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Red Hot Holiday Specials!!

2012 Q4 Hot for Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing together friends, families, celebrations and lasting memories. 

Make this holiday season a memorable one by getting Hot for the Holidays with FT Medford!! 

The expert personal trainers at FT Medford can help you turn up the heat at this year's holiday parties and blaze down ski trailes during your family's winter vacation by helping you stay physically fit and healthy through the holidays!!


If you’re ready to make this holiday season a hot one to remember, call or come into FT Medford’s studio today for a complimentary fitness assessment and to get started on the road to good health!!



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Allison Bonelli 

Owner/ Operator

Fitness Together 679 Stokes Rd
Medford, NJ   08055
(609) 953-0300

Howard Ackerman
Busy Business Owner Making It Happen!!

I started working with the trainers at FT about 4 months ago.  I run a fairly large construction company and never could fit trips to the gym into my schedule.  With FT I am able to get three 45 minute work outs in every week.  With my business, I make hundreds of decisions each day.  What I like about FT is that I don’t have to figure the program out for myself…they tell me what to do…I do it…and I have seen results.   In 4 months I have lost about 15 lbs and my clothes fit much better.  I also started running a couple of days a week to help with my cardio.


What I like about FT is that the training sessions are private and there are no distractions.  I show up, I have a very intense 45 minute workout, and I am done.  This really helps with my busy schedule.


This is the best thing I have done for myself in years.