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Skinny Pumpkin-Banana Bars

Posted: 11/20/2014

I love regular pumpkin bars – but the addition of banana makes the flavor in these so smooth and compliments the pumpkin perfectly.  Topped with a light cream cheese frosting - these are heaven. Plus these are a much lower cal way to indulge in a fall favorite – all of the flavor and none of the guilt!

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Pumpkin Chia Almond Butter

Posted: 11/20/2014

With the ingredients that go into this, it's hard not to love this pumkin chia butter spread. Full of Fall spices, this seasonal nut butter is a great addition to your bowl of oatmeal.

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Does Your Work Environment Sabotage You?

Posted: 11/20/2014

In our quest to achieve optimal health and conquering individual goals we set forth with the best intentions only to be sabotaged in the unlikeliest of places. Work. We spend about half our waking time in a work environment that may or may not be hindering your progress. Spending that much time in one place can have a huge effect on health outcomes and has been a major focus in the corporate world today.

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Senior Fitness

Posted: 11/20/2014

The benefits of regular physical activity are well documented, regardless of age. Still, many people choose a sedentary life.

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Four Foods That You Never Thought To Eat For Breakfast

Posted: 04/18/2014

Mom was right when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After all, breakfast means “breaking the fast,” starting your day after a night of not eating with the energy and nutrition you need.  A healthy breakfast can help you concentrate better, give you strength and even help you to maintain a healthy weight.

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Banana Carrot Muffins

Posted: 03/21/2014

A favorite recipe of mine that Nicole makes often. I find them delicous with the plus of having a ready made breakfast for the week. For those of us that need to food prep this is a great recipe!

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The Power of Habits

Posted: 02/19/2014

Quick book review on how you can make your habits work for you not against you!

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Superbowl Salsa and Pita Chips

Posted: 01/31/2014

This classic dish is not only light on calories but also very yummy!

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Chickpea Pancake with Broccoli and Eggplant

Posted: 01/14/2014

We'd like to thank our hard working clients for a gem of a recipe!

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Halloween Baked Apples with Worms

Posted: 10/30/2013

Get your children to eat some healthy fruit! Just in time for Halloween

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