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Fitness TogetherCapitol Hill
4 Blocks from Union Station
408 H Street NE
Washington, DC   20002
p. (202) 558-6486


Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
7:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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Our Staff

Get to know our friendly Fitness Together Personal Training Staff at Capitol Hill

Matsimela Ajani

Studio Operations Manager

Matsimela Ajani CPT, RYT, developed a passion for fitness at an early age. I grew up in a household watching my father pump iron in our basement gym, and my mother in her leotard and leg warmers “sweating to the oldies”. I was always an active child participating in many sports throughout school and also practicing various styles of martial arts. It was through all these culminating factors that I decided that a career in fitness would be the best path for me to follow. Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga alliance I’ve been helping to improve lives in the DMV areas for 7 years and counting. Still thirsty to learn more I am currently studying for the PES certification which will enable me to train with athletes at all levels.  I have plans on continuing my education to ensure that I am equipped with the best knowledge out there so that I can help people to live a healthy lifestyle.


Andrew Darin

Business Development Lead/Certified Personal Trainer


ACSM- Health Fitness Specialist, B.S. - Kinesiology, EMT - Basic, Kettlebell Athletics Coach, TRX Certified, PNF Stretching Certified, Kickboxing Instructor.

Experience & Philosophy:

Andrew found his entry into fitness by using it to help cure a chronic disease. At age  eight Andrew was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The condition was so bad they didn't think he would walk again. Over the years Andrew discovered that exercise and later diet was the key to his condition. To this day Andrew takes no medication and has zero symptoms of his autoimmune disease.

Andrew takes a movement based approach to exercise and fitness. He believes human beings are meant to not only exercise but play, run, crawl, lift objects, jump and move painlessly through a full range of motion. Andrew believes his purpose as a trainer and in life is to coach people to understand their full potential. He believes he can ignite the passion and motivation in individuals to better themselves holistically.

When you train with Andrew you can expect the session to be always changing, fun, filled with laughs and challenging. He can help you feel better, look better and be more confident in yourself. Andrew imparts the knowledge he holds to his clients so they have the confidence to be able to live a healthy life long after they are done training.

Favorite Quote:

"Move. Because you can. If you won't, you probably won't be able to. Use it or you are going to lose it. And it is going to be a bad day when you lose it."

- Ido Portal

Alita Brown

Personal Trainer/Owner/CEO

Alita moved to the Washington, DC area in 2001 and began to challenge her body by working with some of the top personal trainers in the DC area. Alita realized this wasn’t just a way to transform her body; focusing on her health and fitness allowed her to transform her mind. Pushing herself to her own physical limits showed Alita she could apply her athletic drive to her entrepreneurial spirit.  Alita soon found herself wanting to share with others her desire to reach her personal best, both physically and mentally.  

Having worked with DC’s top personal trainers for 6 years, Alita knew where her calling was leading her.  In 2006, Alita earned her Certification in Personal training from the International Sports Science Association. Putting her personal philosophy to work, in 2008, Alita opened her Personal Training Studio, Fitness Together – Capitol Hill.  Through Fitness Together, Alita provides one-on-one personal training and life coaching for her clients.  In the training room Alita helps others build strength physically and empowers them to make positive changes in their life. 

“My life is dedicated to helping and motivating others to use their own journey towards healthy living as a spring board in to the life they have always wanted,” shared Alita.  This mantra lead to the launch of her new company: Alita Brown’s Fit and Fabulous Living, an online fitness tool with resources to support women from the age of 30 and up to live a healthy lifestyle, using virtual coaching, exercise programming and nutritional planning.

Alita is a member of IDEA Fitness Health and Fitness Association and is studying for Certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (Spring 2011). Alita is equally passionate about being active in the community. In addition to volunteering with her church, local schools, and local non-profits, she is also a Board Member for CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce, and for H Street Main Street.

David Lange

Fitness Trainer

David moved to the Washington, DC area in January of 2011 and has just recently begun working with Fitness Together Capitol Hill.  A California native, David grew up playing basketball and volleyball.  In his time as a school athlete he was introduced to resistance and plyo-metric training.  As he progressed as an athlete he found that often it was this extra training, outside of normal practice hours, that gave him an edge on the competition.  No longer a competitive athlete, David now focuses on training that will keep him fit, active and healthy for years to come.

David attended California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo (a place which Oprah recently deemed the 'happiest city in America') where he graduated with a degree in English.  Soon after graduation he was married to the love of his life, Lindsay, and together they began adventuring through life together.  Their adventures have taken them from coast to coast in the USA and to the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Right now they are enjoying exploring all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful capital city and taking long walks through the cherry blossoms with their newly rescued dog, Sundance.

David is excited to be a part of the Fitness Together team, and his energetic, encouraging and joyful style of training should fit in perfectly!

Mike Holmes

Fitness Trainer

A native of Washington, DC , Mike Holmes is a graduate of Marymount University and Montgomery college where he played on the Men’s Basketball team. Mike has 15 plus years of experience in the fitness industry.  His expertise consists of not only athletic conditioning, senior fitness, post rehab, strength and conditioning, as well as Fitness Management.

Mikes Certifications include:
International Sports and Science
Personal Fitness Professionals
National Strength and Conditioning Association
IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Web M.D. Association
Spine Universe
Fitness Management Association
Lupus Foundation
ASFA Senior Fitness Instructor
Post Re-Hab
Sport Injury Clinic
Master Personal Trainer
National Exercise Trainers Association

Mike will bring the expertise you need in order to keep the team motivated, accountable, and trained appropriately.


Zackarias Kennedy

Fitness Trainer

Since his mother was diagnosed with cancer while he was in high school, Zacharias has been actively researching alternatives to the ways we go about healing our bodies. Upon discovering how beneficial exercise is to all the systems of the body, he began to search for the best ways to reach his peers and gain a position in which he could actually dispel a lot of the negative connotations which comes with the term (exercise). Personal training, which started as a hobby, became a part of his career focus and after finishing his degree in computer engineering he will be pursuing further education in biotechnology, and with the insight he gained working with clients, he's excited to work on technology which will benefit their health pursuits and aid trainers as well.

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