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Fitness TogetherCapitol Hill
4 Blocks from Union Station
408 H Street NE
Washington, DC   20002
p. (202) 558-6486


Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
7:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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Personal Training Success Stories

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Journey to becoming the best me

I have thought a lot about the last 18 months and how far I have come.  I am pleased with the weight loss (22 lbs), gaining muscle tone, strength and the cardiovascular ability to run races (even a 10 mile race), but more importantly I have found a home at Fitness Together Capitol Hill.  The support and encouragement I have received here is unlike what I have ever experienced anywhere else.  The work is incredibly challenging but what I have learned on my journey to becoming the best me I can be makes it all worthwhile.


Scott C.

A worthwhile investment in your health

I joined Fitness Together (FT) reluctantly. My wife was already a member and she kept bugging me to stop by and at least do the free fitness assessment and talk to the trainers. I have access to a relatively inexpensive gym at work and just didn't see the point of this. "I can train myself," I thought. But I went for the assessment and signed up for 10 Saturday sessions. It was winter and I figured it would force me to get my lazy butt out of the house and go do something constructive.

But after the first couple of sessions, I realized I wasn't working myself that hard at my gym. The FT trainers kept pushing me. I remember thinking at the time: "You want me do what! You want me to do it how many times! Are you crazy! I can't do that!!!" But then I'd do it and feel rather proud of myself.

And I started feeling a difference.

So I upped my sessions from once a week to three times a week. The 45-minute sessions are usually a mix of cardio, legs, core and upper body. While they have weight machines, I've had sessions where we didn't touch those but would do classic exercises -- like push ups -- at more challenging angles that really made you feel the burn. (And I have done a bazillion sit ups and crunches in various versions).

The quantifiable results speak for themselves. I've lost 12 pounds, gained muscle, take my belt in one more notch and can donate my "fat-boy" jeans to the Salvation Army. But there are certain intangibles. I walk to work and I notice my posture has gotten better. My balance is better. I just feel better overall. And it made me realize that certain routines the trainers came up with that seemed kind've stupid at the time -- like doing arm curls while balancing on a bosu ball -- had real value and I would never have done those at my gym. Or even thought of them.

The trainers are a big part of this and, while there have been comings and goings among the staff since I joined, all of them work together to keep it interesting. I have rarely had the same routine twice in a row. And recently FT clients and a couple of the trainers -- Garet and Katya -- all got together on H Street to watch the World Cup final match -- I had a good time but GOD, soccer is boring -- so there's even a chance to make new friends.

All in all a worthwhile investment in your health.



My Transformation at FT

When I first joined FT, I thought I would concentrate on certain areas of my body, but instead the FT staff explained that a FT workout involves all muscles of the body, starting with the core muscles. Working out at FT has transformed my body! I can feel how the workouts have strengthened every part of my body, increasing energy, stamina and an overall sense of feeling good. At FT, the staff treats you like a part of a family; not just another client. They listen and remember what you tell them in order to maximize your workouts.

Kate B

Fitness At Any Age

Dear Alita,


I wanted to share my thoughts about how important Fitness Together is to me.  It's been nearly a year since I got your flyer in the mail and walked into your studio on H St. N.E.  And what a year it's been!!  I've worked with personal trainers before, but I wasn't sure what could be accomplished now that I'm in my 60s or if I would even stick with it.  I wanted to be physically stronger with improved flexibility and balance.  And, I wanted my "girlie" shape back.  You and your staff have given me that and much more.   Every FT trainer I've worked with has been expert and focused on my needs.  I especially appreciate the depth of knowledge and the variety of exercises that I'm provided.  I learn something new every time I'm there.  Most important, even though I may be "exhausted" from a workout, I'm never bored.  Slowly but surely, with your staff's patience and guidance, daily exercise has once again bec ome a part of my life.  I am most grateful!! Thank you.  Now if you could only come up with some exercises to make me taller!!



Melissa T

Back to my old self again


Wanda C.

Its worth it if you commit to it and work hard.

If you are looking for some up close and personal motivation, you have it here. It is a small business with 2 studios inside. Very quaint, but has all the equipment that is needed for the trainers to basically torture you. Lol. I think they enjoy it as well actually.

All the trainers are awesome, including the studio's owner, Alita. Olivia is a sweet heart but will definitely work you out (yup...still sore dear!), Katya will push you to your limit (Still hate push ups on the barbells!), Garet will make you love the Bosu Ball (I will pop one of those things one day...lol), and Alita will always push you to have a thorough workout...even when its 6am in the morning...that is Love right there lol. They know their stuff. They know about nutrition and will work with you on your weaknesses. It's pretty awesome.

I started in late February until mid May. So about 3 months, give or take, I have lost 15 pounds! WHOOHOO!! Do I look fly yet? Yup yup...I'm on my way there haha. All the trainers there are easy to get along with,they are fun and honest, plus it's not bad to have Garet as eye candy either (wink wink).

Its worth it if you commit to it and work hard. All in all, I learned a great deal and made huge changes in my normal routine (Yes Alita...I believe in breakfast now). Thanks you guys for everything. Much love always!!

Almost Perfect Abs

Paul Wharton

10 Week Body Trasnformation

Ok friends, fans and foes, I’m officially at the half way point in my total body makeover. I’ve been working out daily with my trainer Alita Brown of Fitness Together, eating the best food and cutting way back on sugar and other bad stuff.. get the full story below



Meredith M

From my very first workout at Capitol Hill Fitness together, I felt that the trainers were very invested in my success.  The personal workout and meal plans, which are reviewed often, were specifically designed to help me meet my fitness goals.  In addition, the food and exercise log books helps keep me accountable.  My training at fitness together gave me the strength and endurance I needed to complete my first half marathon.  Never before had I thought that I could complete a 13 mile run.  The personal service is unbeatable.  Last year, I went out of town and my trainer gave me a personalized workout plan for the week.

I recommend Fitness Together to everyone that I meet.  From beginners to advance workout junkies, I feel that they can develop a workout plan for you.

Happy Anniversary Fitness Together - Capitol Hill

Fitness Together – Capitol Hill Celebrates 1- Year!

Celebrating and Promoting Health and Fitness on the Hill


April 2008


Washington, DC – 20lbs, 18.5inches, and 5% body fat is what Elsa lost within her first 8 weeks at Fitness Together, the new personal training studio at 408 H Street NE. Fitness Together offers something this community hasn’t seen before – no lines, no waiting for equipment and no unwanted stares.  With private training suites and the full attention of a personal trainer, clients experience the Fitness Together motto of “1 Client – 1 Trainer – 1 Goal” and look and feel better than they ever have before.

            Fitness Together – Capitol Hill, is owned and operated by Alita Brown, an ISSA certified trainer for 3 years and an athlete for over 20 years.  “With a Fitness Together personal trainer, results come quickly because the client maximizes exercise time, follows an eating plan, sets goals and has the accountability one often needs to stay with an exercise program,” says Alita Brown owner of Fitness Together  “Our programs are unlike any other which guarantees results.  For the past year we have helped over 60 members of the Capitol Hill community meet their individual fitness goals. We are especially thankful to our clients and the Capitol Hill community, for continuing their commitment to healthy living during this challenging economic time. We are truly blessed to celebrate our first year and looking forward to many more within the community.”

For the past year the Fitness Together professionals have worked with clients of all ages, helping them to:

  • Lose excess body fat
  • Strengthen & tone muscles
  • ‘Tune-up’ for golf, tennis or any sport
  • Get a handle on high blood pressure, type II diabetes and other health issues
  • Prepare nutritious meals for the family

As stated by Alita Brown, “I am truly excited to be helping so many more people enjoy a better quality of life through positive health and fitness habits.”

As a business owner and leader in our great community, I am proud to have brought an upscale and positive service to our Capitol Hill community and will continue to promote healthy living for many years to come.  Please visit our website www.FTCapitolHill.com for package specials, client testimonials, and our calendar of events.  Contact us at 202-558-6486 or FTCapitolHill@fitnesstogether.com to schedule your initial consultation. 

Jennifer M

"I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  My only saving grace as a child was my mom kept me in dance, gymnastics, and swimming and the dance classes have continued to today.  As an adult, I knew I needed something that was going to push me in both strength and cardio training.  I went to a "regular" gym for awhile here in DC, but it was easy for me to not push myself in the classes or in "self" guided workouts.


What drew me to Fitness Together was the one-on-one training and nutritional guidance.  We all know that to lose weight and keep it off, one must exercise and eat correctly.  For me, the working out part, not easy at all, but when I am properly motivated, I go full out, so my issue has been (and still is) getting my head around eating correctly - NOT dieting.


I am slowly reaching the goals I have set for myself but for anyone wanting to lose weight, it must be something that you want for yourself - head and heart.  The Fitness Together trainers have been a great accountability to me both as physical trainers and in my nutritional goals."


John M.

They always keep me challanged beyond what I would do on my own.

At 67, I never knew I could feel this great.  The exercise I program I received at Fitness Together -Capitol Hill was most beneficial in helping me to strengthen my core, improve my balance, and imporve my overall fitness by 100%.  The trainers are execllent, patient, and very knowledgable.  They always keep me challanged beyond what I would do on my own. 

Thanks Fitness Together


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