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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.

Jackie C.

82 Years Young

Dear Stacy:  

In my opinion FT is the best!  The facility and the equipment are spotless.  Scheduling is easy and flexible.  The staff is competent, friendly, patient, encouraging and supportive.   My trainer, who is the most knowledgeable I have ever worked with, offers sessions that are specifically designed to meet my needs.  Within one month, my balance and upper body strength improved considerably.  The trainer works with me to develop exercises I can do on my own between sessions in the gym. And, I am never treated like the 82-year-old I am.

Thank you for being there and running a terrific place,


W. Leighton Haynes

I Got My "Swerve" Back!


Dear Friends,


At 51 years old, I’ve enjoyed vigorous physical activity all my life – including basketball, football, baseball, running track and the occasional bar-room brawl! However, I recently began to suffer chronic knee pain due to joint problems that date back to my early teenage years. The pain was severe enough that even walking and climbing stairs became a hassle. 

I decided to enlist the crew at Fitness Together to help me reclaim my “swerve!” They worked with me to create a customized training regimen designed to alleviate the knee pain so I could resume full-intensity workouts and an active lifestyle. 

I especially appreciate the dedicated efforts of my primary training consultant,

Jill Hansen. Jill led me through a six-week full-body conditioning program that produced impressive results:

  • Eliminated the pain and stiffness in my knees
  • Lost 5 lbs. of body fat and 2 inches on my waist
  • Noticeably increased my muscular strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Elevated my mood, mental clarity and overall sense of vitality   

As a full-time graduate student with a full-time job and variable work schedule, I recognize that mental and physical fitness is essential to my quality of life.  I’m grateful to Jill and her colleagues for their expert guidance in improving my health and well-being. After thoroughly researching my condition, they developed a training program that targeted my specific fitness goals and complemented my busy schedule. Jill planned and carefully supervised all of my workouts; and was consistently knowledgeable, concerned, energetic, enthusiastic, and devoted to my success.  She not only showed me how to execute an optimal full-body workout with correct form, but also researched and identified a therapeutic knee sleeve that has upgraded my entire fitness routine.

In summary, I highly recommend the Fitness Together experience for anyone who is committed to elevating their lifestyle through better health and fitness. Many thanks for your advice, encouragement and friendship!


Sincere best wishes,


W. Leighton Haynes   

Chris Farley

Personal Training helps Improve your Running Time!
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