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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.

Amy and Nissa

Amy Marquis

"I started coming to Fitness Together in May of 2012 because I was finally ready to make a change.  I started out with one on one with Nissa and she is GREAT!  I moved to a pack which has been fun and motivating.  I have tried many other times to eat better and lose weight and with Nissa and Bryce's help I keep coming and am motivated to continue.   The things that keep me coming back for more are that my arms have definition and I feel healthier and stronger than ever before."

Paul and Owner Bryce

Paul Wittrock

"I have always been active and have done my best to stay in shape.  I've had gym memberships almost continuously for 25 years.  I got my cardio from trail running or the various indoor equivalents.  I skied 10 days or so a year.  I am naturally thin.  Weight training in my case allowed me to maintain strength as I aged but was completely ineffective when it came to building muscle mass. By the time I hit 50 I was resigned to the fact that I was behind the fitness curve and likely to stay there.  I was finding it increasingly difficult to ski, it was certainly less enjoyable.  Other cardio dependent activities, like driving race cars, were suffering as well. Fortunately we were able to move to DVR. My commute dropped from 2 hours per day to 35 minutes.  I found I had time on my hands to get a bit more exercise.  I started riding mountain bikes in the local hills and my cardio started to come back, a bit.  Weight training remained ineffective. One day I dropped into Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch w/ my wife.  One hour with the highly trained personal trainers convinced both of us that a good trainer could push us, in a positive sense, where neither of us would go on our own.  Even though I considered myself reasonably fit for my age I soon found out how much I could improve. So now I can ski again, from chutes in Utah to glaciers in Chamonix.  I can race in three layers of flame retardant clothing in 105F heat and barely break a sweat, beating people less than half my age.  I can ride my mountain bike longer and faster.  I've see significant improvement in my resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, posture, and energy.  And I even added some muscle, without adding weight.  And they said it couldn't be done."

Lynn Tadlock

"A little over a year ago my friend Debbie Herwaldt told me about this great gym in Newbury Park. I live in TO and questioned whether the drive from my house made this gym a good choice.  50 lbs later it has been well worth the drive.  The trainers are the reason I make the trip 3 days a week.  I am stronger and fitter because of Fitness Together."  

Tim Mccallion

"Just over a year ago I began training at Fitness Together. What a difference a year makes! I have greatly improved both my strength and endurance. As a result I feel a lot better about myself. Under the watchful eye of General Manager Bryce Klenck, and the other outstanding FT Trainers, I have increase the number of pushups and sit-ups I can do by about five times. After an initial increase in weight ( which they tell me is a result of fat being converted into muscle) I have had a gradual, steady decrease in weight. More importantly to me, I have lost over three inches in my waist size. Once again I can wear polo shirts without fear of embarrassment. Friends and family who haven't seen me in a while comment that I "look good". The time and money I have spent at Fitness Together is one of the greatest investments I have ever made."

Bonnie Maytorena

“The changes in my body within just a few weeks are truly amazing.  I have lost pounds , inches, gained strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and a state of well-being that I have not had in such a long time.  What a great incentive to keep going.”


John Needham

"I joined Fitness Together eight months ago and it's been a great experience. Within the first few weeks, in addition to losing weight, I felt much stronger and noticed significant improvement in stability and endurance.  Having a scheduled appointment helps me keep the commitment to exercise and maintain healthy habits.  Bryce is professional and enjoyable to work with and I look forward to our workout sessions, they’re hard work but Fitness Together makes it fun!"

Ralph H.

"Prior to considering Fitness Together, I had tried almost every diet and fitness program available. Unfortunately, each time I would eventually slip back into my previous lifestyle of poor eating along with little/no exercise. Over the past year Fitness Together has been instrumental in keeping me focused and committed to achieving my goals. Without a doubt Fitness Together and specifically my trainer Bryce have kept me accountable as well as motivated to continue along my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Today my life is 110% different because I'm no longer worried about when I'm going to start eating better or start exercising, because FT has helped make this a part of my everyday life."

Grateful FT Client, Ralph

Vanessa De Vere

"I began training with FITNESS TOGETHER DOS VIENTOS RANCH simply because I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. Well, I have I lost weight and have received more compliments on my appearance than I could count.  I have increased my lean muscle mass and reshaped my body. Working with FITNESS TOGETHER has GREATLY improved my overall health. As a mom of two kids, I would always catch whatever bug my kids brought home...not anymore! My immune system has dramatically strengthened, my blood pressure is down, my energy is high and my stress level has dropped. The work I have done with FITNESS TOGETHER has carried over into all areas of my life. I am more balanced emotionally and physically, more productive at work, and less tired at the end of the day. FITNESS TOGETHER is a program that will bring change from the inside out. I am AMAZED at the results I have seen and am so grateful for programs like FITNESS TOGETHER that take a holistic approach to your individual health, fitness and well-being."

Robin Parker

"One of the best decisions I made was stopping by FITNESS TOGETHER DOS VIENTOS RANCH to inquire about their program. Because of FITNESS TOGETHER DOS VIENTOS RANCH I am now focused on my commitment to becoming healthy and Fit.  The trainers provide great support and encouragement and I can honestly say I truly look forward to my sessions." 

Brigid Ortega

"I am the mother of two boys, 4 years and 10 months old. I thought I was happy with the way I looked until I saw a picture of myself and I couldn't believe it.  In my mind I thought I was thinner!Life was just getting busier and busier, and before I knew it the scale kept going in the wrong direction.  I knew if I didn't start something soon I would just keep getting worse. Thankfully my husband recommended that I go see his trainer at Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch and start doing something that keeps me accountable. I am thrilled to say it is working!! Fitness Together is helping me reach my goals with reality and success. My energy level has improved,my eating habits are with more thought, and the best result is that the inches and the weight are coming off!  My boys are full of energy and Fitness together has helped me to keep up with them! 

If there is a "skinny gene", I don't have it, but Fitness Together is the next best thing! I knew I had to do something, so I started to workout on my own...which didn't work because I always had an EXCUSE."  

Chris Graham

"When I decided to make a lifestyle change to focus on getting back in shape, I knew I needed someone to show me the way and keep me motivated.  With the help of Fitness Together in Dos Vientos Ranch, a program was designed to help me meet my goals.  Bryce and Nichole both know when to push me a little bit harder, and it has been that gentle push that encourages results and keeps me coming back for more.   Not only have I lost ten pounds, ten inches and three percent bodyfat, but I have increased both my strength and flexibility.  I am doing workouts I would not have done on my own and seen my performance help increase my push-up count from zero to twenty-five.  I have started running and seen the distance on my golf shots improve tremendously."

Ralph Larson

"I have worked with Bryce and the FT team for over two years. It has been great. It has not been just a physical improvement but a mental one as well. The workouts were key to getting me through one of the worst periods of my life with the lose of my beloved wife in 2008. Many times the workouts were the only thing that I had to look forward to during those stressful and difficult days. They improved my outlook and kept me on a more even path. In 2009, my overall fitness greatly improved as well as my mental state. Proudly, I was able to do more pushups (64) than my age (57) during my last fitness evaluation. Great stuff. Best of all, I feel I can call Bryce a friend and the rest of the FT team great people. Thank you for all that you've given me."

Jeff Apregan

"Although I had wanted to get into shape for a long time, I just couldn’t seem to get into a consistent program on my own. I definitely needed the structure and a cohesive plan. Fitness Together provided the perfect solution for me. My trainer, Bryce Klenck, developed a program that was right for me and with his help, I was able to meet and exceed my objectives. I highly recommend Fitness Together for any busy professionals that want to maximize results in a concentrated period of time."

Adam Harn

"In my first seven months at Fitness Together I lost 45 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. I’ve also built significant muscle tone and I feel better than ever. Training at Fitness Together has been key to my success. My trainer knows my limits and when to push them as well as what my goals are and personalizes a plan to get me there. The personal attention and the comfortable atmosphere at Fitness Together are invaluable. This is the best investment I’ve ever made in my own health."

Deeann De La Rosa

"Fitness Together has helped me to establish/reach fitness, weight, and cardio goals.  FT's personal trainer sat down with me to assess my fitness level then worked with me to develop a set of goals.  I have been able to increase my cardio ability and set reasonable goals to meet.  I have also been able to increase my overall strength which adds to my stamina and feeling of well being.  The one piece that really has been essential is the Nutrition Together component.  Sitting down with a trainer to discuss how the food I put into my body and the amounts I eat affects my training and overall well-being has been most important.  If I am not fueled properly I cannot be effective in my training and weight loss.  By learning what things I should be eating to maintain a healthy balance I can train more effectively and reach my weight loss goals."

Stinne Trudeau

"As a full time working mom of two active boys, it was nearly impossible to squeeze a work-out of any kind into my daily schedule.  Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch was the perfect way for me to focus on my fitness goals.  The trainers at Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch are professional and knowledgeable and have the unique ability to keep their clients motivated.  My work-out routine is different every time, which keeps it fun and challenging.  I am well on my way to meeting my fitness goals thanks to Fitness Together DVR.  I am so happy I made that first phone call."

Ally Rose

I have always wanted to work out and be fit-however, i am that person-- the one who

1. signed up for the gym membership and never went

2. bought several treadmills and stair climbers for home use,used for a short time and never again

3. bough every as seen on tv gimmick

4.even bought an expensive home gym-hired in home personal trainers - all to no avail.I never stuck with any of it-- 

Then I moved to Dos Vientos in april 2012. I drove by fitness together a few times and one day i just decided to see what it was all about-I found the gym inviting, for the first time I did not feel intimidated.when I first started each trainer was very understanding of my physical limits- (due to prior injuries)- my overall lack of fitness- and frustration with the same.They knew exactly how to train me- and to make me feel comfortable- and push me to just the right limits.I am about 2 months into my training and for the first time ever I look forward to going to the gym.I have not only lost weight and inches but most importantly my overall health is improved. I plan to continue my training with fitness together.......well into the future.

Vicki Wittrock

Vicki, a retired 60 year old accountant, came to Fitness Together Dos Vientos Ranch with a history of heart disease and high blood pressure, and wanting to change her exercise and eating patterns to improve her health.  Vicki has lost 37+ pounds, 7.7 inches off her waist and 7.4 inches off her hips.  Her cholesterol has lowered more than 20 points and is continuing to improve her health as she continues her program.  She is now able to start doing things she used to outdoors, like hiking, biking and gardening.  Her back pain and aches in various joint of her body lessened as she continues to lose weight and gain lean mean muscle mass.  She is looking forward to getting into that swimsuit and exercising in the great outdoors

Sheila Gebo

"I am pleased with the changes in my body posture and have gained physical strength."  She also says," Fitness Together's knowledge and experience with proper form and effective exercise routines to maximize results makes me want to work harder on achieving my goals. Better eating habits and working out is my new lifestyle!"


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