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Client of the Month: October - Maria Rooney

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Nov 10, 2015 News


Maria has been dedicated to bettering herself since Day 1 with Fitness Together. She decided to take control of her life after coming off of health complications and we're happy to say that she's definitely done just that!

Client of the Month: September - Mary-Lynn Allar

Dominka Cihanova - Certified Personal Trainer Oct 8, 2015 News

Congratulations to Fitness Together Alexandria's Client of the Month:


Breakfast on the Go

Elexi Morales - Certified Personal Trainer Sep 30, 2015 Nutrition

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal for a few reasons. Not only does it give you energy but it also has many health benefits such as weight control and performing better throughout the day. People who skip breakfast often eat more food in their next meal, or snack on higher caloric food to hold off hunger. When in fact eating a healthy breakfast can reduce hunger...

Workout Myths = Excuses?

Dominika Cihanova - Certified Personal Trainer Sep 11, 2015 Fit Fun

Remember that exercise is an important part of your life. Don’t let the excuses to keep you from getting the workout you need. Let me debunk the myths to help you maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape.

Client of the Month: August - Courtney Frey

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Sep 4, 2015 News

Courtney has had her head in the game since she first started with FT with aspirations of getting into the Army. Her first goals were to be able to merely meet the minimum requirements for her PT Test, but now, we're happy to say that she's SHATTERED the minimum requirements and then some! Her achievements are as follows*

Weight is only a small part of the story

Fitness Together | Alexandria Aug 31, 2015 Cardio

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve stepped on the scale and felt a little disheartened by the number staring back at us. However, we need to remember that weight is just a number and the number doesn’t have to be shared with anyone! Our weight isn’t only measured by the scale, it’s actually influenced by many other factors – many you cannot control. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves because the scale does not say it all.


Avoiding injury while starting a new routine

Fitness Together | Alexandria Aug 27, 2015 Strength

Have a Guide Injury most often starts when you perform exercises incorrectly. By incorporating personal training fitness into your life you will be less prone to injury from exercise. Personal trainers guide you and often demonstrate exercises in order for you to execute the exercise correctly, preventing injury. Personal trainers also assess your body type and adjust the...

Quality vs. Quantity

Fitness Together | Alexandria Aug 18, 2015 Nutrition

We constantly hear rumors about calories and their relevance in the weight loss process. We should really be focusing on and asking ourselves: “Which matters more: the numbers behind our food or the quality of what we are eating?”


The Misconception of the Fat Burning Zone

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 13, 2015 Cardio

  Think of any piece of cardio equipment you’ve ever used at a gym or personal training studio. Ever notice the little chart on the side of the machine that has your estimated max heart rate for your age? Then along side of that there is usually the row for the “fat burning zone” and where your heart rate should be to fall in that range. Remember that?...

Lifting Do's and Dont's - Safely Lifting While Going it Alone

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 12, 2015 Strength

A lot of our clients will supplement their workouts with us with additional cardio or weight training on their own to speed up their results. We always advocate getting in as much physical activity as possible.  When it comes to lifting - especially heavy - you need to make sure you are staying safe when you are going it alone.

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