It's Heating Up At FT Medford!!

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Red Hot Holiday Specials!!

Get in Hot for Holidays shape at Fitness Together

The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing together friends, families, celebrations and lasting memories. 

Make this holiday season a memorable one by getting Hot for the Holidays with FT Medford!! 

The expert personal trainers at FT Medford can help you turn up the heat at this year's holiday parties and blaze down ski trailes during your family's winter vacation by helping you stay physically fit and healthy through the holidays!!


If you’re ready to make this holiday season a hot one to remember, call or come into FT Medford’s studio today for a complimentary fitness assessment and to get started on the road to good health!!



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Allison Bonelli 

Owner/ Operator

Fitness Together 679 Stokes Rd
Medford, NJ   08055
(609) 953-0300


I have been training in a PACK group at FT Medford since March (2012).  I initially heard about this program at a social event from an FT trainer.  I joined the PACK group with a friend and we train consistently train 3 days per week.  I just recently reached my goal of losing “20+ lbs” through proper nutrition combined with my FT workouts.  I am definitely more firm and overall, much more fit!  Keeping up with exercise on a long-term basis has been the toughest challenge that I face, especially trying to do it on my own.  I am not quite ready to “take the reins” just yet.  Weekly appointments definitely help with accountability.  I now look forward to training – it is the “me time” in my day.  Everyone has been very nice at FT Medford.  They are firm and challenging without being overly pushy.  They are also extremely patient and provide great explanation.  Overall, I am having a very positive experience.  I tell all my friends that they can (and should) do it too!!