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White Whole Wheat Bread - Is it whole wheat or white bread?

Posted: 10/25/2011

White whole wheat bread is becoming more common on grocery store shelves.  But not everyone knows what white whole wheat bread is.  When most of us think of whole wheat bread, we think of the darker colored bread.  But for those that don't like the taste of regular wheat bread, white whole wheat bread is the answer-it has the nutritional benefits of whole wheat...

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Are You Throwing in the Towel?

Posted: 10/17/2011

In boxing, there is a term called “throwing in the towel.” This is done by the boxer’s trainer to stop the fight, and it represents that the boxer is giving up in the face of defeat. Are you throwing in the towel when it comes to your health and fitness?We all have days when we oversleep and miss our morning workout. We all have days when we plan to hit the...

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Sea Salt or Table Salt - What is the Difference?

Posted: 10/06/2011

The chemical makeup of sea salt and table salt is basically the same, as they both contain two minerals, sodium and chloride.  Even though sea salt is marketed as the healthier alternative, they have basically the same nutritional value as well.  The real difference between the two is in taste, texture and processing.Table salt is mined from salt deposits underground,...

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