy alternatives to candy I can give out on Halloween?

FT trainers from across the country suggest things other than candy you can give out to your trick-or-treaters. Read More >

The Playbook for Avoiding Unconscious Eating

To keep yourself moving toward the goal line of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, incorporate the following eating strategies into your nutrition playbook. Read More >

How long and how often should I do cardio?

FT trainers from across the country recommend different options for giving your heart a good workout. Read More >

Adapting Your Outdoor Exercise Routine for the Fall Season

As the conditions of the outdoor environment change this time of year, use these four fitness strategies to ensure your activity levels and workout routines don’t fall to the wayside. Read More >

Where should I start if I've never exercised?

FT trainers from across the country provide suggestions on how people new to fitness can get started with an exercise program. Read More >

The Best and Worst Fall Comfort Foods

As the leaves turn and the weather gets cooler, it’s tempting to turn to those not-so-healthy comfort foods. Here are your best and worst fall options for four traditional meal courses. Read More >

Should I do strength training if I have chronic back pain?

FT trainers from across the country share advice on how strength training can actually help alleviate back pain. Read More >

Get Your Body Ready for Winter Sports Season

Whether you’re trying out a new cold weather activity this year or you’re a veteran winter sports athlete, prepare yourself for the conditions of the upcoming season by incorporating these... Read More >

What makes unsaturated fats “better” and how can I get more of them in my diet?

FT trainers from across the country explain the role fats play in our diet and how to make sure you get both the right kinds and right amount. Read More >

Five Fabulous Fall Foods That Fill You Up, Not Out

Eating fresh, whole foods in season is the key to good nutrition. So here are five super-nutritious fall foods to fill up your plate while at the same time curbing your waistline. Read More >

What's your favorite thing about fall?

FT trainers from across the country share what they enjoy most about autumn. Read More >

Fall Family 5Ks: Get Fit, Get Connected, Have Fun

If you are looking for some extra fitness motivation for your family this fall, get everyone together for a 5K event. Use the positive influence of a local running race to bring your family closer together,... Read More >

Should I stretch before or after a workout?

FT trainers from across the country share advice on how to properly prepare your muscles for a workout and take care of them afterwards. Read More >

No Excuse Zone: The Time is Now to Fall Back Into Fitness

Put these four excuse-buster strategies into place to have a clear path to achieving your fall fitness goals Read More >

How can people keep from overheating when exercising outdoors in the summer?

FT trainers from across the country provide guidance on how to stay cool when exercising outside in hot temperatures. Read More >

Joining a Team to Stay Lean: Easy as ABC

Joining a team of like-minded individuals can help you reach your goals of consistently living a healthy and fit lifestyle by holding you accountable to your workouts, motivating you to push harder... Read More >

What's the most common reason people give for why they can't get fit?

FT trainers from across the country offer advice on how to overcome the notion that you don't have time to exercise. Read More >

Giving Back: The Best Gift for You and Your Community

Find something that matters to you most and get involved today to start making a difference in your community. One of the best feelings in the world is giving your time and effort, while not expecting... Read More >

Is a low-carb diet or fat-free diet better for losing weight?

FT trainers from across the country explain the best dietary approach for healthy weight loss. Read More >

Building the Body and the Brain

It takes combining mental and physical strength with solid nutrition habits to build a body and brain that can successfully work together to accomplish your life’s goals. Read More >

What's been your greatest accomplishment since you started training at FT?

FT trainers from across the country express what aspects of their jobs have brought them the most personal satisfaction. Read More >

Ten Steps to Avoid Common Running Mistakes

If you are new to running and not sure where to start, follow these 10 simple steps to make running fun, enjoyable and part of your regular fitness routine. Read More >

What's the biggest thing you've learned since you started training at FT?

FT trainers from across the country share how they've grown personally and professionally during their time with Fitness Together. Read More >

Beat the Heat: Three Tips to Avoid a Meltdown

To keep from melting away this summer, overcome the intense hot sun with a consistent fitness routine that is active, cool and fun. Read More >

What's your "go-to" post-workout snack or meal?

FT trainers from across the country provide suggestions on what you should eat after a workout. Read More >

12 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts Nutritionists Actually Eat

Just like all of us, nutritionists on the go find it difficult to make the time for a healthy breakfast. But they do eat them. Read More >

What are some of your favorite workout songs?

FT trainers from across the country share what tunes they listen to when exercising. Read More >

Build Strength to Lose Weight, Feel Healthy, Compete

If you feel like something is missing in your workout routine or you need a new spark of motivation to keep training throughout the summer, try incorporating these strength exercises to jump start your... Read More >

What are some sources of dietary sodium that people may not know about?

FT trainers from across the country reveal some foods with surprising amounts of salt. Read More >

Training for a Tri: Tips to Tackle Common Missteps

Whether you’re prepping for your first or fifth triathlon this summer, avoid these common training missteps to swim, bike and run your way to a successful race experience. Read More >

What's your favorite time to exercise and why?

FT trainers from across the country explain when they most enjoy working out. Read More >

January in July: Re-Commit to Your Resolutions this Summer

The mid-point of the year is the perfect time to re-align your health and fitness goals. Close out the second half stretch strong and feeling great with these four tips to re-commit to your resolutions... Read More >

What gets you motivated to work out?

FT trainers from across the country share how they find the inspiration to exercise. Read More >

Four Exercise Tips to Shape Up Your Golf Game

Incorporate these four tips into your workout routine to prepare your body for the physical wear and tear of the golf season. Read More >

What are some convenient healthy snacks you can have available during the workday?

FT trainers from across the country offer ideas for things you can eat on the job. Read More >

What's the healthiest thing you can have at a barbecue?

FT trainers from across the country suggest ways to enjoy summer barbecues in a healthy fashion. Read More >

Grill Up Heart Health for Dad!

Five tips for having a heart-healthy barbecue from nutritionist Dr. Janet Brill. Read More >

What's the best advice you ever got from your dad?

FT trainers from across the country share memorable words of wisdom from their fathers. Read More >

What are some tricks to picking out fruits and veggies at your local farmers market?

FT trainers from across the country offer helpful hints for getting the most out of your trip to the farmers market. Read More >

What exercises can you do to get the fastest results for swimsuit season?

FT trainers from across the country suggest ways you can quickly get the beach body you're looking for. Read More >

For Better Health: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Four tips for starting your own fruit or vegetable garden from nutritionist Dr. Janet Brill. Read More >

What's the best way to encourage your family to stay active during the summer?

FT trainers from across the country suggest ways for the whole family to get outside and enjoy summer together. Read More >

What are some foods that help with inflammation and arthritis?

FT trainers from across the country give suggestions on foods that can provide relief from inflammation and arthritis. Read More >

The Perfect Mother's Day Starts With a Healthy Breakfast

Five tips for making mom a delicious, heart-healthy breakfast this Mother's Day from nutritionist Dr. Janet Brill. Read More >

What's the most memorable Mother's Day gift you've ever gotten or given?

FT trainers from across the country share memories of their notable Mother's Day gift experiences -- some good, others not so much. Read More >

What are some good bone-building foods?

FT trainers from across the country share suggestions on important foods to incorporate into your diet in order to build strong bones. Read More >

Four Tips for Working Moms Trying to Stay Fit

By implementing the following tips and mental shifts, working out can become a permanent appointment in a working mom's busy schedule. Read More >

What's a good exercise to help avoid knee pain, shin splints and other ailments when starting to train for races?

FT trainers from across the country provide helpful tips on how to avoid pain in your knees and shins when you begin race training. Read More >

What's something you can do to stay in shape and help the environment at the same time?

FT trainers from across the country share suggestions on ways you can help your body and the environment at the same time. Read More >

Stay Green this Spring with an Active Fitness Routine

Take your workout routine to greener levels this spring by incorporating these few simple tips into your daily life and fitness regimen. Read More >

What are some things a working mom can do to stay in shape?

FT trainers from across the country share their insights on how working moms can squeeze fitness into their busy schedules. Read More >

What are some "power moves" for building more muscle and shedding those winter pounds?

FT trainers from across the country share their insights on exercises that will help you build muscle and lose weight simultaneously. Read More >

Road Warrior Exercise Plan: Three Ways to Work Out When Traveling

To help you battle the bulge on upcoming business or vacation trips, take the following workout exercises with you so your health and fitness goals aren’t left at the curb during your next trip.... Read More >

Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Active Over Spring Break

Although playing video games may exercise your child’s hands and fingers, it’s important to get kids off the couch, out of the house and engaged in total body physical activity during spring... Read More >

Why does stress make me crave sugar?

Don’t let stress derail your healthy eating habits. Try to include at least one healthy anti-stress strategy into your daily routine. Read More >

Five Tips to Avoid Skipping Your Workout

To help keep you focused on your ultimate fitness goals and ensure your workout commitments stay intact heading into spring, incorporate the following five techniques for continued health and fitness... Read More >

Top Five Red Foods to Eat for a Healthy Heart

Learn the top five red foods you should be eating on a regular basis to keep your ticker strong. Read More >

Flat Bellies: Tips That REALLY Work

Had a little too much comfort and joy this past holiday season? Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds around the middle? The summer bathing suit season is just around the corner, so now is the time... Read More >

Creating Real Change: How to form positive habits and a NEW YOU!

Ever wonder why some people get great results from their workouts or their normal eating routine? What makes them different? How do they do it? Usually it’s 1 or 2 simple habits. All of us face... Read More >

Creating Your New Years Resolution Recipe for Success

It’s that time of year again when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions to improve our health and well-being. Unfortunately, we often have a tough time sticking to our goals, and by the... Read More >

How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer for You

This is a big decision! Choosing the best personal trainer for you is ...well, personal. To get the most from your one-on-one or small group personal training sessions and the program your trainer creates... Read More >

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Strength Workout

As warmer temps invite you outside for summer activities, you may think it’s a given that you’ll get more active and stay slimmer. But as you add cardio activities like biking, hiking, running... Read More >

Is coffee a good energy boost for a workout?

A: Let's clarify the question, is it smart to down a cup or two of coffee before you work out or is it better to refrain until after you get your exercise in? Read More >

What is a good rule of thumb when purchasing healthy food? The fewer ingredients, the better?

A: Absolutely right! When it comes to making wise nutrition choices, the golden rule on the ingredient list is “less is better!” This is because the most nutritious foods are generally the... Read More >

Why is stretching after working out important?

A: This is a great question because it addresses the importance not only of practicing stretching but also the best and safest technique for performing this valuable type of exercise. Read More >

How Should I Get Back Into a Running Routine?

A: I am the mother of three children, as well as an avid runner, so on a personal note . . . good for you! Kudos for having the desire to integrate this supremely beneficial habit back into your busy... Read More >

Is there really any nutritional value in lettuce?

A: Lettuce is a leafy crunchy vegetable with substantial water content, some fiber and a negligible calorie count—all factors that are beneficial for filling up your plate and pairing down your... Read More >

When it comes to choosing a healthy bread, is whole grain white any different from regular whole wheat bread?

A: The definition of “whole grain white” bread or flour is nebulous at best. It is a fairly new product that can consist of virtually anything, but generally comprises a mixture of 100%... Read More >

I know too much sodium is bad for me, so are there any alternatives

A: You are absolutely right—we eat far too much sodium in this country, and cutting back on sodium intake is a wise nutrition move. In fact, the American Heart Association dietary and lifestyle... Read More >

How can I tone up "fatty" areas?

A: The bad news is that as we age, and with each passing decade, we lose more and more precious muscle mass and at the same time gain body fat. Where we gain fat tends to be genetically determined,... Read More >

How often should I workout?

A: The answer to your question really depends on your personal preference and the type of exercise. When patients ask me what’s the best kind of exercise, my answer is always: “Whatever... Read More >

Does the time of day (morning vs. evening) impact burning more calories?

A: Whenever you can burn calories—morning, evening or mid-day—is the best time of day as long as you do it! If your question is addressing weight management, then the best way to lose weight... Read More >

What exactly do antioxidants do and what are some great food sources?

A: Antioxidants counter the excessive production of small, highly reactive molecules in the body called reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS are byproducts of normal human metabolism and include... Read More >

Eating and Stretching: Two Hot Topics for Runners

By Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D., R.D. Eating: There are three types of macronutrients that supply energy (calories) for the human body: carbohydrates, fat, and protein. When it comes to eating for good... Read More >

Fitness Goals Deliver Results

The definition of a goal is- what one intends to do or achieve. The hardest part of a fitness program is getting started, and the second is maintaining it. Unfortunately, most people do not have goals... Read More >

How do I start training for a marathon?

A: Having trained for and completed four marathons, I must say that the experience of crossing the finish line of a marathon is well worth the grueling training and personal sacrifice involved in preparing... Read More >

What type of oatmeal is healthiest?

A: As you can see, there are different types of oat products out there on the market. The two kinds that you will most likely find on your supermarket shelf are “steel-cut” oats and different... Read More >

How Can I Gain Healthy Weight and Energy?

A: Gaining weight healthfully is actually trickier than you might think. The object is to make the weight gain mostly lean body mass (muscle) and not much body fat. You can accomplish this by taking... Read More >

Is a Liquid Diet (Such as “Juicing”) Safe?

A: I am not a big proponent of “juicing” or any other type of liquid diet. I especially object to the false or misleading claims that frequently accompany these unproven and potentially... Read More >

Is it okay to splurge on Thanksgiving?

Nobody gains weight from just that one Thanksgiving Day meal. We gain weight from the “holiday mentality” that continues on from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Yet, the busiest and most... Read More >

How do I avoid the 5-8lbs the average person gains during the holiday season?

With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to get a handle on your weight and your body fat level before the feasting starts! If you are having trouble with your weight then you are... Read More >


The perfect food for fitness . . . who knew? The best sports drink around for after exercise is not a high-tech scientific concoction like Gatorade or Powerade but instead . . . plain old chocolate... Read More >

3 Ways to Kick the Habit ... of Skipping Workouts

Trying to get into an exercise habit, but finding you’re more in the habit of making excuses? You can break out of that pattern with these tips from fitness experts on staying motivated and sticking... Read More >

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Convinced you “can’t” run a marathon, or sprint at level 10 on that treadmill? … Are you sure about that? Even if you have a physical challenge or condition that limits you... Read More >

Top 10 Eating Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

If you’ve ever worn (or chuckled at) one of those “I run so I can eat” T-shirts, this info is for you! How you eat goes hand in hand with your workout plans and is proven to bring... Read More >

Three Personal Trainers' Resolutions to Inspire You

Do personal trainers think resolutions are worth making? What do they resolve to change in themselves? We asked three trainers how they seek continual self-improvement, which is always a priority even... Read More >

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