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Top 4 Ways to Sneak Fitness in on Game Day

Feb 3, 2016 Fitness Tips

The countdown to the Big Game has begun. You’ve got everything ready to go for your family and friends. TV warmed up and showing the pregame coverage – check.  Impressive array of dips, chips, appetizers, and a multitude of beverages – check.  Comfy sofa primed for the four-hour marathon of football excellence – check.  As you run through your must-have checklist, you realize that there is actually very little about this big Sunday that supports the healthy habits you’re working so hard to develop and maintain. Hours of sitting, eating, and drinking? It doesn’t sound half bad, unless you are striving for a lifestyle of moving more and eating less and/or smarter. You can almost see your sweaty workout sessions and careful meal planning going down the drain as you face bowls of chips and cheese dip and platters of wings and brownies. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Find New Strength This Year — Benefits of Proper Strength Training

Jan 27, 2016 Fitness Tips

Reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and burning more calories are all goals we have when we workout, right? Proper strength training can help you with each of these goals. Strength training isn’t just for men and women and body builders who “pump iron,” there are many benefits to your overall health and fitness from proper strength training. 

Have a Nutritious 2016 — Nutrition Together® Can Lead the Way

Jan 20, 2016 Fitness Tips

Everyone says they want to eat healthier, but do you know how to do it? Do you know what types of food are your weakness? Do you know what types of food you really like that are actually healthy? Eating healthy is more than cutting back on fatty foods and eating less sugar. Being nutrition-conscious requires a lifestyle change that results in you changing a few habits. Here are a few steps to take when changing your eating habits to become healthier. 

January is Weight Loss Awareness Month – Benefits of One-on-One Personal Training

Jan 13, 2016 Fitness Tips

Each January we all give ourselves a reality check. Perhaps it is because it’s the start of the New Year and we tend to think about our health and set new goals for ourselves. So it’s not surprising that January is also Weight Loss Awareness Month, making it the perfect month to start a safe weight loss program and kick start a healthier lifestyle. One of the best ways to meet your weight loss goals is to hire a personal trainer for one-on-one personal training sessions. 

Exercises for Glutes!

Samantha Fredricks - Certified Personal Trainer Jan 7, 2016 Strength

Exercises for Glutes I’ve had several clients recently looking to improve the shape and size of their butt.  Below are a list of exercises that can focus on legs and glutes.  If you are ever unsure of how to properly do a certain exercise, be sure and ask your trainer.  And remember, resistance training should be done to the whole body, not just one muscle...

You’ve Made the Resolution to Get Fit — How A Personal Trainer Will Help

Jan 6, 2016 Fitness Tips

It’s week one of your New Year’s Resolution. What are you going to do? Have you thought about talking to a personal trainer? If you are really serious about changing your life and getting fit in 2016, a personal trainer can help you along the way. 

How to Make a Reasonable New Year’s Resolution

Dec 23, 2015 Fitness Tips

As you're planning for next year, you are most likely thinking of a New Year’s Resolution. Some of the most common resolutions focus on getting in shape or losing weight. We’ve all probably had one of these resolutions, but how many times do you achieve your resolutions? If you have trouble, here are some tips to accomplish your fitness New Year’s Resolution.

Overtraining Information

Fitness Together Dec 16, 2015 Cardio

Exercise has so many incredible health benefits.  Too much exercise, however, has many negative effects on the body.  Overtraining can occur if a person doesn’t allow any time for rest and recovery or if a person starts an aggressive exercise regimen with no previous training. Signs of overtraining may include, but are not limited to, elevated resting heart...

The Importance of Stretching in Cold Weather

Dec 16, 2015 Fitness Tips

Do you love to get outside to run or workout? Don’t let the cold temperatures slow you down. Make sure that you properly stretch your muscles to help you avoid any unwanted injuries. Follow these simple stretching tips and get on with your workout safely. 

How to Relieve Holiday Stress with a Trip to the Gym

Dec 9, 2015 Fitness Tips

The holidays are a hectic time when it comes to schedules. Your calendar fills up fast with visitors, holiday parties and family obligations — and that’s on top of work. In the midst of the chaos, be sure to make time for YOU! By hitting the gym for regular workouts, your body will break cycles of stress and help engage a positive one.

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