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Our Staff

Get to know our friendly Fitness Together Personal Training Staff at Avon

Billy Pratt, BA, CPT, CPFT, PAS, GIPS

Owner/Head Fitness Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer – American Council On Exercise – 2003
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – World Instructor Training Schools – 2003
  • Certified Postural Analysis Specialist – 2006
  • Certified Golf Injury Prevention Specialist – 2010
  • BA UCONN - 2000
  • Branford Hall Career Institute Personal Fitness Training Program Advisory Board - 2011


Billy Pratt understands the importance of accountability and consistency in pursuing one’s physical fitness goals.  He is dedicated to helping his clients get in the best shape of their lives, look and feel as good as they ever have, and then to help them stay that way.

Billy began his physical training journey in grade school where he took Tae Kwon Do in order to learn self-defense.  Within three years he was teaching classes at his dojang  and receiving medals and trophies from competing in regional, state, and national tournaments.  Wanting to expand on his knowledge of mind-body coordination and self-discipline Billy soon set out on a path to learn more about physical fitness and conditioning. 

In 2006 Billy joined Fitness Together Avon. Prior to that he worked for a local gym chain dividing his time between teaching small group exercise classes and personal fitness training.

Transformation is what motivates Billy to motivate others.  His knowledge of anatomy, physiology and motivational psychology has enabled his clients to increase their fitness level, tone their bodies, decrease body fat, get stronger and improve their life style. His knowledge of nutrition and kinesiology has helped clients increase endurance & strength, improved flexibility and lead a more active and healthy life. 

Finally, Billy has a proven track record of helping clients accurately assess where they are now, where they need to be and working with them on a results-producing plan to get them into their optimal condition!  Helping clients to lose up to 80 lbs in 6 months, pass physical tests for police academies, help improve their conditioning for sports performance and injury prevention… this is what keeps him coming back to work each day.  If you’re ready for such transformation, don’t delay:  contact him today!

Mitch Goran, AOS, CPFT

Fitness Coach

  • Personal Fitness Trainer – American Fitness & Aerobics Association - 2009
  • A.O.S. Degree in Culinary Arts – Culinary Institute Of America - 1992


For many years I was a gourmet chef in high end restaurants and operated my own catering business. As a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, I was fortunate to bring my passion and talents to a professional pursuit which I loved. There came a point at which change was needed and a new career path called to me.    

Obesity and poor physical health were disrupting my joy of life. Five years ago I decided to change everything inside and out. I embarked on a course of physical fitness that has yielded many unexpected benefits. All it took was a decision and a belief that I can! Personal Training fascinates me in the same way that the Culinary Arts do; there is always opportunity for growth and creativity. Working with others, encouraging others to attain their goals, keeping the energy level high for increased motivation, and experiencing the results with my clients – this is why I got into Personal Training!     

I welcome all who are interested in making the necessary changes towards fulfilling their goals to train with me. We will discuss your history and plan a brighter future in a non-judgmental and pleasant atmosphere. Your health, well being, and outlook are my primary concerns.  Whether your goals include weight loss, muscle toning, strength & conditioning, more energy – I can help! 

Laura Ceplenski, BA, CPT

Fitness Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy Of Sports Medicine - 2011
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist - National Academy Of Sports Medicing - 2013
  • BA - Eastern Connecticut State University 
  • Bikini Division Competitor - Empire State Natural Championship - June 2013
  • Bikini Division Competitor - Musclemania Boston Championship - October 2013

I didn't discover my love for health and fitness until the end of my Freshman year of college, when a friend persuaded me to come over to her residence hall to work out with her. That first “fitness experience” made me feel alive and invigorated in a way I had never felt before. Working out became a staple in my life at school and at home. It was something I could use as an outlet and as a stress reliever. It never occurred to me to become a personal trainer until I was halfway through my last semester of student teaching. Unhappy and in a career field I wanted no part of anymore, I found myself clinging to the only thing that brought me relief: the gym. I loved to work out and I love to teach. Why not teach people how to work out and live a fitter lifestyle?

It gave me a new kind of fire and drive and I pursued it with everything I had. I went to Branford Hall in Southington, CT, for Professional Fitness Training, completed the courses, completed my 120 externship hours at Fitness Together in Avon under Billy Pratt, and became certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It was a long, hard road, but it is one I am exceptionally glad I took.

In addition to helping others attain their fitness goals, I am a bikini bodybuilder competitor and I have competed in two competitions.  It is a heavily-disciplined road of hard training and strict nutrition, but one I plan to continue traveling!  My next show is in 2015 and with the right program I know I can step back on the stage in even better condition than my first two shows.  I have realized firsthand the benefits behind losing weight, feeling great, and moving in a fitter, more balanced body.  And you can too!

Jeff Payne, AS, CPT, CKI

Fitness Coach

  • Associate of Science - Exercise Science
  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Council For Certified Personal Trainers - 2013
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor - National Council For Certified Personal Trainers - 2013

In addition to working as a Fitness Coach, Jeff attends Central Connecticut State University where he is close to receiving his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science & Health Promotion.  He was a high school Track state competitor and also has sports background in football and mixed martial arts.

Jeff's emphasis in personal fitness coaching is on fast-paced Metabolic workouts, strength training, cardiovascular training/improvement, and in applying functional movements in a workout setting to help the client improve their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).  His main drive is to provide the best workout experience for every client, enabling them to meet their goals at an intensity level that is appropriate to their level of conditioning.  Prior to coming to Fitness Together Avon, Jeff worked for Fitness Together Rocky Hill, where he came to appreciate the unique one-on-one personal attention that the FT environment offers.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys working out, training in mixed martial arts, playing recreational football, hiking, rock climbing, and running.  His post-graduation plans are to continue advancing his career as a personal trainer and health educator.  

Lyzz Davidson, BS, CPT

Fitness Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine - 2014
  • BS - Mapua Institute of Technology - 1999

I know the struggle!  After graduating college and starting a career, I took the route many people take and became less active.  The result was I became 30 pounds overweight and had never felt worse about myself.  After resolving to change my lifestyle and never again be that heavy, I read up on as much as I could on proper eating and exercise technique so I could help myself.

After attaining my goals, I had to do a bit of soul searching to realize that this is what I really need to do in life - help others as I have helped myself.  So I studied to become a certified personal trainer; in the process of getting qualified I completed a 100-hour internship at Just Results Weight Loss Center and attended a Corrective Exercise live workshop in New York.

While I have helped many people lose weight and feel better, I realize my interest has branched out into the realm of corrective exercise modalities aimed at improving posture and moving more fluidly.  I plan on becoming a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist in 2015.  

My fitness interests include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Outside of fitness my hobbies include hiking, traveling, and baking (healthy things of course).  I look forward to helping you look & feel your best!