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FT Miami Giving Back to the Community!

Posted By: Gabriel Lamas on 03/24/2014

Health and fitness is extremely imporatnt for improving quality of life, longevity as well as providing a great mental catharsis. Unfortunately, many children do not get taught about health and fitness at a young age. Not only has our society has become very sedentary but often times the cheapest and easiest choice when it comes to nutrition is high calorie, high processed junk/fast food. Its not a coindidence more than 1 in 5 adolescents is obese. 

FT Miami is dedicated to giving back to the community and teaching kids that health and fitness can be fun and an important part of their life. One of the aspects that FT truly dedicates itself to is giving back to underprivileged youth. We recently partnered with a great organization called Carrfour, that provides housing and rehabilitative services to homeless families. This gave us the great opportunity to provide a health and fitness seminar as well as a fun group workout to all the kids! 

It is, unfortunately, too easy for kids whose families are in tough financial situations to feel as though they cannot prioritize their own health. Fast food is easy and cheap and gym memberships can be expensive. What we taught the kids at Carrfour is that exercising can be free and fun and that eating healthy can taste good and does not mean costing a lot of money, either. 

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It was very touching to work with such a great group of kids, teaching them how to have fun while improving their health!

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