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Fitness TogetherCapitol Hill
4 Blocks from Union Station
408 H Street NE
Washington, DC   20002
p. (202) 558-6486


Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
7:00 AM - 2:30 PM

How is Fitness Together different?

The ultimate program to get back in shape so you feel and look your best

Fitness Together is a program that works. The results are astounding. Every day we help people just like you achieve their goals. But don't take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say:

Client Testimonials

Here is what we do to help you succeed where others fail.

Our successful formula has four key features:

  1. Exceptional personal training that combines enthusiasm, knowledge, care, personalization, accountability, and support.
  2. Fully equipped private workout suites for private sessions that maximize your time by eliminating distractions, not waiting for equipment and avoiding intimidation.
  3. The perfect combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training.
  4. A common sense nutrition program based on scientific truths that fuel positive changes and maximize results.

Each of these key features is critical to success, and nobody provides more effective personal training, completely private workout suites, or comprehensive nutrition program than Fitness Together.

Stop wasting time standing around in packed, steamy gyms!
Introducing completely private, fully equipped workout suites.

Most people go to local gyms and end up wasting time waiting for machines, but they still look and feel the same a few months later. Think about it; how many people do you know who bought a gym membership and look great one year later?

The truth is, most people simply don't know how to get a good workout. Even if they go to the gym regularly, they end up getting frustrated because they don't have the support and the know-how to get the results they want.

Fitness Together's program is completely different

Fitness Together has the perfect program to get you the results you want. In our private workout suites, there is no waiting and no wasted time. There is no embarrassment that sometimes comes from working out in front of others in a fitness club atmosphere. Each room is equipped with state of the art equipment and has all you'll ever need for your workout. We will always clean your suite thoroughly prior to your arrival.

In a private suite, every minute is purposeful and enjoyable. It's just you, your trainer, and your goals.

Top notch trainers

Whether or not you've been physically active, and whether or not you've ever worked with a personal fitness coach, your trainer will make sure that you are comfortable in the private suite environment. To ensure that you have a positive experience, your trainer will also see to it you feel emotionally and physically comfortable with every aspect of your workout regimen.

Ready To Work Out? Your Fully-Equipped, Private Suite Is Waiting.

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