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Try this simple step to increase weight loss

Posted By: Scott Baumann, co-owner Fitness Together Miami on 04/18/2011

The easiest thing you can do to speed up your fat loss and improve your athletic performance is to increase your water intake. Most people are chronically dehydrated and this can cause both mental and muscular fatigue and overeating. How can this cause overeating? Dehydration causes overeating because often the brain will misinterpret the signal for water as a signal for food. The body has a greater need for water than it does for food, but we tend to reach for food first. So when you need water but eat a bagel, your body is not satisfied and will continue to send you the "signal" for water. If you are interpreting that signal as hunger, you will most likely eat even more and yet still be left feeling hungry. If, in fact, you had gone for a large glass of water first, you may have found that all you needed was that and saved yourself from an additional 400 calories that you did not need. What's more, being hydrated will immediately improve your energy, stamina and mental focus. And the best part? It is FREE and anyone can do it! So go out and get a nice, large BPA (nasty chemical) free container and bring it with you to work, in the car, etc. to make sure that you have water with you at all times and drink up! 

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