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Meet Mari: Starting her New Year's Revolution!

Posted By: Gabriel Lamas on 12/11/2013

Sometimes you can’t wait until a New Year to begin a healthy lifestyle, and so was the case for Maria Quinonez.  Mari had seen her mother deal with diabetes. When the doctor told her that unless she lost weight she was heading in the same direction Mari sprung into action.


“After having my second child, I was a size 14.  I went on a fad diet with pills and went down to a size 8.”  However, that didn’t last and with her third and final pregnancy, Mari gained weight again and found herself at a size 22.  It’s the desire to be healthy for her seven-year old child, and wanting to feel better about herself that motivates Mari to come to Fitness Together three times a week. 


As Mari has not been active for several years, her routine consists of light resistance training.  Each week we add a bit more weight and increase the amount of cardio she does. Our goal right now is to build a solid fitness foundation.


Her results have been promising: in less than three weeks she has lost 11 pounds and survived Thanksgiving! Mari has been consistent in her sessions and is learning what and how to eat from our nutritionist.  She knows it will be a long journey but tells us that with each session, she feels stronger and this motivates her to keep coming back.  Well done Mari!  You are an example of not waiting for the New Year to finally make the changes you’ve been thinking about. 

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