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Pilates for Optimal Performance

Posted: 06/03/2014

If you are an athlete, or anyone who enjoys the benefits of a good workout, then you are likely always looking to perform at your optimal level.  Adding a Pilates regimen to your routine can help bring your body to new heights through proper form and by learning to use the core muscles efficiently. 

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Overhand, Underhand, or Neutral?

Posted: 03/27/2014

Changing grips can be a great variation to your workout.  Is it really that important?  Read on and find out my response...

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The Dreaded 15 Reps

Posted: 09/16/2013

A lot of clients that come through our doors always dread when they are suddenly put on a 15-repetition scheme.  Read on to find out what all the rep schemes we use here at FT do for you.

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A Real Pain in the Neck

Posted: 03/28/2013

Do you have  neck or back pain?  Does your job require you to sit at your desk all day?  Then this article is for you.

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Reasons EVERY Woman Should be Strength Training

Posted: 03/13/2013

Too often women avoid strength training and have the idea that strength training will have a negative effect on their bodies. So therefore, they change their direction to focus specifically on cardio as a means of 'toning'.  Now don't get me wrong- cardio is just a piece of the puzzle towards the desired outcome. But the overall equation must balance out to take...

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The Benefits of Small Group Training

Posted: 02/08/2013

Getting bored with your exercise regime? Try our personalized small group training classes (PACK)! Time and money are very big motivators to encourage people to work out. Small group training offers many benefits. Our PACK classes are beneficial because they are time-effective. They maximize your training time either early morning before work, during your lunch break, or...

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