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Red Hot Holiday Specials!!

Get in Hot for Holidays shape at Fitness Together

The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing together friends, families, celebrations and lasting memories. 

Make this holiday season a memorable one by getting Hot for the Holidays with FT Medford!! 

The expert personal trainers at FT Medford can help you turn up the heat at this year's holiday parties and blaze down ski trailes during your family's winter vacation by helping you stay physically fit and healthy through the holidays!!


If you’re ready to make this holiday season a hot one to remember, call or come into FT Medford’s studio today for a complimentary fitness assessment and to get started on the road to good health!!



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Allison Bonelli 

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Getting My Life Back After Double Hip Replacement With FT

Having been a nurse for 25 years, my life revolved around taking care of sick people.  Working in the ER was intense and it really takes a toll on a nurses body; crazy hours, working through the night makes it difficult to eat properly. My poor diet was then compounded with the stress and physical demands of the job.  I began gaining weight and it just made it more difficult to keep moving.  I’ve been retired for several years living a sedentary lifestyle and I knew it was time for a change.  I choose Fitness Together because it was the only environment that made me feel comfortable.  I did not want to be intimidated by a trainer or risk injury with somebody who was not experienced.  I had a lot of physical limitations when I walked into Fitness Together and after an evaluation they were still able to design a program that worked for me.  My goal was to loose enough weight to be eligible for total hip surgery on both sides.  I met that goal and had back to back surgeries.*  During that time I had at home physical therapy.  Once I received the green light to return to activity, I did just that.  Ray made me feel comfortable coming back and with the new hips we are now able to push the challenge and intensity of every workout.  I feel safe with the staff at FT and would not have been able to make these changes without them!!!