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Workouts that Safely Hold You 100% Accountable

Nancy Wilkes Sep 26, 2016 News

Personal training is meant to be just that, personal. The personal fitness trainers here at the Alexandria Fitness Together have developed a cardio program with our corporate partner, Polar, to ensure a highly customized, personal fitness program. We utilize Polar technology to track our client’s heart rate and calories burned during workouts. Clients can also use Polar technology for workouts outside of the studio.

Top Five Reasons to Keep Working Hard on Your Diet and Exercise

Sep 26, 2016 Fitness Tips

It's National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! 

We've Expanded!

Nancy Wilkes Sep 22, 2016 News

Guess who just opened a Fitness Together studio in Silver Spring, MD? Our very own manager, Clark Sharp. Clark has taken ownership of an existing FT at 912 Thayer Avenue, Suite 102, as of Thursday, Sept. 1. He is managing and taking care of clients at the Alexandria location, but is really excited about his newest challenge, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving.

What to Tell Your Trainer Before You Get Started

Sep 20, 2016 Fitness Tips

Knowing what to tell your trainer before you get started helps you get the best results and the most out of your money. 

5 Ways to Turn Your Health Desires Into Realities

Sep 13, 2016 Fitness Tips

Five ways to make those fitness "what-ifs" into realities.

Is Diet Or Exercise More Important for Weight Loss?

Sep 6, 2016 Fitness Tips

What really is more important for weight loss – diet or exercise? 

We Did It, Together!

Aug 31, 2016 Fit Fun

Over the weekend, seven of our staff members participated in the Washington D.C. Spartan Sprint at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville. We started the race as co-workers; we ended the race feeling more like brothers and sisters after completing this challenging course together.

How to Successfully Get Started on Your Own Quest to Health

Aug 30, 2016 Fitness Tips

Before you throw in the gym towel and decide that you’re doomed, we do have some tips for how to successfully get started on your own quest to health.

Courageous in the Face of Pain and Adversity – We are Spartans!

Aug 25, 2016 Fit Fun

  After weeks of our own personal training, our studio staff has a little something to prove this weekend. On Sunday, our punishing physical fitness training will culminate in the ultimate teambuilding experience, a Spartan Race. We will be running as a unit in the Washington D.C. Spartan Sprint on Aug. 28 at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville. This...

Client of the Month: August - Amanda Sherwood!

Kate Odulio - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 24, 2016 News

Amanda came to our studio in the spring, and wanted help with her overall health. Working with Amanda has been a pleasure. She works extremely hard and she is very receptive to the advice we've given and the results show! Her frequency, both in and out of the studio, is exactly where it needs to be for results! We look forward to the next set of goals!

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