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Courageous in the Face of Pain and Adversity – We are Spartans!

Aug 25, 2016 Fit Fun

  After weeks of our own personal training, our studio staff has a little something to prove this weekend. On Sunday, our punishing physical fitness training will culminate in the ultimate teambuilding experience, a Spartan Race. We will be running as a unit in the Washington D.C. Spartan Sprint on Aug. 28 at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville. This...

Client of the Month: August - Amanda Sherwood!

Kate Odulio - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 24, 2016 News

Amanda came to our studio in the spring, and wanted help with her overall health. Working with Amanda has been a pleasure. She works extremely hard and she is very receptive to the advice we've given and the results show! Her frequency, both in and out of the studio, is exactly where it needs to be for results! We look forward to the next set of goals!

Making Healthy Habits Last

Aug 17, 2016 Fitness Tips

Creating a health routine that sticks is hard.  No matter how earnestly you promise yourself that “tomorrow is the day when I start to be HEALTHY.” We have some tips to help you develop healthy habits that will last.

Olympic Training in Your Neighborhood Studio

Aug 10, 2016 Fitness Tips

Just like the Olympians that we can't get enough of this month, you have access to their not-so-secret training tool...personal trainers. Fitness Together trainers will help you get in your best shape with these tips...

Client of the Month: July - Ed Abrahamson

Klaudia Raisinger - Certified Personal Trainer Aug 8, 2016 Cardio

Ed has been coming to the studio now for about a year. With him we've seen massive improvements in walking, balance, strength, endurance and overall fitness! It's always great having Ed at the studio and we're always excited to work with him!

3 Ways That You’re Just Like an Olympic Athlete

Aug 3, 2016 Fitness Tips

As the 2016 Summer Olympics kick off this Friday, an estimated 4 billion sets of eyes are expected to be watching the opening ceremony. Watching the top athletes from around the world compete over the next 16 days will be inspiring, exciting, and beautiful. Add to the list: convicting. 

Tips for Overcoming Emotional Eating

Jul 27, 2016 Fitness Tips

We’ve all been there. One minute we’re the picture of self-control and smart eating – high protein, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains to round it out. Then, as is bound to happen, life tosses a stressor our way. Whether it’s an air conditioner that decides to go haywire on a record-heat day, or a daughter that lashes out, or even a disagreement with a friend or spouse, somehow our dietary discipline flies out the window, and before we know it we’re elbow-deep in cookie dough ice cream. 

Crystal City Twilighter 5k Preparation

Clark Sharp - Certified Personal Trainer Jul 20, 2016 Cardio

The Crystal City Twilighter run is coming up! Fitness Together wants you to know how to prepare for a run in warmer weather to safely run your best 5k times!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Middle-Aged Body Loves Exercise

Jul 20, 2016 Fitness Tips

Have you started rising to get out of your seat with a faint groan? Or started scrolling through corrective surgery web pages like you once enjoyed celebrity gossip magazines? Welcome to middle-age. This life stage can be a great time to renew your dedication to your health and fitness. It turns out that, while exercise is certainly important for all ages, the benefits for those in middle age are especially numerous.  

How To Encourage Your Friends to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Jul 13, 2016 Fitness Tips

If you’re like most people, you have some rather unhealthy friendships. We don’t mean friends who make serious self-destructive choices, or consider you their number-one crisis management resource. In this case we’re talking about friends who spur you on to order fries and dessert when you’re out, would rather get a root canal than go for a jog, and who consider “broccoli” a swear word. When your friends live unhealthy lifestyles it can be difficult to find a common ground. Here is some advice on how to handle this tricky situation.

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