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How Busy Families Eat Healthy

Apr 27, 2016

You pull up to your daughter’s 6:30pm soccer practice, and as she bounds out of the car, she has to stop and pick up a few fast food wrappers that floated out of the car along with her. You’ve been known to feed your kids dry cereal, straight out of the box, for more than one meal.  Your son has every drive-through restaurant’s kids’ menus memorized, along with the complimentary toys that are featured each month. Your car has a constant underlying odor of French fries. These aren’t signs of poor parenting or a lack of nutritional concern, but rather a simple sum when families mix active schedules with hungry mouths at dinnertime. Though difficult, healthy eating on the run is far from impossible. We’d like to offer a few real-life ideas, for real-life, busy, hungry families.

Tips For Keeping Stress At Bay

Apr 19, 2016

April is National Stress Awareness Month and according to a study 77% of us regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Given that so many of us fall victim to the ugly side effects of stress we’d like to offer a few tips to nip this unpleasant emotion in the bud.

Feeling a little Taxed?

Apr 12, 2016

Even if you’ve got the hang of tax season and can run the online quick tax programs in your sleep, chances are that it’s still no walk in the park. If you’re like most Americans, Tax Day can leave you feeling a little tense.

World Health Day - April 7th

Apr 5, 2016

Given the vast variances, the World Health Organization has their work cut out for them in their yearly task of dedicating one global health concern to be its focus for World Health Day. Since its induction in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named April 7th as World Health Day; a specified day to call attention to a world-wide health issue of immediate concern.

Fatigue Busted! Get Moving to Beat this Beast

Mar 22, 2016

“I am way too tired to exercise.” Those words are SO familiar.  In the moment, when you decide to pull on pajamas instead of your workout clothes and reach for the hot chocolate instead of your water bottle, the idea seems like the right thing to do – the very perfect solution for your fatigue. However, as illogical as it may sound, it’s likely that a heartrate-raising, muscle-pumping workout may be just the boost your energy level needs. 

Great Drills To Get You Back On The Court

Mar 15, 2016

Thanks to those New Year’s resolutions, you’ve started to get your act together, health-wise. So why not use the motivation mojo you’ve already built, look to those college kids on the courts for inspiration, and incorporate a little basketball-inspired fitness into these March Madness weeks?

Nutrition Tips for Before and After your Workout

Mar 8, 2016

Before your sweat-session, go ahead and snack on some carbohydrates. This often-villainized food group is necessary to properly fuel your muscles.  Carbohydrates get stored as glycogen, which your body calls on to endure through that last set of reps, or final cardio sprint.  When the glycogen is depleted, we’re fatigued and have “hit the wall.” 

5 Tips to Get Back On Track With Your Resolutions

Mar 2, 2016

Have you gotten off track with your New Year's resolutions already? We have 5 tips to get you back on track and reaching those goals.

Just One More

Feb 24, 2016

With the anomalous Leap Day right around the corner, the whole world is essentially given the gift of an entire extra day.  On this extra day, if you could fit “just one more” of something into your life this year, what would you choose?  Let us help you brainstorm.

5 Facts That Might Surprise You About Your Heart

Feb 17, 2016

During American Heart Month, we like to pause to pay homage to this tireless organ who keeps us alive by endlessly working every minute of every day. To celebrate the heart, we’d like to share some facts about your heart that might surprise even you, Hearty Smarty.

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