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November Client of the Month

Nov 20, 2015 Client of the Month

Client of the Month: November Mary Beth Dynan   Training Frequency:  3 fun-filled Packs a week. Cardio Frequency:  If I’m training for a race, I run 4 times a week.  Otherwise 2-3 times a week.  I love walking, too, and try to get out during the workday for a walk a couple of times a week. Nutrition: Monday – Friday I eat healthy...

Adapting Your Outdoor Exercise Routine for the Fall Season

Oct 20, 2015 News

Here are a number of easy tips to helping you adapt your outdoor workouts to the cooler weather.  There is a tip in here for every one of you! Ask your personal trainers about how to get you moving during the upcoming colder months.

October Client of the Month: Arun Sharma

Oct 10, 2015 Client of the Month

Fitness Together has helped Arun to gain strength and buld muscle. He has learned the importance of proper nutrition to help him reach his goals. Keep up the great work, Arun!

10 Easy Ways to Find Time to Exercise

Marianne Magno Sep 18, 2015 Fit Fun

Here is ten easy ways to find time to exercise. Whether you are busy with the kids or with work, there is a tip in here for everyone. Ask your personal trainer about how to get you moving during your week.

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Sep 14, 2015 Fit Fun

Congratulations to everyone who finished Alex's Lemonade Stand 5K  Crush to End Childhood Cancer this past weekend down in Lexington! We have many clients who beat their personal records and new runners who completed their first 5K! Fantastic!

Client of the Month for September: Doug Sturz

Sep 12, 2015 Client of the Month

Fitness Together Belmont has helped Doug stay accountable with his nutrition and given support when he needed it most. Because Doug has two one on one personal training sessions each week, he has lost weight and lowered his blood pressure. Keep up the great work Doug!

Fitness Together Yoga Sequence

Sarah Sep 4, 2015 Exercise of the Week

If you've ever wanted to try yoga, this is the beginner vinyasa sequnce for you. With detailed instructions and a picture, you will gain flexibility and strength through breathing and holding poses. Any questions? Feel free to ask you personal trainer about yoga during your next one on one personal training session.

August Client of the Month: Lori Burns

Aug 20, 2015 Client of the Month

Training Frequency: Lori comes into the studio three days a week for a one on one personal training session. She does boxing sessions, strength sessions, and cardio sessions. Cardio Frequency: On her own, she does cardio for one hour per day and often times Lori comes in before her session to do cardio! Nutrition: Each day Lori works hard to eat within the guidelines that...

5 Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Carina Wolff- Lifestyle Aug 20, 2015 Nutrition

Talk with your personal trainer during your next one on one personal training session or nutrition together about different ways to manage stress! Hopefully by eating right and exercising, you will lower stress levels and live a happier, healthier life! Fitness Together Belmont is always looking for ways to create a better wellness!

Home/Gym Workout

Sarah Jul 17, 2015 Exercise of the Week

Need help getting motivated for the gym? Do you get to the gym and forget all the exercises you were going to do? This article has a couple of great workouts to take with you when you go! 

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