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Hidden Calories!

Posted By: Justin Tate on 11/03/2011

I know that losing weight and feeling better about our bodies is always a constant thought.  I have heard over the past few years numerous issues about not losing weight fast enough or not fitting into your clothes.  Getting on the work-out wagon is only half of the battle when it comes to complete fitness.  Nutrition is just as important.  I know most of you keep a food log, but how honest are you with yourself when you write down what you are eating?  I am not pointing my finger at anyone, but I just want to make people aware of the hidden calories in certain foods we eat every day.  Many of the foods I’m going to list are in small amounts, if those all add up, it can prevent you from reaching your goals.

1.       Butter on your toast- 40 calories

2.       Ketchup- 15 calories (let’s be honest…we all use way more than one tablespoon too)  This could be more like 90 calories

3.       Half and half- 30 calories

4.       Sugar in your coffee- 10 calories

5.       Mayonnaise (even just a smidge)- 100 calories.  Just stay away from this stuff!!!!!

6.       Oil and vinegar on your sandwich- 50 calories

7.       Feta cheese on a salad- 50 calories

8.       Tablespoon of grated Parmesan on a sandwich or salad- 25 calories

9.       Sour cream- 30 calories

10.   That handful of m&m’s in the candy jar- 75 calories

I know you might think that some are very low in calories, but remember that most don’t adhere to serving size.  Usually it is much more than the standard serving.  If one of those things are a staple in your diet I would suggest cutting it out or really making sure you are just having the correct serving size.

I challenge all of you to actually measure EVERYTHING you eat for a few days.  I know it might take 5 more minutes out of your day, but I also know that those 5 minutes are worth it if you lose an extra 5 pounds.

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