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Gail M. FT - Real Success 5 Week Update & 2 Month Update


BEFORE:  Excerpts from my initial e-mail to FT Medford:

I'm 42 years old, grossly out of shape and overweight.    I have never been good about exercising.  Every time I try to diet I last a few days and then lose control.  Also, I have some physical limitations:  I have loose ligaments in my joints, I have a weak back, and if my heart rate goes up too far I get migraines. 

 I have been afraid to approach a personal trainer because I am concerned that he/she won't have the expertise to train me without injuring me.   While it seems clear to me that God did not plan for me to be an Olympic athlete, I don't think He meant for me to be this out of shape either.  Can you help me? 


When I first started training at FT, I felt embarrassed because I was so out of shape.  However, my trainer Steve was very encouraging and helped me to feel more comfortable.  He quickly assessed my fitness level and since then has been able to help me with exercises that work around my limitations.  I have also worked out with Ray a few times, and during those sessions he has been equally encouraging and supportive.  Allison provided me with a diet plan that is easy to follow, and because I feel satisfied I have been seldom tempted to cheat. 

I am thrilled with my progress.  After four weeks of diligent training with FT I lost 10 pounds and four inches off of my waist!  I feel stronger, my heart rate has improved, and for the first time in my life I feel that I have control over food.   My goal weight is still a long way off, but I am starting to believe that someday I might actually get there.

Thanks, FT.  I think with your help I can do this. 

G – Medford, NJ



 I’m still going strong.   I’ve been training on M-W-F with the trainers at FT, and I get on the elliptical 5-6 times a week. 

People are starting to notice the change in me!   I am down another 7 pounds, lost a few more inches here and there, and my joints are still all in good shape.  My heart rate has improved, and I have been able to increase both duration and speed on the elliptical.  Since I don’t get as taxed when I exercise my headaches are less intense.   And it feels rather odd to say this since I’ve never exercised much, but some days I actually enjoy my time on the elliptical!

 The change that is the biggest this month has been my attitude towards food.  Since my new eating habits have become routine Thanksgiving wasn’t even that big of a challenge, and I no longer crave sweets the way I used to.  This is the first time in as long as I can remember that I am not facing the Christmas season’s pies, cookies and candy canes with dread.