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The Buddy Advantage: Enlist the Help of a Workout Buddy to Stay Strong, Fit this Holiday Season

Posted: 11/26/2012

The temptations of the holiday season – baked goods, candy canes, cocktail parties and large social gatherings centered on food – can lead you down the path of weight gain, irritability and inactivity during the cold, dark winter months. To overcome these temptations and stay focused on consistently working out and eating healthy during the holidays, you may need to enlist the help of a workout buddy. A workout buddy can help keep you motivated, dedicated and encouraged as you venture through the journey of living a healthy and fit lifestyle during the holidays and beyond.


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Eat Bell Peppers

Posted: 06/15/2012

Beautifully colored, this vegetable will truly brighten up your plate. A great source of vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, folic acid, and tons of powerful plant chemicals—bell peppers have been shown to help fight off disease. For a mere 45 calories, be sure to go for the lovely red, yellow and green versions.

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Write Down What You Eat

Posted: 06/12/2012

New Year’s Resolutions are a distant memory so now is the time to refocus and get back on track for bathing suit season. The single best tool at your disposal for helping you eat healthy, eat light and eat often is your accountability journal—you bite it, you write it!

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Drink unsweetened green iced tea

Posted: 06/06/2012

It’s June and baby it’s starting to get hot out there. Make sure to quench your heat wave thirst with green tea. You can purchase unsweetened green tea in bottles or brew a batch up yourself. Drinking green tea has been shown to raise metabolism as well as give you a powerful antioxidant boost. Sweeten with just a touch of sugar or artificial sweetener, a spritz of...

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Celebrate Men’s Health Week by Shedding Pounds, Building Muscle in a Small Group Class

Posted: 06/05/2012

As the mid-point of the year quickly approaches, are you becoming bored and unmotivated by the same old gym workout? Are you looking to add some variety in your fitness routine, but not sure where to start? Signing up for a small group fitness class with your spouse, co-workers or buddies could be the answer to jump start your summer physique, train for a summer endurance event...

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Kick Start Your Summer Body by Focusing on a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle

Posted: 05/31/2012

With the countdown to summer in full swing, it’s time to start focusing on a total body health and fitness routine. Whether struggling to shed the last few winter pounds, maintaining weekend warrior fitness levels or competing as an endurance athlete, everyone can benefit from a fit, healthy lifestyle built around brain wellness, body fitness and belly health. This month...

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Top Ten Bone-Building Foods and Exercises - National Osteoporosis Prevention month

Posted: 05/30/2012

Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Prevention Month? Take a minute to learn the best lifestyle strategies you can take to keep your bones healthy and strong. It is possible to eat and exercise your way to stronger bones! What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a Greek term meaning porous bones. Osteoporosis is an extremely disabling disease defined as thinning of bone...

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The Benefits of Daily Physical Activity

Posted: 02/29/2012

●      Reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation throughout the body ●      Keeps weight under control ●      Improves blood cholesterol levels ●      Prevents and manages high blood pressure ●      Prevents bone loss ●     ...

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Oatmeal! The Ultimate Power Breakfast.

Posted: 02/18/2012

You’ve heard it before: oatmeal protects the heart. And rest assured, the man on the Quaker oatmeal box isn’t lying — oatmeal is a whole grain, a type of plant food and complex carbohydrate that makes up the backbone of the heart-healthiest Mediterranean style of eating. Choosing whole grains as your main form of carbohydrate nourishment has been scientifically...

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Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Posted: 02/16/2012

Convinced you “can’t” run a marathon, or sprint at level 10 on that treadmill? … Are you sure about that?   Even if you have a physical challenge or condition that limits you in some way, most of us also create false boundaries for ourselves — “no-can-do’s” that are only in our heads. And more and more studies are showing...

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