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Our Staff

Get to know our friendly Fitness Together Personal Training Staff at Dunwoody

Russ Yeager CFT, CPA, IBNFC Nutrition Coach

Owner, Dunwoody Fitness Together

Whether it was basketball, weight training, karate, or mountain biking, Russ has always had a passion for fitness. Russ has a BSBA and a Masters in Accountancy from Auburn University. He earned his CPA at the age of 23 and has eight years of experience working in both public and private accounting. In 2002, Russ was named Class Champion in an International Physique Transformation Contest. It was during this event when Russ realized his calling was to help others enjoy the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In 2003, Russ launched his website and has helped thousands of people all over the world lose body fat, get stronger, healthier, and increase energy for family, friends, and business. In 2006, Russ decided to combine his passion for fitness and his business background to create an exclusive one-on-one personal training studio in Atlanta, GA. This vision became a reality when Russ teamed up with Fitness Together, the world leader in personal training, and opened Fitness Together in December 2006.

In just over 1 year Russ expanded to a second location and now has what he calls a "Dream Team" of fitness coaches ready to serve and motivate individuals looking to live longer, look better, and feel amazing!

Russ is certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), and also holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Russ is a writer for Natural Muscle Magazine and has appeared in American Health and Fitness Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Ironman Magazine, and Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine. He is also the author of Russ Yeager’s Complete Physique Training DVD, which has instructed and motivated men and women across the United States and Internationally. Russ takes a comprehensive approach to personal fitness and stresses the importance of nutrition, consistency, and motivation in addition to regular exercise. He feels that these three factors are the missing pieces of the puzzle that prevent most individuals from achieving their health and fitness goals. If you are ready to make a change, Russ and his knowledgeable friendly staff of Dunwoody Personal Trainers are here to help you become the best you can be.

Chauncey McGee, CPT, IBNFC Nutrition Coach

Dunwoody Co-Manager, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

“My passion for health and fitness developed at the young tender age of 10.” says Chauncey. “My mom and I realized that I was blessed with athletic ability and therefore my relationship with sports was born.” Chauncey’s outlook on life since then has been one that reflects living one day at a time and living that day at the highest quality possible. He believes that one’s health status is their biggest investment for themselves and loved ones. With an optimistic mindset and a burning desire for health, Chauncey McGee can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Chauncey has yet to meet a client he could not motivate with his high energy, passion, and genuine concern for the well being and health of others. Bachelors of Science- Murray State University ACE- CPT

Chauncey has been a Dunwoody Personal Trainer at Fitness Together for 6 years.

Damien Allen, IBNFC Nutrition and Fitness Coaching/ISSA CFT

Dunwoody Fitness Consultant and Nutrition Coach

Physical fitness and proper nutrition is not just a way of life for Damien, it is his reason for life. Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a non-contagious hereditary lung disease at the tender age of 13 months doctors gave a bleak outlook for his survival. With his mother’s love and support he was able to beat the current odds.

Through physical fitness Damien was able to develop a strong relationship with himself. That relationship has allowed him to listen to what his body needs and take care of it. Fitness and proper Nutrition has enabled Damien to thrive and surpass current life expectancy, proving you are only limited by the limitations you put on yourself. “You have to be able to visualize your achievement in order for it to manifest” See it and, you will achieve it is his belief.

The journey in pursuit of his own fitness and nutritional goals and the development of his personal relationship inspired him to help others reach their fitness and nutritional goals and experience that journey as well. He believes that relationship allows you to have more fulfilling relationships personally, professionally and spiritually.

Damien currently holds a certification in nutrition through IBNFC (International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching), and is currently enrolled in, and will complete his Personal Trainer Certification in the fall of 08 through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Damien has been the nutrition and strength and conditioning coach for some of the Atlanta Xplosion, Atlanta’s semi-pro female full contact football team. Although he enjoys combining both his love of fitness and nutrition, and football he enjoys working with those who are embarking on their fitness goals as novices and for their fist time. “It is never too late to start, and the best time is now”

Damien has been a Dunwoody Personal Trainer at Fitness Together for 6 years.

Raj Foster, CPT, FT Nutritional Coach

Dunwoody Fitness Consultant and Nutrition Coach

Raj’s passion for fitness began with his determination to excel in high school athletics. Being a five-foot one-hundred pound 8th grader, many thought he simply did not have the frame to withstand the pounding of playing high school football. He consistently gave maximum effort in a program that led him to being team MVP and playing college football.  It was then he realized that health and fitness would always be a major part of his life.  He later used his sports performance knowledge to develop scholar athletes as a high school strength and conditioning coach.  After his time helping young men achieve their sports goals, Raj decided to use his gift to assist and motivate people from all walks of life.  He became an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified Personal Trainer and discovered his ideal career path.  “When you love your job, you never feel like you’re at work!”  Raj uses up-tempo circuit training to get results.  “I love to help people succeed.”

Raj has been a Dunwoody Personal Trainer at Fitness Together for 4 years.

Eli Mazer, CPT, FT Nutritional Coach

Dunwoody Co-Manager, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Eli Mazer is a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer and a 2009 graduate of Hofstra University in Long Island, NY, where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Community Health. His interest in health and wellness began at an early age when he tragically lost his mother to lung cancer. Her devotion to fitness inspired him to choose a career path that would help others develop a healthy lifestyle which improves their overall quality of life and empowers them to positively affect those closest to them.

Eli has been a competitive wrestler since the age of 10 and continued with this passion throughout his college years. He founded the Hofstra University Intercollegiate Wrestling Club and served as its president, captain, and assistant coach for three years. He lead the team to an appearance in the NCWA National Tournament in the first year of its operation and recruited 20+ members to its ranks during his tenure. Eli has also served as the strength and conditioning coach for North Springs High School. Wrestling has served to both enhance Eli's natural leadership skills and supplement his knowledge of personal training and nutrition.

Eli's philosophy is based on honesty, hard work, and dedication. His first priority is to effectively and consistently communicate personal concern and care to his clients, demonstrate respect for each individuals needs, and convince them that fitness is a full-time commitment in which you only get out what you put in. As a trainer, he believes in being a positive role model for his clients, and pushes himself to uphold the highest standards in fitness and nutrition

Eli has been a Dunwoody Personal Trainer at Fitness Together for 2 years.

Marcus Young, CPT, FT Nutritional Coach

Dunwoody Fitness Consultant and Nutrition Coach

Though his athletic accomplishments, Marcus has realized the correlation between living a healthy, active lilifestyle and leading a productive life.  He has been involved in organized sports from the time he was a young child growing up in New York.  While a student at Bishop Kearney high school in Rochester, he was named an All-State quarterback and cornerback.  He also led his high school basketball team to the state championships.  

His athletic abilities earned him a scholarship to Alabama A & M University.  While attending A & M, he was a member of his school's SWAC Championship team and led A & M to it's first appearance in the NCAA tournament.  He carries on the Bulldog tradition of excellence by coaching his son's basketball and football leagues.

Fitness and healthy living have allowed Marcus to overcome many obstacles in his life and achieve many of his major accomplishments.  He truly believes, "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."  With an enthusiastic attitude and an athlete's conviction, Marcus believes anyone can accomplish anything as long as they are committed to achieving their goals.

After graduating from A & M, Marcus worked at Huntsville Hospital as a Performance Specialist, assisting people with achieving their fitness goals.  Working with top notch high school athletes and physical therapy patients there has been no client that he has not met the challenge with.  He uses creative methods and adapts to his client's needs to ensure they receive results.  Marcus has been a fitness trainer now for over 4 years.  An avid believer in hard work and dedication, Marcus lives by the quote, "Without struggle, there is no progress".  

Jonathan Cassady, CPT, FT Nutrition Coach

Dunwoody Fitness Consultant and Nutrition Coach

Jonathan Cassady is a certified personal trainer from the National Exercise Science Training Association. He attended LaGrange College from 2008 to 2012, weighing in at 115 pounds at six feet tall his freshman year. Having never worked out or been active in sports, Jonathan was “the skinny kid” and wanted to change that. It was during his time at LaGrange College that he began working out with a friend. After noticing results in his physique quickly, he relentlessly pursued all knowledge about muscles, fitness, and nutrition.

Within his first year of working out, he had gained 25 pounds of muscle and a very healthy hobby. In 2009 a local gym in LaGrange recruited him to become a certified personal trainer. While working as a personal trainer and pursuing a college degree, Jonathan managed to put on 70 pounds of muscle by the end of his senior year in 2012. His transformation has inspired clients into believing that a drastic change in their body is definitely achievable.

Jonathan has worked as a personal trainer in LaGrange, Macon, Athens, and Atlanta. He has been a certified personal trainer for 4 years.

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